As you can see, we have the season 11 now and we have a battle pass. We have a new rank system and someone said there’s going to be a new rank. Coming let’s see no legendaries, the last ranks there. So, as you can see, we have the battle. Pass. Let’S go through the battle pass and i will show you guys my favorites. So first skin is going to be specter, pixel spy and he looks good. Qq9 q9 is going to be the meta since the 10 millimeter bug has been fixed. We have the glow, stick: it’s a replacement for knife, let’s, say a variant of knife. Okay, we have bk 57, we have the krm at level, 10 premium battle pass and this looks cool people already be using the krm and after this they’re still going to try it. What can i say next up is zero nebula, not my favorite, but you can get it advanced uav in level 14. This looks cool. How many points do you need? I don’t know. Next up is the e mode, and i really like it. This is literally me when i get the mug fight going dock in my free crate, this is a good looking dlq and it is epic variant, and i really like it next up is the free fanuc version and the fire rate is crazy. All right, it will suit my play style really well, but let’s. Try it out. Next up is the skyler futurewise and i’m going to use the skin okay, i don’t care i’m going to use the skin, even though it’s flashy, i really like it next up.

We have the gun charm, which no one’s going to use. We have the ak 117 neon lotus and that looks cool next up is reaper premium and it’s a green looking robot thing i don’t know if i’m going to use this or not maybe i’ll use it in battle royale that’s. All i can do next up is the epic variant of fennec, and the skin looks good. Not that great, but good calling card is not. That great frame is not that great, i would say so. That’S it for the premier pass, let’s, buy this premium pass and there we go. We have the spectre skin, we have the qq9, it looks good, okay, let’s, try it out and we have the glow stick and what is that spray? I don’t know – and here we are – and also we have something here if anybody wanted to donate all right, if anyone wanted to donate, please donate now. Okay, please get me this character skin and this emote. Alright, please get these two for me. Please, if you have money, definitely send me through gp. Thank you. Thank you all jokes aside, i have three battle. Pass giveaways that’s going to happen in coming three days: okay, i’m. Going to upload one video a day. I will put the entire redeem code in the video except the last two digit. I will put the last two digit in my pin comment. So whoever finds the code first can claim the battle pass.

So hope you can claim your battle pass for yourself and we have alcatraz in battle royale, so that’s the gameplay we are going to see in today’s, video and the settings is going to be very high and max graphics. So this is how it’s going to look like in the absolute maximum graphics in cod mobile, so hope you guys will enjoy that and make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want more giveaways and i’ll, see you guys at the end of the video to alcatraz the match is about to start Applause. The false is very blind, be advised Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, reloading Applause, um, Music Applause. Your teammate has been killed. The enemy Applause enemy down using first aid kit, now Applause, great Applause, be advised to further collapse inspections, Applause using adrenaline supply drop, inbound. Now, Applause, major instability detected, evac to safe zone. Only two teams left getting close to victory, supply drop, inbound Applause, net call, supply drop incoming circle collapse, a minute i’ve been hit. Your teammate has been killed. Hey! Thank you all so much for watching this video. If you guys enjoyed this leave a like and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this share this video with your friends, it really helps me a lot and thank you all so much for watching.