Today we are going to unbox both storm smartwatch that i have ordered through flipkart let’s cut the tapes around and open the Music box. Here it is packaging seems to be okay: Music, hey the seal is already came out itself Music, it seems like it was not adherent enough. Music don’t know what happened, but the cover seems to be okay. Music, okay, let’s see the baby now: Music, wow, look nice pure black and impressive, look Music on the back side. There is a magnetic charging point and the sensor which could give vp measurement and oxygen level measurement, and that is a plus against all its competitors. Good. The belt quality seems to be good let’s check what the other contents available in the box Music. Okay. Here we have the magnetic charging cable, Music, one promotional warranty card board, product catalog and the feature: booklet, Music, hey. There is a small cute sticker, also which says i am board head funny: let’s put them back and move to the watch now just remove the screen guard sticker first and take a look Music good, i think display screen is little smaller compared to its outer body. This bottom space could have been utilized anyway. The touch is very smooth for the touch let’s check. What the about section says, v7 and mac address. Okay, v7 might be the version of this smartwatch. It has pre pre installed themes for clock. I believe we can install more Music right.

Scroll has the shortcut menu. Bottom scroll is showing some chat symbol. Top scroll has other side running apps for step, counts, running distance, calorie count, etc. Left scroll has the main menu where we have all the other options of this smartwatch. It has some goods sports mode and yes, this smartwatch is 5 atm water resistant, which means uh. It is uh resistant up to 50 meters. I think – and it has swimming mode also, so i think we can use it while being in the swimming pool other than that um. The first look of the smartwatch is beautiful and build quality is also very satisfying that’s it for today, guys don’t forget to like subscribe and comment.