This is like a retro look and uh. It looks quite uh sleek and quite light in weight uh. This comes in three colors, green red and black. On the right side, you get two buttons and on the left, we don’t get any buttons out here and if you look on the back, you get this normal uh charging slot and uh good. Quite quite quite interesting and quite good. And if you look at the Music watch face, you know it’s quite interesting, quite nice, and if you look, i just take my brightness off yeah. This is how it looks. It comes in various watch faces and uh and on the, if you click on the left side, you get the steps and all then you get this heart rate. Then sleep time, weather music and if i click on back anything on the left, then again gives various status of sports and if you scroll down, then you get various setting things. I can increase your brightness and all uh. You can do it so yeah. You can increase your brightness and this accordingly out from here and Music, quite good, quite good watch and in settings. You have various other things to do in this, so you have this watch face and this brightness this info reset and if you click on watch face, then you have various watch face out here. Different watch face available and uh let’s click on this. So this is another watch face very nice interesting and you can customize, you can create your own wallpaper and you can make it your own.

What you call watch face so i’ll show you the app of this. This is the admin in this app. You can go in uh, the style settings you find various watch faces. You can see and it’s quite a good, interesting watch basis. We have out here and to create your own customer, and then you can click on custom dial, and then you can add in your own wallpaper out here and recording you can create your own custom watch page and if you want to select any wallpaper let’s select. This you need to click on, synchronize die, it will download and synchronize, and then you’ll see the watch face on your smart watch. So if you look now, the watch face is now coming here on your smart watch so and i’m talking about the whatsapp notification, then you get out here as this notification so yeah. This is how it will look your whatsapp notification, and it also has this local whatsapp logo. I cannot take it properly, but yeah. It comes with there’s, a sports, app logo and message uh given to it and yeah. You can click on back and then you can just do this up. So you’ll get your all your whatsapp notification out here so yeah quite interesting, good watch, nice watch i’ll also show you how to you know, make it your own custom watch face like including weather steps, kilometers heart rate everything how to make for this watch file.