Today I have a very amazing smartwatch.. This is the Boult Swing, which is priced at Rs.1999., But at such a low price it has a metal body, a very stylish build a 1000 nits brightness, a 1.9 inches large display, and it comes with Bluetooth, calling facilities., And there is a lot of stuff in It. Lets unbox it and check whats inside it and whether you should buy this watch or not.. So this is the box of the Boult Swing.. It looks like this., It is written Made in India. And on the back side you will see some of its highlighting features. And at the bottom you will find its QR code, which you can scan and use the application to download it from Google Play, Store or Apple App Store on your phone. Inside the box. You will find this user manual. And you will also get this scan and secure warranty card, which gives you an extended 3 months warranty.. So you get a total warranty of 15 months on this watch. Inside the box. You will find the Boult Swing smartwatch., And you will also get this magnetic charger which is attached like this.. If someones pair wear gets hurt, this charger will detach and your watch will not fall. So guys. This is our Boult Swing. Smartwatch.. It looks very beautiful.. Its frame is made of zinc, alloy material.. It is very tough and very strong. And it looks very premium and stylish.

From the bottom. You will see the matte finish. And you will also see all its sensors and charging connector pins.. Its straps are detachable., So you can change the straps and put them on.. The straps are made of high quality material., And these are silicon straps. On the right hand, side of the watch. You will find a button which I will explain its usage later. And on the left side, you will find the speaker vent., Because this is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch. And on this side you will find its microphone. And on this watch you will also get IP67 dust And water resistance., So this watch will not get damaged by sweat and water.. You can take it anywhere with you., When worn on the hand, this watch looks very stylish.. You will get a 1.9 inches display in the watch.. Its bezels are very thin. Here. I will show you the second watch face., So that you understand that its bezels are very thin., And the special thing about this display is that its brightness goes up to 1000 nits., So you can swipe down and see its brightness.. It is full key and you will not have any problem in outdoor visibility.. The viewing angles of this display are also very good., And you will enjoy wearing it. Now lets see its menu and UI.. Here you will find the watch face. You can tap on the watch face like this. And you can set up your favorite watch face from here.

. You will also get 150 plus cloud based watch, faces., Which I will show you in the app. Swiping from top to bottom. You will find a control center. Where you can adjust your Bluetooth, calling Do not disturb mode pairing find my phone and your brightness. Swiping from bottom. To top. You can see your recent messages and notifications. Swiping left to right. You will find a quick menu. Here. You will find all the important apps of this watch. And swiping right to left. You will find all the individual applications. When you press this button on the side of the watch. You will come to its menu., And here you can see the smoothness of the menu.. The scrolling speed is very good., So you will enjoy using this watch., Because if the watch is laggy, your usage experience will be spoiled.. The menu is very clear and easy to understand.. If you want a stylish menu, you can do that. By clicking on the style. Switch you will get three styles.. One is the list style.? The second style is this one., Where you will see all the app icons. And in the third style you will see three apps in a row.. I, like the list style the most, because it is simple and easy to understand.. This watch has 24×7 health monitoring features., Like heart rate scanner.. You can check it by tapping on it. And it can automatically check your heart rate.. You also get sleep tracking.

. You can see your sleep data your cold day of sleep., Then you get blood pressure monitoring. So that you can take care of your blood pressure and heart health., And you can also check your blood oxygen level.. So it also has the option of SpO2.. Then you can track your female health monitoring.. That is, you can track the menstrual cycle of females. And you also get bread, training, sedentary reminder and water reminder.. You also get a dedicated voice assistant., So you can do whatever you want., Like calling someone.. You can also track your activity. Data.. You will get the messages on your phone on this watch.. You can also check your local weather from this watch.. You can control the music of your phone directly from this watch.. You also get other useful features like stopwatch timer alarm clock., And there are many unique features like you can store the UPA QR code.. Like I have stored the Google Pay QR code.. You can store whatever you want from the UPA app., So that you can scan your watch and pay. If you want to pay. – And I found a very good feature – here., That is of social links., You will get to see the popular sites of social media.. I have added the QR code in Instagram., So if you want to share your Instagram ID just tap on it. And it will scan it like this. And as soon as it taps on the link, your Instagram account will open and appear.

. You can also find your phone from the Gold Swing smartwatch.. Your phone will start ringing when you tap on it., And you can also keep a password for your watch in the settings.. You also get 100 plus sports mode in the Gold Swing smartwatch.. So you can track whatever type of training or sports you play., And you will also get all your sports data here. Now lets check out the best feature of this watch: Bluetooth, calling.. So here you can see that you get a dialer.. You get favorite contacts.! So here you can add your favorite contacts., Which you have to dial directly from the watch., And you get call records., So you will get all your recent calls in call. Records. Now lets call our favorite contact and see how the audio quality of this watch is.. The audio quality of this watch is very good., And the loudness of the speaker is also very good., So you will get a crisp audio.. The microphone is also good.. I also tested it. And you will not have any problem in the Bluetooth calling., Whether it is incoming calls or outgoing calls.. The app for the Gold Swing. Smartwatch is called Boltrack. And you can download this from the QR code.. I have put it on the Android phone.. You can also put it on the iPhone.. There is no problem., It will be installed on both.. Here you will get your sleep data, heart rate, blood pressure and all the things on the main page.

And you can go into more details and you can also measure from here. Last measurement, its average lowest highest results. You will get everything here., Then you get the second option. Here. You get your wallet in the device. In which you can put all the QR codes of this UBI application.. You get the business card, as I told you about Instagram.. After that, you can set your push, notifications, alarm activity reminder drink reminder.. Then you get the dial library here. In which you get 150 plus cloud based watch faces.. As I told you before, you can set whatever you want on your watch., Then you get the weather reports, sports sports and many other features., And from here you can add your favorite contacts. And lastly, you get the option of MI where you can set your exercise. Goals. Guys, you have seen all the features of the Gold Swing. Now lets talk about its battery life.. You get 7 days of battery life and up to 20 days of standby time., And it charges fully in just 2 hours. So charge it once and you can use it non stop for 7 days. And as for the price, I have already told you that its Price is only Rs.1999.. You will get its link in the description.. You can purchase it from there if you want. For this price point. The features offered by this watch are a killer deal in my opinion.. How did you like this Gold Swing? Smartwatch Do tell me in the comments.

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