Once you pick the phone up, it's obvious, this is a rugged device. We have a sturdy metal frame and strong rubber material on the back plate, top and bottom of the phone. As you may expect, the build quality is excellent. I also like the buttons, as they are very clicky and tactile. Besides all the Sanders rugged properties, the armor 6 is ipk 69 and mill 810 certified, meaning it can survive quite a few drops and it is resistant to water, dust, heat, cold radiation and so on. You can find a complete list in the product link down below the video about the display to be really nice and sharp overall and the sunlight. Legibility is pretty good. On the back. There is a dual camera system that consists of 16 and 8 megapixel shooters right. Next to it, you can find a dedicated UV sensor, which is a pretty new thing if you spend a lot of time. Outdoors other key features include a hybrid dual SIM card slot. Usb type c port for charging a notification LED light, a fingerprint scanner that works really well and face unlock feature. That is not a passive offer, but it gets the job done, keep in mind that the phone doesn't have a headphone jack. As for the loudspeaker, it's, pretty good overall here is a quick audio sample Music, the EULA phone armor, six ships with really good specifications for the price of the phone gaming performance is quite good.

Well, there were a few skipped frames and games like extreme, but the pub she runs fine on medium graphics, which is quite impressive. Considering the price of the device Android 8.1 is at a core of this phone, even though this Android version is a little bit outdated. I don't see a huge problem here, because the phone is really smooth and fast. In fact, this is one of the fastest rugged phones, I've tested in a recent memory. If you are into extra features, there are quite a few of them, including plenty of gesture and motion controls. Overall, the armor 6ec fast, responsive and feature back device, and this is what matters to most of the users. The camera is a little bit inconsistent on this device, but you can definitely take some nice looking shots with it. These are definitely one of the better looking photos are of a budget rugged phone, even the Partridge. Just look quite good. I have to mention that some selfies came out a little bit soft, but in general the overall quality is pretty good night image. Quality is not terrible, but it could be better. 1080P. Video quality is quite good, but the footage is all that shaky, as there is no video stabilization, 720p selfie video looks ok, but the footage is a little bit soft. The sound recording quality is above average, the armorer 6 performs well in the connectivity department called quality and signal. Reception has been great and other connectivity options work fine.

In addition, there are quite a few sensors onboard and the phone has NFC connectivity option if five thousand million hours battery powers up the phone and the battery life has been pretty good, considering the size of the display, the best screen on timer could achieve was more Than 14 hours, which is a really good result, the phone can be recharged in just about two hours, with a supplied, 18 watts fast charger. Further, the phone supports a 10 watts. A wireless charging overall, the EULA phone armoire, is a solid rugged phone. I like its build quality, the display is sharp and the overall performance is good and even the cameras can take nice daylight pictures. The key shortcomings include the lack of the headphone jack. Also, the phone ships would Android a dot one, which is not the latest version of Google's OS. Despite that, the armor 6 is a very good rugged phone that offers a lot of valley for less than 300. Yes, just before I sign out, I wanted to show you guys any transfer, Android app and say thanks for sponsoring this, video from data management to cross device transfer, take complete control of your Android content at any time from any place in any way. You, like any trans, is the only Android manager. You will ever need check out the video description to learn more. What do you think about the EULA phone armoire 6? Would you buy this device, or would you choose another budget rugged phone as always drop me.