The first reason i can tell you is that i love the display for a watch of this price uh. The display is really much better than the previous boat watches that i have used, and my last one the latest one that id used. I think youve seen the review also it was the boat watch explorer and i was really disappointed with the display and and i had a bad experience overall. So i was very apprehensive, but this really set the tone and im really happy that i could review this unit. The boat watch extend is definitely a much big improvement and its really good the display is really nice. I mean very vivid, colors and deep. Rich blacks. Looks really good and, secondly, the build, although not high ultra premium, but it is much better than the boat watch explorer that i used last. So this feels much more refined and also looks pretty good on the wrist, and the materials are also very comfortable and very easy to you know just strap on and take it off as well, so comfort, build design display, im really happy with that. Now the touch is not always the most responsive like right now, when i touched to enable the screen, it work its not instantaneous, but sometimes that would also not work, but it also depends on. If your fingers are a bit sweaty, it could be that it could hamper the touch sensitivity, but most of the time it will work.

Sometimes you could face a bit of inconsistency all right now, talking of the display uh, one of the things i really admired about this watch is your choice of watch faces and youve got some really useful ones like this one. I downloaded from the watch marketplace which you could get from the boatwave app ill leave a screen recording on the site, so you can see how you can go to the marketplace and download any watch face. They have numerous watch faces so if youre into fitness like i am you get a watch face like this, which tells you the calories, youve burnt and the steps youve taken the time, the date and your heart rate – and you have some usual ones like this as Well, some simpler ones so very easy and a lot of choices for you from the watch face uh market on the boardwave. App definitely do check that out when you get this watch. Okay. So to put this to the test because it has so many workout modes and all that so as you know, i wear my apple watch and this is my go to watch. I trust this ive been using this for the past two years now, and this is the benchmark. I love this and i eat every single day as soon as i wake up. I put this on and i take it off before going to sleep, so i really trust my apple watch and its really accurate.

So i want to see how accurate this is. I mean i know the usp of the boatwatch x10 is like its got. Inbuilt alexa, but trust me alexa is the least interesting thing, because it does some very basic things. You can turn it on and you can ask the weather if its going to rain tonight. You can ask the date – and you know some very, very simple stuff, so i wasnt really interested in that at all. I wanted to see how accurate a fitness watch is. Ultimately, it has to be useful for the user if im into fitness. It has to give me accurate results, or at least something very close to that. So what i did was i went out on outdoor walk and, as you will see that i have uh ive worn. My apple watch and the boat watch extend on the left hand, ive started the workout at the same time, so its going to cover the same distance and ideally the same steps, and you should tell me the same calories, ive burnt, maybe a bit of difference based On the reading, but it should give me something close by so after having a half an hour or so off of walk. What i found was that there was a bit of difference in terms of the distance that my apple watch calculated and what the boat watch had now. I have to say that the boardwatch x10 does not have built in gps, so it depends completely on the gps of your phone, so once you pair it with the board fave app, that is where its going to you know, get the feed off uh, the gps Tracking from although thats going to happen on the phone, so if you want a workout or if you want an outdoor walk, where you want to see the exact distance that youve covered or the location that youve covered so its best that you start your workout from Your phone, you know a gps, enabled workout, so youll know from where point a to point b where youve walked and the distance.

So there was a bit of difference, uh between the boat watch x10 and the apple watch, so yeah, not the most accurate. Now, heart rate readings were accurate. It was more or less the same on both maybe a difference of four or five uh bpms, but thats okay, thats acceptable, and this has blood oxygen monitoring, so that was accurate. I have a pulse oximeter, a medical grade, one at home, and i tried it with that and the results were very consistent now battery. So it was at full charge when i started the review and uh its been 24 hours, a bit more than 24 hours and its at 60. So the battery does drain. So i think its going to give you like a two day battery two two and a half days or so. Maybe it will go a max up to 72 hours before it dies completely, but because i was tracking my workouts and it even i even wore this to sleep, so it automatically tracks your sleep as well, and i set an alarm on this and surprisingly the seat. The sleep tracking was quite accurate, so it tells you when youre in deep sleep, so im, just gon na show you uh. If you go into sleep so there you have a record of my sleep, duration and man. I hate it. The screen goes off. Okay. There. We go so, as you can see deep sleep of three hours. Nine minutes light sleep of three hours: 33 minutes.

I was awake for 33 minutes and fell asleep in around an average of 2 minutes 14 seconds get up time: 9, 20, whatever so yeah pretty accurate and when its paired to your watch, which is all the time because you want the most accurate feedback. You even have uh the ability to control your music, so once you already start playing music from the phone, you can then control the play, pause, the skip track and the volume from the boat watch, but no its not going to show you the track. The track name its not going to show you uh the album art, but you can at least control your music from here, which is, i think, a neat addition. So if you go to health data, as you can see, this is the reading for today and its got some sedentary alerts as well, so its good now. One thing i want to mention that i always mention in my reviews of any smart watch or smart device or fitness device guys a smart device is going to be as smart as you are. A fitness device is going to help you get as fit as you want to be just putting this on strapping this on and expecting yourself to get fitter or smarter is not the deal. So if you put this to good use, if this is a starting point for you, because i think for the price, when you buy a watch like this and this the boat watch extend, is something i would definitely recommend to someone starting out.

You know to get into the realm of fitness and it definitely got other utilities, but mainly for fitness, its a great starting point. You at least know you get an idea of how many steps youve walked and, with the help of the boardwatch i mean the boatwave app. You can set the target for how many steps you want to walk in a day. If you want to have alerts that youve been sitting still for way too long, so you should go and take a walk or move about a bit. If you want to track your workouts, if you want to keep a track of how many calories youve burned, if you just want a better version of yourself – and you want to work towards that, then a fitness watch is going to be as fit as you are. Going to be – and you can just put this to use – and it will take you where you want to be so if you dont – want to straight away, invest in something like an apple watch which is definitely in a different league but way way more expensive. I mean almost im, not almost more than 10 times the price, so in that sense the boat watch extend is a very good starting point and youll just know how impressed i am by the boat watch extend if you go back and watch my review of the Boat watch explorer. I was very disappointed and my unit absolutely uh froze on me, so i had to return it, and that was a bad experience.

But with this its like everything is improved. The build the display, the features, everything just works, so overall im really happy with the boat watch, extend i really like it, and i mean it was kind of funny wearing these two watches side by side, but it kind of also like most smart watches, which have Adopted adopted this design, it kind of looks like an apple watch, so this is kind of the rose gold version of that. So maybe not this but yeah when its off it does look like an apple watch kind of yeah, but yeah good watch, good starting point and its got the magnetic charger in the box and charges rather quickly, and that was me charging off the computer. So if you have a charger or a power bank, its going to charge even faster, so yeah thats, my review of the boat watch extend very positive. I like it. I do give it my seal of buy with confidence. So if you guys do decide to pick up the boat watch extend after watching this review. May i request you to please use the link given of this watch in the description below to make your purchase. Trust me its not going to cost you a penny extra. You have my word on that, but it will help me run this channel and produce more and more quality content and helpful content like this. Just for you guys. So thank you so much for watching guys, i hope youve enjoyed it.