Smart watches and many of them are pretty similar and sometimes really just gives you all the basic tools to get you through your day, Music today were taking a look at one of blitzwolf, smart watches. That, frankly, has quite a lot of good features and one feature that even the apple watch doesnt have so will it be any good welcome to a review of the blitzwolf bw at2 hello? My name is sean and welcome back to my channel if youre new here i do a lot of tech reviews as well as unboxing, and if that is something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel, leave a thumbs up on this video as well share This video to all your friends around and with that said, lets get on with the review of the blitzwolf bw at2, so todays review unit was graciously sent over to me by banggood and they are a big e commerce platform that lets you buy anything that you Can think of especially tech products, so this watch retails for very affordable us40, which is roughly around 160 malaysian ringgit, so its categorized as a budget smartwatch. That gives you all the basics that you need. So, if youre interested in getting this smartwatch do check out some of my links in the description below so the at2 mimics the shape of a rugged smartwatch, typically to those found in watches, like g shock and honestly for the price. I think this is one handsome.

Looking capable smartwatch, the color that i got here is the gray. Color and blitzwolf also sell this in black, as well as navy green. To give you the extra rugged look for this watch. The face of this watch is particularly nice with a very nice metal frame that circles the watch face with markings at 12, 3, 6 and 9 oclock, but they dont turn. So since this is not a diving watch uh, so it doesnt turn and one particular thing. I dont like about the watch case, is the large open and down fawn there, which will look so much better if they just dont include the words, because i think thats cluttering up the design a lot and around the corner. You also get four screws to add a little rugged styling to the watch, so the watch here is made mostly out of plastic with a very hard plastic. I guess that doesnt look very high quality, in my opinion, but its the type of plastic that looks like it can withstand some beatings and flipping the watch over. You also see some simple sensors here, which is responsible for tracking your heart rate, your spo2 and one pretty cool feature, which is your blood pressure, so not seen a watch that be able to track blood pressure, but this is the first and at the top there. You get two different pins for you to charge your watch up and plugging it in the watch.

Doesnt really tell you information or info about your battery percentage, but rather it just shows you the time. So you dont really know when the watch is fully charged. The strap of the watch is pretty nice and soft and it doesnt pull on your hair, at least in my experience, but the only area that i think doesnt work quite well is the rubber strap holder this thing here, because this thing is very grippy and when Youre wearing the wash its very hard for you to slot this thing in so you can see there, even if i just push like that, its not the smoothest experience. So, overall, the watch comes with a 22 millimeter watch band, so you can swap the banner for any style that you like as long as the same size. However, the styling may look kind of odd, since this watch probably suits the original band the best. So, in terms of battery life, the 82 is surprisingly good. Ive got this watch for more than a week now and if i swipe down – and you can check the battery life here is still at 58. So blitzwolf gave this watch about seven to ten days of battery life with regular use, but on their box they do write that it supports up to 10 to 15 days, so not very consistent with their marketing. But honestly, i think it lives up to its claim because were just one week in and the battery is only 50 down, so thats very good to charge up the watch.

It takes about two hours to fully charge it from empty. So, in terms of the features the watch comes with pretty basic stuff, nothing too over the top and comes with a bluetooth, 5.0 chipset to help you sync, your health information to your phone. The watch also comes with a confusing ip rating because in their product, spec sheet is written ip67, but in their product brochure its ip68, but either way its good to know that theyve, given the at2 the highest possible rating for a smartwatch. So you can actually swim with this watch, but then swimming is not part of the tracking for this watch. The watch also comes with a 1.3 inch ips lcd display with 240×240 resolution, its really not that sharp, and if you look closely, you can actually see the pixel, but from a normal distance it actually looks quite good. The watch also comes with many modern features for this price point and im surprised to see all the feature that it has. It comes with a heart rate: monitoring, 24×7 spo2 tracking sleep tracking and one especially good one, which is blood pressure, monitoring which is really new to me, because i didnt know that you can check blood pressure with a sensor, and i thought you always need a machine To squeeze your arms theres, also, no gps in this watch and the app doesnt allow you to track your workouts with gps, so thats, something that the watch lacks if thats.

