The purifier is a flamethrower, quick cook, the enemy with a hefty side of devastation, the reactor core emits deadly radiation, which even penetrates walls want some area denial. You got it master. This man it’s like bringing a nuke to a knife fight Music fire break. Look at those guns on you, man, you are built for area denial, all right! You psycho approach the objective marker and break out the purifier. Oh look at this guy flying! Oh my gosh past the pace, even if a hostile survives a grilling, this max health makes a major hit all right torch. We got a messy room up ahead, go clean! It up make your mama, proud. Everybody loves. A good barbecue just depends on who’s flipping the burgers. I like mine, it’s crispy, you got ta, be careful. You have limited fuel in that weapon. All right use your mini map to find the enemies and cook this out. Remember the purifier has lifted fuel halfway to victory, keep burning good work soldier. So what do you say? We go make friends with the reactor core, hmm you’re, gon na love, this all right, let’s, keep this simple. The reactor core is a nuclear weapon, hold the button and fire it up. Press that button all night long baby, i told you like four times hold the goddamn button down. Hey this thing’s, a double edged sword, you’re gon na up both of you and the enemy. Keep your eyes on your health man.

If this wasn’t a sim be a glow worm right now, next trip to the red zone, you’re gon na be toast. You need to get a feel for the effects over time and distance move near those ugly over there, and the answer is yes. I remember my first kill now. May i have face over there for two. Please rc is a two way player. Man kill and we have two moving on to the genius round and behind wall number one we have knuckleheads, but with our handy reactive core, we can hook them right through the ball little tech note for you. The radiation does vertical work too. It turns a sniper overwatch position into a smoking pile of good. I got pictures like that. Torch baby got incoming from the archways Music Music so, and you were born for the storm, now go up your enemies using cover not a bad idea until we burn right through that break out the cold move ahead: fire Music, so little boy, blue and his pig Buddy’S got a new condo hope it’s his shirt take what you know and clean it out. You imposed your will and took the hill but pewee ain’t going away. He’Ll, try to regroup he’ll try to recoup, but your score streak is now in play, earn points for each kill, reach the limit. You will then a thresher. It will be yours if you die back to zero. You fly, but losing only has one cure finish.

The climb man after work, Music uh, is there a reason why you’re just standing cover your ass to stand. Your ground enemy force is going down boom, Music, that alone from Music. Oh Music, you dirty little teeth, you’re a worthless maggot, just like your brother, Music, Music, hardpoint basic occupy the hardpoint repel all enemies gain points for your team survival inside the hardpoint takes disciplined soldier. Be smart, find a sweet spot and use your tools. Heads up powerpoint will change position throughout the battle you adapt or you die. Hey man. Trust me reach the score limit. First, because good happens. When you do Music secure the objectives hardpoint identified destroyed, have the advantage. One Music fire break requesting uav support Music right here is fire break, requesting uav support, that’s a kill; uav 500. The hardpoint Music above commencing surveillance operations way out in place Music going hot um, hardpoint located hardpoint lockdown Music, that guy dropped; hardpoint, lockdown, Music, fantastic, the hardpoint Music. So your objective Applause smoked all right: Music, ready to irradiate fire break, requesting uav support uav above commencing surveillance operations. Contested don’t, be complacent finish the mission contest headstone Music cardboard. Your uav has been destroyed.