So this is the teal color Music millennial, dark brown, chocolate brown yeah that actually brown Music, then my red Music brush and blue Music. This is another black, as i told you guys, gon na say some bugs. I think this is army army, green yeah, Music. Then adding a bit like the brown Music page, Music, Music, Music, Music, yeah, it’s, very affordable trendy and unisex m Music Music, yo, okay, Music, Music, Music, Music Music is lower left, then young’s a lower right, but i said for you hour or minutes, and then you Operate believe me in minutes Music, so one click for the alarm. Second, clip is for the timer okay, so next down stopwatch okay, yeah so stopwatch you’ll. First click it to the lower left for the alarm, but watch okay, so one two three young stopwatch and then can you start gon na stop, watch it’s, upper right, start, Music, Music, Music to start the stopwatch the timer and then click again. Stop then lower right, clear, okay, so that’s for the stopwatch function, then Music, Music, 20, Music, 20 in lower left. You click three times one for the alarm two for the stopwatch three. Fourth to set the time, so it can lower right now. Yeah. Can i get in your pp, might be blink nine hours so, but i said 20 hours, the tournament upper right, so yeah, seven twelve, then Music 2 is february right so and set mulan using the upper right.