This is what just got quite a cult following uh, so i decided to to buy one now. These are incredibly cheap, watches um. You can pick them off from ebay and amazon, and so many other online places well, unless some of them are less than five dollars. But you’ve got to be a bit careful, um there’s, a lot of fakes around i didn’t get. This online actually bought this from the store because they had a rather good sale on. So it worked out at about what was it about eight dollars? It works out. Um it’s an incredibly cheap watch, uh and that’s. Basically, all you get, i mean if you buy them online. Apparently you don’t even get a little booklet or unless it’s got a manual and everything certificate. So you know it’s, it’s, genuine, now, apparently there’s a lot. A lot of fakes around these, and so you don’t normally get a little box or anything else and everything else now the way you can tell if it’s a fake or original. Let me see so apparently, if you press this button, it should say cassio like it does so that’s a genuine one, so i’m gon na wear this for a bit uh see what all the huha is about, uh and then come back with a uh, a full Review kind of uh about the watch i’ve had the watch now for a couple of days and i’ve got to say. I do really like this watch it’s, just a really simple basic watch: it’s, not trying to be anything more than what it is.

There’S. No big hype about it that it’s got a lot of history behind it and there’s all sorts of nonsense. Um, unlike some other casios, which have all these stupid, uh things on them to say. Oh look at me, i’m. Tough, i’m aggressive. While you roll around your bedroom floor, pretending you’re in the special forces, you know this kind of watch piece of junk um. This is just a great watch uh, i think, for the price and what you get for it. I mean you’re not getting much you’re getting a time date and an alarm a stopwatch and that’s it yeah and there’s a light as well. The light is not really that good um, in fact it’s quite poor, but it’s not really a big deal for for the eight dollars that it costs um yeah, i think it’s a great little watch. The the strap is a bit flimsy and i would expect it to break really quickly. Uh, but i’ll probably change the strap. I mean it takes an 18 mil and um i’ll swap out the strap, but for what you? What the watch is. You know it’s it’s great. I really really do like this watch um Music. What i can’t really say much more about it. A lot of people have raved about it that it’s just a nice, simple basic watch and that’s exactly what it is um. I hate these watches, which are all gimmicky. This has no gimmick whatsoever, uh exactly what it says on the tin that’s, what you’re getting um so like i said: it’s got alarm stopwatch and um and that’s, basically it i would have liked it to have had a countdown timer, but you know for eight dollars.

You can’t really complain too much now um. There are a lot of fakes of these around which did surprise me a bit, but apparently because it’s such a popular watch there’s a lot of fakes around and if you press this button here for a few seconds, it should say casio and that’s how you can Tell if it’s, real or fake i’m not sure if i said that at the beginning, when i unboxed it um but that’s a way of telling um if it’s original, i think the fake ones. You can pick off ebay and amazon for about three four dollars um. So just be aware of them um. I might actually just pick up a fake one and compare it to to one of these now, as you can probably see there’s all sorts of water and stuff on it. That’S because i’ve just come back from the gym and i actually took the watch into the pool now this doesn’t say um what kind of uh depth threat it has. It just says water resistant as it says there, but um. I took it uh in the pool and uh swung with it for 30 minutes and, as you can see, no issues it’s just a bit of water on it because it hasn’t dried that well and it works fine um. So you can go swimming with it. You don’t need a watch which is fif uh. What is this 200 meters water resistant to go swimming in the pool? So all this nonsense about watches must have at least a hundred meters water resistant before you can take it in the pool and go swimming with it.

30 minutes swimming no problem whatsoever, i’m, actually going diving in a few weeks, um so i’m. I think i will take this along with me uh and take it diving and see how far it can go and um and see if it does survive a dive, and if it does, i will make a follow up. Video about that and i’ll actually make a video while i’m, diving and um and upload it um to show you what uh uh what it goes through. So that would be quite interesting to see. So the main question is: will this mickey mouse watch replace my other mickey mouse watch? Well, mickey here needs a battery uh. So in the meantime i will be wearing this, but mickey has had a lot of competition from pikachu here. Um, so i’ve been wearing him.