We get the watch itself, which is looking quite good and glossy and then the magnetically attaching data cable, which is also quite good over here and at last we get some paperwork and user guides, so that’s the part of unboxing. If you want to check out the full review of this particular smart watch, you need to wait for 48 hours. You can use karuna’s particular smartwatch for 48 hours, clear, like those, then we’ll come up with the review overall, so hey what’s, going on guys. My name is rohit, so without wasting further more time. Let me give you my initial impression of this particular smartwatch. The build quality of the smartwatch is quite good. Over here. Mirror coffees are the sahila guys build quality as compared to other generations like in the previous Music, but you guys will definitely not able to make out for the first time, the overall, quite good, looking or but in case. If you guys don’t know, then this particular smartwatch lacks a very important feature that is pure sensor. So time may, like your pandemic, children sensor coffee is important. Music, so it’s been one to two hours since i’m. Using this smart watch – and i can see the user interface looks good, okay, it is good looking, but it is quite crappy and laggy. It is not well polished throughout the year without i tried the gps feature, which is the main usp of this particular smart watch.

Like gps features, price points – and i can say i Music so guys that’s pretty much it for the video guys hope you guys enjoyed this particular video.