So all three of these are current generation. Smart watches from amaze fits that have square displays that you can pick up at varying prices. So from left to right, they represent kind of the pricing strategy. The left here is the cheapest from them that sells for only around 60 bucks compared to the newest gts2 mini that sells for around 100 versus the full version of the gts2 sells for 180.. Now we’ve covered all three of these smart watches in depth, with our full video reviews. So you can check out those if you’re curious about how they perform individually but here’s a highlight of kind of the biggest differences between them. So, starting with the construction quality and build vip, u has the most lightweight form factor, because the entire body here is made out of polycarbonate plastic. The display is protected by a 2.5 d, curved corning gorilla glass, which is actually the same glass that’s used on all three of these displays, so the resistance to wear and tear should be also pretty similar. The next up here is going to be the newest gts2 mini, which has definitely a more premium touch in the sense that it has a larger display versus the bib. U has a 1.28 inch display so roughly 1.3 inches here compared to 1.55 inches on the gts2 mini and also much smaller bezels, especially on the bottom. Here there really isn’t a chin that says a mace fit so it’s symmetrical and definitely looks a bit more classy.

As you’re wearing it, the technology here for the screen is also different. Instead of a ips lcd screen on the bipu, we have a amoled or oled display on the gts2 mini, which means that has a always on display mode. As you can see, after the main watch phase times out in a few seconds, it can still display a simplified version of the time without eating up as much battery. Finally, the construction here of this watch is also much more premium. It has more of a metal trim around it, as you can see there, chamfered edges, as well as the crown key are all made out of metal, although the back here is still made out of plastic, just like the bib. U – and the sensor array on the back here is also very similar, in fact, the same heart rate, monitoring the same sleep tracking, the same charging mechanism are used on all three of these smart watches and the overall profile is not too different, as you are wearing It finally, we come to the last watch here: the full version of the gts2 it’s, also the largest watch out of the bunch display measures 1.65 inches, so about 0.1 inches larger than the gts2 mini. To be completely honest, though, that small difference 0.1 inches, isn’t really obvious, unless you are comparing it really side by side, the screen here is again constructed out of amoled or oled has the always on display function, and the frame is once again being made out of Metal not too surprising in this particular case, the metal does extend a little bit further.

The entire edges are metal versus on the two mini; actually, only the top half is metal and the bottom half, as you can see, are plastic. So the build here is still going to be a touch stronger, but also we have a corning gorilla glass display and still feels quite solid in the back. Here also has the same sensor array as for other differences, it’s, really only on the full version of the gts2 that we have built in onboard storage, again, it’s, not a feature that i think everyone will use as a must have function. But it does mean that you can use this as a dedicated mp3 player, in the sense that you can store some music locally on the watch it’s built in memory and play it back directly. Since there is a built in speaker on the full version of the gts2 you can see here is located on the edge. So if i tap on play here for this track very quickly, you can hear the sound here coming out. I can also change the volume here by turning it up, and this is not connected by the way right now to any smartphone. So it has about three gigs of storage, which is missing on these two other cheaper, smart watches. Only these two watches the two mini and the two have built in gps, which means that you can track your route directly on these watches without even connecting to your phone, which can be pretty convenient.

So if i tap on workout history here is a run that i was performing and you can see it’s tracked my location here on its map very well without even using my phone’s gps again, that’s, something that the bip – u the regular version, does not have. However, there is also a pro version of the bib called the bip. U pro that does add built in gps. However, for that version you have to shout out around 15 extra. So at that point the amazfit bip. U pro really isn’t that different in terms of pricing to the regular um gts2 mini. However, even the pro version of the bip? U will still have a ips lcd screen, which is smaller and compared to the larger amoled display of the two mini, which, in my opinion, does make it a slightly stronger values, both the gts2 mini and the gts2 have built in microphones, which you can use to Access a smart assistant via amazon’s alexa service, so you can ask the watch questions and it can respond it to you. Although again, the too many doesn’t have a built in speaker for waterproofing. All three watches are rated at five atm, so you can use them when swimming when taking a shower and all three will survive the same way. Finally, in terms of operation and the system, interface they’re, all extremely similar, they all feel pretty responsive. Arguably, the more expensive gts2 does have the fastest frame rate in terms of the animations for scrolling.

You can see here that on a list it kind of flows through and everything glides feels very buttery versus on these other two, maybe you’ll see some occasional hang ups, a little bit more as you’re scrolling very quickly, as you can see there. But again, the difference is not that obvious and for the most part it really isn’t a deal breaker, considering the pretty big gap in terms of price point heart rate accuracy is all very similar. You can track that continuously. Sleep tracking is also the same on all three in terms of accuracy. You can track even naps during the day. No real differences there and in terms of sports it’s, also pretty similar, give and take. As far as accuracy of the step count is concerned, that’s something i quickly touched on in the review of the too many that maybe folks have missed if they didn’t catch that video, so i’ll reiterate it here. One thing i found when testing all of these watches is the regular gts2 is the most conservative in terms of counting steps. So if i walked 100 steps, it would often display 90 steps or 95 steps versus the bip. U was a little bit on the more aggressive side, so it would count 105 steps or 110 steps if i walked 100 steps, but both are well within the margin of error that i consider to be acceptable and all three watches again. Don’T have built in blood pressure monitoring, so just one quick thing to keep in mind and they also don’t have body temperature monitoring.

Just yet, as for battery life, i would say the current best battery life actually goes to the gts2 mini it’s running on the latest software, so it has the most optimization. The amoled screen here is pretty energy efficient and overall i was able to get around 10 days of regular usage before i needed to recharge it again and then the bib. U falls just slightly short of that and then the gts2 is the lowest out of the bunch. I could only get around five days or so before i needed to recharge it in regular usage with various tracking modes and heart rate monitoring on, of course, if you want to be super conservative and turn on airplane mode – and you know disable things like heart rate Monitoring and never use the gps. You can of course, elongate the battery life. There is a eco mode or a super reduced mode that can get it upwards of one month, but it also strips away many of the smart functions of a smart watch, so that’s more or less it.