What youre, looking for and in terms of sports, tracking youre, getting basic stuff such as walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball and football, so no swimming here, so the watch is also not too complex to use and from the home screen itself. You can press and hold on the watch face here and you will be able to change the watch face with some of the presets provided so theres, a total of four built in ones with one additional one that you can customize from the app. And this is the one that i have downloaded from the app, but every time that you want to sync a watch face to your watch, you can only sync up to one additional watch face so thats, something to take note of so swiping from the bottom. You can access all the notifications that you previously got and for myself i dont have anything so swiping from the top itself. You go into a command center. Look whereby you get to do a couple of things. So the first one is that youll be able to go into theater mode, so this will silent your watch as well as reduce the brightness, and next to that, you also get a sun light logo that you can adjust the brightness. So you get five levels of adjustment for your brightness. You get to toggle whether or not to have vibration. So next to that, you also get a weather information, and after that you get settings and some of the information about your watch.

So if you click in the settings there are a couple of things that you can see here. First, you get a stopwatch and alarm countdown timer you get to adjust your brightness, your vibration, theater mode, most of the same things out here so thats. Basically, the settings portion so taking a look at the widgets of this watch. If you swipe from the right, the first one you get is a pedometer after that you get your sleep tracking, then next, to that you get a heart rate monitoring next, you get exercise. So if we go into exercise, you get about eight different exercise modes here, so walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball and football, so thats. Basically, the total number of exercises you can track. After that you get to track your bp. This is pretty cool, considering that very few or not one that i know of that allows you to track blood pressure and its pretty accurate. I would say thats pretty much. What i usually have. I dont have a blood pressure monitor to verify this, but thats the best i can do for now and next to that, you also get spo2 tracking, so thats, pretty accurate ive. Also compared this with my oximeter as well as uh, the apple watch and the mi band 6, so theyre pretty similar. Next, to that you get weather and afternoon, you get a shutter which allows you to control an on board camera, not your native phones, camera, but an on board camera inside the app for you to take pictures remotely.

And then you have a player whereby you get to adjust your media thats playing currently on your phone, so theres also no memory inside this watch for you to store music on this watch itself, so thats, something to take note of so swiping from the left. You get pretty much the same features as the widget, but this time in a list view mode. So you get spots, your sleep, your measure, hr, training, spo2 weather shutter and the additional thing that you have here is a young bird game. So i think this is a direct translation from a mandarin word called xiaomiao. So if we click into young bird, its a pretty laggy game, if you ask me and its very difficult to play so if you click on it, the bird will fly and youre supposed to fly through pipes, and this is similar to what you found a few Years ago, with flappy bird – something for you to kill time, if you have to so thats. Basically all of the controls you get with the interface of the at2, so the app that blitzwolf uses is called the darfit app, which is the afit app and its honestly. A very simple, very basic, app with not a lot of features, in my opinion, so the first page here you will get to track all your health information, including your steps, your sleep tracking, your heart rate, your full day, heart rate, your current heart rate, as well As your blood pressure, your blood oxygen and so on so fossil is very comprehensive and if you click into certain areas like, for example, sleep tracking, you get to see uh.

What are your light sleep, your restful sleep as well as rem, which is your rapid eye? Movement, so this watch actually tracks that which is not too bad, and it tells you uh. What is your sleep quality, your heart rate during your sleeping and so on and so forth, so pretty comprehensive, stuff and im actually quite impressed with his tracking. If you look at full day heart rate, it tells you quite a lot of information about your health, and this is your blood oxygen. It tells you more information that you need to know going to the second screen. This is where you get to control some of the things of your watch. You get to see your battery percentage and the watch faces here is where you get to adjust your watch. So, for example, if you want to customize certain watch faces, you can click on discover more dials, and this is where you get to download all the different watch faces which is available inside the app so theres quite a lot. If you keep scrolling down theres. Quite a bit of watch faces there and you can see that some of the watch faces here are very reminiscent to what you get with the apple watch, but nevertheless every time you click on one. It will sync it to your watch and you can only have that one additional watch face for you to choose from so below that you also get to choose your different notifications if youre the type of people that likes notification.

So this is where you get to adjust it. You get to set your alarms, shutter, which is to activate the on board camera inside the app, and you can use your watch to actually snap some photos under others. This is where you get additional settings. For example, your time format how you want to set certain languages, unique format, quick view is where you can rotate your wrist and it will detect your movement and show you. The watch face, drink water, reminder, weather and physiological cycle reminder, which is your female tracking information. So below that you get to upgrade your firmware if theres a newer firmware. And lastly, these are just some additional uh information about yourself, so that the watch can track you better. So basically thats all you get with the blitzwolf app, so overall ive quite enjoyed this watch honestly and its one of the watch that executed pretty nicely overall, with a pretty nice screen great battery fast and smooth interface and lots of features as well so for us40. I definitely think this watch is very worthwhile, so that is it for this review.