You are watching this channel so guys for the video gary nees. I can unbox that review smartwatch list a253s hd follow seven channels and unbox a few smartwatch about Music. Okay, guys, you need a z, bliss y 3 s hd. Basically, Music, specifically in inchi ips display for rounded i do a heart rate monitor addition is professional sport mode to get the gun standby times for ultra low powered ship humankind, real tech lapper to your name. Do we see so it’s nearly slip tracking at a small notification, waterproof design and ip67 for unboxing, Music, Music, Music, Music, cycling, basketball, elliptical, then yoga menu information, monitor Music blood pressure, knee blood oxygen, music, uh controller, connecting whether we’re gon na sing a phone the stopwatch That the messages notification center, Music, Music, okay, wow, fine success right now, so that will you beating your device, whether you like the notification? One: Music, Music? Yes, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, um, Music, Music, all right guys! That is all for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys, like this video, please give a thumbs up and share this video and if you guys, haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel, please do so.