It feels good it performs well, you saw the speed of it. It’S reacting to my finger, my swipes and this screen is beautiful, like i’m still floored by the contrast on the screen, it is easy to track exercises and i really like the feature where the watch automatically detects a workout. The data after a workout is also nicely displayed, but, unlike some other cheaper devices, scrolling here actually is visible, it’s not perfect, but works well. So i think my first impression is rather positive. This watch has it all it has all day but oxygen monitoring which not a lot of wearables, have right. Now it has all day heart rate monitoring a sleep tracker all day, skin temperature tracker and a respiration rate tracker and a lot more. If you lose your watch somewhere in the house, you can hit find and the watch will constantly vibrate until you press confirm 24 hour. Clock is on, but if you want your 12 hour clock, you can easily activate that with a simple press of a button languages. Here are all the languages, and i know you guys always want to know about the languages. So we’ve got a handful of languages there. That is supported now, let’s go back. You can also change the units from celsius to fahrenheit. It also informs and motivates you whenever you walked a certain amount of kilometers automatically, which is a nice addition. But what i like most is that it quite precisely notices when you start to work out and with one single press you can automatically start the activity.

So mobile really did put a lot of thought into this little device, so you cannot only track your spo2, your sleep, your heart rate, but even your skin temperature, but the skin temperature that’s. I might start paying attention to my skin temperature man, my voice, you did it and now we got skin temperature. The things i did enjoy about this smart smart watch were the fact that pairing the watch was as simple as scanning a qr code displayed on this watch’s screen. The included watch band is soft and nice to wear. I also enjoyed the heart rate tracking. It is fast and seems about as accurate as having someone taking my pulse manually. It also is on 24 hours, so you can see any spikes and log your daily averages in combination with the sp02 and temperature. The watch can send me an alert if it thinks i’m getting sick, which is something needed in the time of cope still. The ui is quite intuitive to use and mobvoir, because they’ve been releasing wearables for several years now. The software is actually pretty damn good. This silicone band is actually very comfortable. It has a nice, you know nice stretchy, give to it, but once you put it on, it feels solid on the wrist. The gth will even let you customize your watch faces. So you can choose what kind of background you want to have like a picture from your album and you can choose what colors your time should have.

Next to all of these features. You also have the standard stuff like a timer and a stopwatch. The tip watch gth has a 1.55 inch tft touch display with a resolution of 360 by 320 pixels. It has bluetooth. 5.1. Is water resistant up to 5 atm and has a strong 260 million per battery, which gives the watch enough power for up to 10 days and only takes two hours to fully charge it i’m in love with the screen? If you swipe right, you get your weather man, those letters are small, but they are crispy. You have yourself a pretty functional fitness tracker that keeps track of everything that you would need. You know your exercises if you’re going hiking your steps, your heart rate, your sleep, your blood, oxygen level, your skin temperature. The latter is something that even the apple watch can do and was a big part of the fitbit census. Marketing fitbit made a big deal about the skin temperature sensor and it was part of the reason why this watch had to be 300 us dollars.