But finally, finally, this is the the one that actually i do use uh those that i reviewed before they were kind of okay. This one is finally big enough, so i can see so without my glasses. Previously i couldnt see in a small print. So let me give you a couple of close ups and tell you more about it. So when you receive the watch uh, you can see that it has almost two inch. Color display has blood oxygen monitoring, it is 580 and waterproof ive tried uh washing with it, and it does work. It is waterproof, it has 14 sport modes and it has long battery life. Ive used this watch already for a couple of weeks, and i have to say right now, after using it, for i think eight days you can see, i still have 15 battery left right now, its time to charge it, but i was using it as long as I can to see how long its going to last – and this is the battery that lasts the longest on all those budget – watches that ive seen so far like another watch in the back. You have sensors. This is the sensor once you wear it, its going to start illuminating, green. Of course you got instructions with all the information that you need and, of course you got a charging cable. This is the magnetic cable, with two magnets on the side and two charging ports.

At the other end, you have regular usb connector, so now im going to connect it to my usb port on my computer, and you will see that its charging im at 14 percent and you have that indicator. That shows you. The current percentage of the charging state of the battery to charge it to 100 – it took me – probably not even an hour, so it really charges pretty fast. The band is very flexible and is very comfortable to wear. It is really nice and soft, and both sides of the band are removable, so you have tents over here that you can push and just in case later, you want to replace the the strap. You can always do that later. On the right hand, side, when you have a push button which allows you to go to the menu once you receive your watch, you need to, of course, uh pair it with the phone with it super easy later, youre gon na use verified app. The phone also wants to use your gps in order to get more detailed information. The phone app allows you to see more detailed information that what you can see on a watch and heres some information. You can have steps. You can check your heart rate and, of course, once you click on a specific uh item, you can see what was your resting heart rate uh your uh beats per minute uh. Where was the average, and you can also check it by day week, month or year – and this gives you all the statistics then more information on the bottom.

So this is very useful, especially for those people that uh try to stay healthy, and you want to monitor your heart rate, uh oxygen level. Also, you can check and you can see the information on it uh. You also can check your stress level, and this is not interface that allows you to see your exercise level uh your sleep patterns, uh, so theres, a lot of information that allows you to monitor different uh parts of your life. In that app, you can put your weight, which allows you also to automatically uh. Show you bmi number one thing to remember is that the watch itself doesnt have any gps on it. In order for you to track your exercise routine, you need to turn on gps on your phone, and this will sync with your watch. So your watch is only monitoring uh different uh things through the sensor on the back, but gps has to be working on your phone. Then you can set up your device. Uh you have different watch faces that you can choose now. Let me show you some options on the watch itself, so once you click this button on the right, then you can scroll through some of the information on on the screen. So from the top we have health data, and this will show you your steps, uh. How many calories you burned your information about your distance and some exercise, information on the left upper corner? You have a back back button, so you can click back to go back to the previous menu.

You can choose your different exercises. Outdoor run, indoor run outdoor walk into walk, hiking outdoor cycle cricket, yoga indoor cycle, workout pool swimming. You can swim with this watch uh. You have open water, swim rubber, elliptical. You can go back exercise records. I have no records yet so thats. Why nothing is stored here? You can click a heart rate once youre going to have your watch on your hand. This will give you information on your heart rate on the bottom of the screen. You can see that maximum heart rate was 126. Minimum 64. then lets scroll through other options. So later we have blood oxygen once you click this. This will gon na start uh monitoring. We have uh breathing training. If you want to do it, you can check your stress. So this will measure your stress level, uh. Breathing exercises you have sleep which i use couple of times uh. I havent used it for a couple of days and thats why it shows no record uh. Then another option is weather once you sync it with the phone uh and use the app, then we can show you the weather. You have music, you have alarm, you can set it like that. You have timer and find your phone once. You click this button. Youre going to hear a little noise on your phone that will allow you to find your phone at the end. We have a settings right here. You can have different options.

You can choose a watch face over here. Uh. The one thing that im not really crazy about is that uh different watch faces are not as customizable as i would like them to be so watch faces you can you can change dimming to a different levels? We have five levels so lets go to the most brightest one up to five uh, also on the demig screen of on off time. I can change it to lets, say 20 seconds, so it lasts a little bit longer automatic brightness control. You can also activate it. So my main problem with the previous smart watches was the the fact that the uh ability to read text messages was really uh limited. Why uh? For one reason, i really cant read it without my glasses on. So if you swipe your finger from the top to the to the bottom, you can read your text messages and the font is big enough that i can even read it without my glasses. So this is really big improvement for me. Uh, the the entire face of the watch is pretty big enough, as you can see on my hand, and i can easily scroll through the messages, and i can read them, which is awesome. I couldnt do it on any other watches. They were a little smaller or a little bit different shape. Lets go back so and i can scroll through other uh text messages. I cannot open any photos, but you can read the messages.

Also. You can see whos calling you i really like this watch, so i would give it probably four and a half stars out of five. I really like it and its also waterproof. You can swim in it. You cannot dive, but you can take it under water for a couple of minutes, uh and its going to work fine. So for the amount of money that uh right now, i think its about 30 something dollars. I dont think you can find a better watch uh. If you have any questions, you can always send me. An email ill be more than happy to answer your questions.