If you enjoy this video and the watch that i’ll be sharing is called chronosmart watch. I don’t know if y’all heard it before or seen it also guys. I did open the box and um yeah. I did open the box and um set it up and as you you you’ll see that i have my picture on it but yeah. This is the watch. This is how the package look like um Music, as you can see, i don’t know. Why is this not focusing, but you guys it says, dynamic heart rate, all day activities and a message reminder so yeah um i’m going to be showing you guys a clip somewhere. I don’t know if i’ll put it i’ll put it right here, showing you guys. The website that i bought it from and how i get to come about this watch was my parents yeah. They saw it and called me and introduced me to this watch so yeah let’s get down to business. I don’t want this video to be any longer. So yes, let’s jump into the video okay guys. So i came along to this website that my parents told me to go to and it’s called morning sale morning, save deals right and it’s a website where you can get some good deals like on anything like. If you have like uh mats, you know facial brushes, earphones, watches like this one that i bought and when i first saw the website and i order it um, i didn’t know it would come because you know some website.

Um are like scammers and stuff, but i did have faith in it to see if it’s going to be true, so we ordered it and it i remember how long it took how long it took to reach um to be delivered, but it Music. It took a little while, but we ordered the 12 of me and it comes about uh, the 20 22 or something like that yeah, something like that and yeah. But you can order this watch on morning. Save deals or you can order it on amazon, because i’ve been doing a little research about the watch, and i realized that some persons bought theirs on the amazon app right. I love the packaging of this product, it’s similar to the apple products that you guys know. As the iphone and as you turn as i turn it, you’re gon na see the barcode that says that fit. You need to download that app to pair it with your phone in the box, you’re gon na see the quick guide and the manual and it’s gon na tell you the different steps you need to take to set up your phone and the type of app that You’Ll need, and this watch works for android and apple products as well, and all you need is just your bluetooth to bluetooth it to your phone and it’s a good watch and i always want to get a apple watch. But the price range on those watches are crazy, so this is a good watch for a good price.

Well, i got 70 percent off it and the regular price for this watch is 130 and i paid ‘ with tax in it and the shipping fee. Look at that baby right there. It looks amazing and it also look like an apple watch. So no one is going to realize that it’s, not an apple watch, if you don’t tell them – and this is the charger that comes into the box as well, and you can go around and people won’t know that it. This is not an apple watch. As i said, and i love it, comment down below and tell me what you think about this so far and to pair it with your phone, you need to download the da fit app on your phone, and this is the face of the watch. I changed the face of the watch to this to put my photo in and if you want to know how to do that, i can create a next video. Now these are the stuff on the apps. You can track your steps. You can track your um blood pressure, your oxygen level and, if you’re, even your messages you can track and when you’re sleeping it does track your sleep to see. If everything is all right with you and even your heart rate, and if you are going to work out, it has the training section, it also has the weather and health, music, brightness and camera, and if you’re going to be playing basketball or any activity at all.

This does have the activities on it um. If you’re going to ride a bicycle, you can ride a bicycle now, as you see i’m checking my blood pressure to see if everything is all right, also to get the sensor working, you have to press that little button at the side that you see keep see Me pressing for it to come on or you can twist your arm and it will light up and, as you see my blood pressure is that yeah. I have low blood pressure now. I’M checking my heart rate to see the beating of my heart and yes, guys. Music, so Music, now i’m about to check my oxygen level to show you guys now this is going to be my oxygen level. This watch also has a flashlight on it. You can even go to the settings or you can lock the screen just like how you would like your phone. It has so many features guys so many it’s, a good watch to me. It tracks your step, your heart rate, your blood pressure, um and your your oxygen level. Like i don’t know, it tells you how much oxygen you’re taking or something i don’t know: it’s it’s, a good watch and you guys can do your research and go and look look at this watch and please remember this is not a sponsored video. This is my experience and i’m in love with it and yeah Music. If you like this video and you enjoy it, please remember to give me a like down below comment down below and hit that red button here to help our family to grow, and also, i want to say thank you guys for the continuous support and for keep Coming back and watching my videos and um yeah, this is the end of the video and i’ll.