I’M andy boxel you’re, watching unboxing tv, and this is the g shock. Gsw, h1000. Music, i’m. Going to start out talking about the g6 gswh 1000 leica g shock collector and as a g shock collector, i think it’s brilliant and i love it. Casio knows its audience and the gsw h1000 doesn’t deviate far from the established g shock recipe. It has a required level of toughness a 200 meter water resistance rating, the buttons are large and easy to press, and the clasp has two prongs plus, of course, the case is made out of hard wearing resin it’s, also big, like some g shocks, it’s easily, as Big, as the old gravity master you can see here, the sort of width is similar and the diameter of the case is similar and it wears similarly on the wrist and comparing it to a frogman it’s of a similar size, see again in terms of the thickness It’S, a big watch at more than 15 millimeters thick it’s, not something that fits easily under your cuff. However, casio knows how to make a big watch and the size and the 104 gram weight is hidden rather well on the wrist, helped in part by the excellent strap and there are soft, wrist guards separating the strap from the case that make it sit centrally and Balance it really well on your wrist it’s built, like a master of gg shock with materials to match the case back is made of titanium.

The buttons are aluminium. It looks like a g shock. It wears like a g shock. It is a g shock. We could stop here because the technical achievement of creating a true g shock watch with all of its toughness and a smart watch with a touchscreen at the same time, it’s deeply impressive and the hardware itself is fantastic. If you’re a g shock collector, so is that it then well no, while the g shock collector in me likes the gsw h1000 a lot, the tech journalist in me has a slightly different feeling when you start to look at the gsw h1000, not as a g Shock fan, but as someone who wants to buy a smart watch, then issues start to appear. First casio will not reveal the process they used or the amount of ram inside two standard facts. Tech buyers use to make a good decision and compare it to other models. Now, i’m, going to guess that it’s, a qualcomm snapdragon where 3100 chip inside because it’s the industry standard at the moment – and if it was the newer, more desirable, snapdragon 4100. Then i think cassio would want to shout about it, regardless of the business decisions about why it can’t talk about the chip. Casio, just hasn’t put much emphasis on the tech side of the gswh1000 and it hurts it when you examine it as a tech buyer and not as a g shock buyer moving on regardless of the chip, the performance is actually really good, which softens the annoyance of Not knowing the technical specifications inside the 1.

3 inch amoled screen is bright and it’s responsive and the gsw has a second screen over the top of the main amoled screen, which works as the always on screen. So this now disappears and becomes an lcd display over the top, and this saves on battery life. It also helps you see the ambient time in low light and because casio has done such a great job of integrating g shock, familiar technology and styles into this watch. You get the choice of a positive or negative look for the ambient display, which is a really nice touch. Just like some all digital g shocks, google’s, wear os software is basically the same here as it is on. Other smart watches shows your notifications. It tracks fitness using google fit and the casio fitness app and it runs apps downloaded from google play what it isn’t is especially different to any other wear os watch that’s, not a criticism of this particular model, but really of all wear os watches it wouldn’t be A g shock without a packed sensor array, there’s a heart rate sensor on the back plus there’s, a magnetometer, a pressure sensor, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. It displays all of those usual activity tools that we as g shock, wearers really like, such as a tied graph. There’S further evidence that this is a g shock for g shock people there’s no nfc, so that means no google pay. The battery life is excellent, though helped by that dual display lasting two days with constant use or, if you just leave the watch on this ambient display it’ll last for about a month, just as showing you the time like a g shock.

So let’s sum up here, the gsw h 1000 is a good smart watch, but it’s not a great smartwatch. The size is going to put people off, especially if they’re looking at it as an apple watch alternative and the lack of nfc doesn’t help but it’s, probably the price that’s, the biggest barrier, it’s 599 pounds or 699 dollars and that’s more than twice the price of An apple watch se and on a technical level it’s not as capable but here’s the thing g shock collectors don’t want an apple watch, but they will want a gswh1000 and if that’s you, i think, you’re really going to like it. But if you’re looking at this.