It comes with a huge 1.69 inch display built in alexa and its priced very aggressively at just 34.99 fun fact. The launch price of this was just 29.99 absolute killer. Okay, ive actually already unboxed it and ive been using. It on and off for a couple of weeks, ill share my experiences and take you through all the features, so you can decide if you should buy this or not so lets start with the built in design. So i have the olive green color and damn it looks so beautiful, also check out the frame. Color, perfect olive, the body is made of polycarbonate, but the finish feels like metal making. It look so much more premium, a single button on the side to wake the display and to access the menu, the back houses, all the sensors heart rate, sensor, sp2 sensor charging terminals and even a small microphone on the side for alexa. The charger is magnetic and aligns, as you bring it closer. The straps are pretty wide and provide me with a very good grip and also can be replaced with any 22mm third party bands coming to the display. So it comes with a huge 1.69 inch lcd display – and it looks pretty nice extremely slim bezels on three sides, but a small chin at the bottom. We dont have the resolution for this watch, but everything looks clear, crisp and vivid. The watch also comes with an auto brightness feature, which means it changes the brightness as per the lighting conditions.

However, you can set it manually in the settings as well. The race there is to wake the display isnt the quickest, in fact its sometimes very slow, but the only saving grace is it worked every time coming to my favorite feature built in alexa, so you can ask a general trivia questions. You can ask it for conversions. You can ask it for the weather and, above all, voice control, alexa, smart devices, which is something i use a lot and thats really helpful. You can swipe right on your homepage to trigger alexa or just press and hold the button on the side for two seconds. Simple youll need to set it up once using the boatwave app. The process is extremely simple: all you need to do is log in with your amazon credentials and youre done in a couple of seconds for those who might be confused, you dont need any prime membership for this to work. Just amazon login details also to use it. The watch needs to be connected to your phone has to be around your phone and that phone needs to have access to internet thats it then the watch also comes with 580m waterproof rating, so wearing it in the shower or for a swim is perfectly fine? Yes, it also comes with swim tracking. The watch comes with 300 mah battery and boat claims 7 to 10 days with typical use, which was actually something i was able to achieve one week easily.

It would last, and it takes about two hours to fully charge. Then it comes with 14 workout modes, running walking, cycling, hiking, yoga, gym, workouts swimming and even elliptical training. I voted for a run a couple of times and the tracking was actually quite accurate, shows you your heart rate time, pace, distance and some more details. One of my favorite feature was auto sports recognition, which you can toggle on and off in the boatwave app settings its available only for walking and running, which is something i use this watch tracking primarily for so this comes very handy. So lets have a quick look at the interface swipe towards the right to access alexa swipe right. You can exceed the steps. Heart rate stress levels, outdoor walks, and if you come into more, you can access all your workouts directly from here. Going back swipe from down to access. Quick toggles do not disturb raise the risk to wake the display, brightness levels and find phone swipe from the top to access. Your notifications, press, the home button to access the menu health data sports. All your sports modes are here: amazon, alexa sports records, heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen, stress levels, breathe, training, sleep, tracking, weather, music, app to control music, thats playing on your phone, stop watch alarm, timer, find phone and settings in settings. You can enable or disable the wake. Gesture do not disturb watch faces, brightness levels, power off, restart and even reset so nice and simple, but i would have preferred if it was a little more smoother its still okay, but it feels a little laggy at times, but its okay could be better.

Then you receive call alerts with vibration and its almost instantaneous. It shows you the callers name and an option to reject the call theres no way to silence the ringer. I really wish it had that option comes very handy. Similarly, you receive notification alerts. I noticed a delay of two or three seconds you can read the text and its quite clear, so lets have a closer look at the boat wave interface. You can see the steps right here: calories, burnt, training, sleep tracking, heart rate, stress, spo2 levels in training. You can use it for connecting it to your phones, gps, to track your workouts in devices. You can see your device right here connected battery percentage. This is from where you get your watch faces there. You go tons of them. Wow huge collection of watch faces and some really nice ones. You can also customize it with your own picture, select your picture and click install and there you go going back. This is from where you connect to alexa. If you go inside here, it shows you more details of your steps. Amazon, alexa watch faces health monitoring faqs. You can set your alarms message, notifications from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you dont. There is also call alerts. There is auto sports recognition. More device settings do not disturb find my phone music controls, wake, gesture, firmware, update and some more details. If youre coming to the settings, you will see third party app.

This is from where you can share your data, either with apple health for ios or google fit for android. Okay. So here are my final thoughts. Well, the interface could have been a little better optimized. Maybe an update would make it smoother, but it works its. Not a deal breaker. What i loved about this watch is the price to performance ratio, great screen built in elixir, heart rate sensor, sp, auto sensor, 518 watt resistance rating and one weak battery for 3499. This is probably the best value for your money easily recommended its available in four interesting colors: black and gold, olive, green beige and red and blue ill leave the links below in the description for all these colors.