Today we have news from citizen and a new cz smart watch. That is a hybrid smart watch before i get into it. Please dont forget to like subscribe hit that bell icon. It is super helpful for the channel and i very much appreciate it so citizen back with a 44 millimeter version of their cz smartwatch, and this is a smart, hybrid watch and according to citizen, introducing a genius timepiece like youve, never seen before the new cz smart, Hybrid has all the style of iconic citizen design, combined with the best tech functions of a smartwatch. The impressive 15 day battery keeps up with your busy lifestyle in a distinctive design that stands out. This new cz, smart, hybrid watch features a stainless steel case and bezel. It gets a 44 millimeter case with functioning dials on the black and white display, and it also gets some pops of color on the pushers and, of course, the luminous analog hands. The silicone integrated strap blends with the overall design and fits perfectly on your wrist. So this is sort of an integrated bracelet design, one of the first that i have seen from any brand really. It has an integrated bracelet case and strap kind of similar to a tag hoyer, but well get to that in just a minute. Utilize. The citizens connected app to manage your notifications, change your dials and see your fitness stats stay on track with the convenience of information at a glance from your hybrid smartwatch display, you can choose the dial that fits your mood or your style and customize.

The information on the display to meet your needs, including steps, weather heart rate and more so. As i mentioned, it is 44 millimeters youre, getting 30 meters of water resistance, which is kind of typical for a smartwatch, its running on android, 5.0 plus ios, 12.0 plus as well, and then the charge time on this is 50 minutes to 80 percent. So its a pretty quick charge, some of the functionality that youre getting inside the watch is a heart rate, tracker youre, getting an activity tracker. You could challenge friends to workouts. You can control your music. You can customize buttons notifications, personalize, your dial, you get a visualized workout routine and then, of course, there is citizen river, which is for golf. So i really like what theyve done here its a 15 day, so you almost get two weeks on one charge. At least thats, what theyre saying, depending, of course, on your usability and how youre using it ive seen that a lot of smart watches that say this that claim about two weeks of power will usually last a little bit more than half of that, if youre using It kind of often but this does have a monochromatic display so its not going to take up a ton of battery life anyway, like i said 44 millimeters, it has an integrated bracelet case. Look youre also getting a bezel on here to citizen at the top of the bezel. There are a bunch of different options, obviously case colors theres black, which is ion plated black.

I would steer away from that obviously, and then there is stainless steel. The stainless steel is actually cheaper, its 325 and then the iron plated is 25, more 350. uh youre getting really nice straps on here. All of them are silicon, theyre, all perforated and theyre, a bunch of different colors as well, and you get a color accent on the pushers and, of course, the analog hand, so there are actual analog hands on here to tell the time. I think this is one of the better looking smart watches that have come out in a while also its in a sized case that works a lot of the watches that come out from garmin and a lot of other brands are very big. 44 millimeters is not that bad. It is on the bigger side, but it isnt really that horrible. It is an integrated bracelet again, so that could make the lug to lug uh very, very big. However, we will see uh tell me what you guys think in the comments below i think its a good looking watch if youre in the market for a hybrid, smart watch. This could be a very good option. Tell me what you think in the comments below please dont forget to like subscribe hit that bell icon its super helpful for the channel. It helps me bring you these news. Videos, please dont, forget to follow me on instagram. My instagram is watch chris blog. I have some links in the description those links are to amazon.

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