This is anuj from gadget cake. Today we have with us one more budget, smartwatch from boat and its the boat watch mystique, and in this video we will do the unboxing and show you its features. So, starting with the unboxing experience in the front, we have the model name watch mystique, and here we have the picture of the smartwatch. At this side, we can see some key features, such as animated workout, coach stress, monitoring, call and text notifications. At the back of the box, we have some more features, such as 17 sports modes with auto sports recognition, sleep heart rate and spo to monitoring ambient light sensor for auto brightness 1.57 inch. Hd screen personalized watch faces its 5 atm dust, sweat and splash resistant camera and music control, and you get 4 breathe training modes. The mrp of this smartwatch is rupees 8990. However, its available to purchase right now for just rupees 209 on amazon, now lets open the box and show you the content. So here we have the nicely packed smartwatch in terms of the box content. First, we get the product catalog from boat, a warranty card, and here we have the user guide of this smartwatch. You also get this sticker from boat and then here we have the smartwatch itself and guys. My first impression about this smartwatch is that it feels slightly heavy, and that is mainly due to the metal body and also looking at it. For the first time it does look like an apple watch.

We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets see the charging cable, so here we have the charging cable and its a magnetic cable, which connects at the back of the watch like this so thats. All we get in the box now lets look at the smart watch closely. So here we have: the boat watch, mystique its a budget, fitness smartwatch priced under rupees 3000, but looking at the design and build quality, i find it very good and it does look and feel premium. The tpu straps of this smartwatch are of good quality and you get this red x and loop, which has the board branding and, in my opinion, its a bit too much, and only the colored loop would have been better in terms of the overview in the front. We have the 1.56 inch hd screen and you also get this curved glass which looks pretty good on the right side of the smartwatch. We have the redex and crown button to power on the watch at the back. We have the heart rate and the spo2 sensor and below it. We have the charging points so, overall in terms of design and build quality, i find the boatwatch mystique pretty good. The watch feels premium and i also find it really comfortable on the hand now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone. So here the watch is on now lets connect the watch to the app first.

So here we have the app board mistake and the app is available for both android and ios platform. So to pair it, we need to go to the add device section and select the watch from the list and thats it. Our smartwatch is now ready to use. Now lets look at the smart watch features first, so here we are on the watch face and guys you can change the watch face by long pressing on the screen and then swipe up or down to see the default watch faces. You can select the watch face by long pressing on the screen in this smartwatch. You can also further customize the default watch faces by tapping once on the watch face and it could be different, color or style of that particular watch. Face now about the menu swiping up on the watch. Face will show you the quick settings, and here we have the scientific sleep by which you can turn on the rem, sleep monitoring, and then we have the dnd torch and brightness and about the brightness. This smartwatch supports auto brightness and you have the ambient light sensor, and that is really good. Swiping down from the top will show you the fitness data, and here we have the step, count, calories burns and so on. Swiping right from the left side will show you. The notification history and swiping left from the right side will show you the workout menu, and here we have different workout modes and in total you get 17 workout modes in this smart watch and also guys you get this animated coach in the hit workout, which will Help beginners a lot now coming back to the menu swiping left again on the workout menu will show you the main menu, and here we have first, the spo2 monitoring the spo2 monitoring is fast and also fairly accurate.

Then in the menu we have, the heart rate. Monitoring and here as well, the data is accurate and you also get continuous heart rate monitoring in this smart watch, then in the menu we have the brief training, and in this smartwatch we get 4 breathing exercises, which is definitely an advantage. Then in the watch menu we have the stress monitoring and here it shows your score to let you know the current stress level. After that, we have the events which you can add through the app then in the watch we have some usual options, such as stopwatch timer with some preset timers, and then we have the compass and about that its good to see compass in this budget, fitness smart Watch and then finally, we have the settings in the settings. First, we have the watch faces and from here you can select the default watch faces after that we have the menu style which you can choose between tiled and list, and then we have the toggle to turn on the smart track and with this the watch will Auto detect the workout and will start the sports mode. Accordingly, then, in the settings we have the 24 hours, auto heart rate, monitoring, dnd time format and the reset watch option so thats all we have in the smart watch and right now i can say that the touch response is decent. The menu is black free, but its not buttery, smooth, like some other smart watches in this price segment, and also i didnt, see couple of features like music control and the remote camera shutter and i believe, theyre integrated in the companion app now lets.

Look at the compare and app board mystique so on the home page we have the fitness data and on the top we have the current day, step, count, calories, burns and so on and below it. We can see the workout activities after that we have the sleep heart rate, stress and spo2 data. You can tap on any of these categories to see historical data on the home page. You also have the quick workout mode by which you can start walking, running or cycling mode from the app on the next page. We have the device settings, and here we can see the connected device in these settings. First, we have the watchway store and for some reason it didnt work for us even after trying a lot of times now coming back to the settings below the watchway store, we have the alarm and the message notification settings, and here you can select the apps for Which you want the notification on your smart watch and talking about the notification here is how you get the call alert, so you get the vibration alert for calls and upon long pressing, you can reject the call from the watch itself, and here is how you get The message alert so guys you dont get the preset reply option and also this smart watch doesnt support emojis now talking more about the settings. Then we have the sedentary reminder: camera shutter mode which lets you click photos remotely using your smart watch.

After that, we have the race to wake feature which, by the way, works pretty good and also we have the option to change the race to bake sensitivity. Then in the settings we have the vibration settings, and here you can select different vibration patterns for call alarm and message notifications and, to be honest, im really happy to see this option in this smart watch. So, overall, the boatwatch mystique is a wonderful smartwatch in this price segment. The design and the build quality is good and i find it really comfortable on the hand the touch response is decent and the menu is also organized. The fitness data is also accurate and i find the animated code for workouts also a plus point, especially for beginners. There are few things which i really like about this smartwatch, such as compass, raise to wake sensitivity, feature ambient light sensor and also the custom vibration, but guys for some reason. The watch store wasnt working for us and i think both can fix it in the next app update. Nonetheless, if youre looking for a good quality smartwatch for daily usage and fitness activities, then you can definitely check out the newly launched boatwatch mystique and as usual, if you like it and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description below so Thats it guys this was the unboxing and review of the boat mystique smartwatch. Let us know if you like it and also, if you have any queries or questions about this smartwatch then do let us know in the comment section below so thats all for now.

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