Um i’ve been wearing it for over a month now, and just very, very impressed with this watch so without further ado, let’s introduce the koros vertix Music. Before i get started with the review, though i just wanted to let you know that this is not a sponsored review. Koros did send me the watch to review it and to try it, but they had no input in this review and i’m free to say whatever. I’D, like about the watch as you’ll, see in just a few moments with that let’s get into the review, so welcome back again to my channel, everybody uh. If you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do so hit that bell notification as well as the like thumbs up, if you like this particular video let’s, start with the chorus vertex. So this is awesome. Look at what comes with the coros vertex, i guess more appropriately. What the watch comes in when they send it to you, so this is the case which uh i’m sure if you’ve, if you know anything about about this watch, you’ve probably seen this before. But this thing is substantial: um it’s, almost like an ammo case or something or a camera case, more power to them and uh congrats, with probably the coolest case, i’ve ever gotten a watch delivered in for sure. By far so the chorus vertix um is marketed as an adventure watch and um. I couldn’t agree more something that ultra runners are going to want to take a look at just because of the length of time that they’re out there on the trails and i’ll get more into who.

I think this is best for, but just a few first quick specs, the coros vertex has a 1.2 inch sapphire crystal display, which is one of the strongest materials. So it’s certainly going to hold up to scratching and things like that. It has a titanium bezel and what appears to be a plastic body which definitely saves on weight. It does weigh on that topic. 76 grams. By comparison, the garmin fenix 6. Pro is 83 grams, so it has a 47 millimeter housing and it is 15.6 millimeters thick by comparison. The phoenix 6 pro is 14.7 millimeters thick. So a little bit thinner um than the cordos vertex um, the quorum vertex has a digital dial set up. As far as accessing its menus and and getting around on the device, this is something they’ve used uh through the entire line of um of fitness watches over the past couple years, the coros apex apex pro and vertex all use some form of digital dial, and i Will say i like the look of this digital dial. I think it’s very rugged and doesn’t appear that it’s going to have any issues for a long time. Let’S talk about the hardware just looking at the form factor of this watch – it’s very, very uh, substantial, but not too much. I think i have average sized wrists and it doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem a couple times. I noticed that um. I would bang it on things as i was walking around the house, which is kind of typical for a watch like this, but honestly it really wasn’t too bad and, i would say, with the weight it’s definitely lighter than like.

I said the garmin fenix 6 pro and you notice that it’s a little bit lighter than some of the other large watches, and i think again part of it – is the hard plastic body to the watch. It doesn’t seem to be any less premium than those watches. So, overall i love the form factor and the look of the coros vertex. I think it looks very rugged. I think it lives up to how they’re marketing the watch as an adventure watch, and it just looks awesome. So really. I have no complaints about the form factor and the hardware of the coreos vertex getting into the software of the chorus vertex. So this is where koros and other brands like like garmin, take a little bit of a detour coros appears has made a decision to go with a more streamlined and more practical interface than some of the other brands. And what i mean by that is corals only gives you what you might actually use, while you’re out on the trails so, and i appreciate that it seems like they’ve dispensed with some of the less useful features. Of course, some people would disagree with that and say that it’s just lacking in that sense, but i found that the features that the coreos vertex offers in its software are the ones that i actually would use and that’s kind of my style. So when i’m out on the trails i’m not really focused on the technology i’m not focused on the watch, so it seems to be a good fit for me in my style.

Some of the things you do get with this watch as far as software are. First of all, it does offer a number of watch face, styles, that you can use and it’s really simple. You get on your phone and once you’ve paired your phone to your watch, you can change the style of the watch face and it has a number of different options again, not as many options as say the garmin watches. Also, the vertex has a number of widgets that you can use. Some of the things you do get are the heart rate sensor, the altimeter, a barometer temperature gauge and sunrise sunset screen. If you dive deeper into the watch and go into what i call the settings screen, you see that there are some options for the pulse: oximeter battery usage, ultra max mode navigation and map settings which we’ll talk about in a minute. Uh stopwatch timer alarm, metronome, compass and and an option to broadcast the heart rate. Now when in a workout mode by clicking the digital dial, you go into a bunch of different options for workouts. So, as you can see, there are a ton of different activities that you can select. You have more specific activities, you have more generalized activities and so there’s a bunch of different things. You can look at, of course, i’m spending, most of my time in trail, run and run but it’s nice to know that there are a bunch of different activities, including triathlon.

So let’s talk a little bit more about the pulse oximeter. So this is what measures the oxygen concentration in your bloodstream, um and i’m, not sure exactly how accurate this is um. I think you’re definitely there’s no question it’s not going to be as accurate as a medical grade device, but it’s really neat to see that they’ve built this in a lot of devices are now it’s, probably more useful at altitude, certainly because you’re going to have less Oxygen in your blood at altitude, i have not been really at any substantial altitude while i’ve been testing this. So i can’t really comment too much on the accuracy or usefulness of the pulse oximeter, but it does have it so without getting too far into the weeds. As far as the ultramax mode, it tells the watch to sample your gps position as it’s tracking you less often than in some of the other modes, and what this generally does is save battery life and ultra max mode. Definitely will do that if you choose to use it, i haven’t done much in depth testing on how accurate it becomes as far as your run and the distance and things using ultra max mode, but but it’s probably best kept for hiking or things like that. Rather than running because because, obviously, when it’s sampling gps data much less often it’s not going to catch, some of the turns you make depending on when it’s sampling and when it’s not so let’s talk about battery life.

That is where, of course, korros watches really shine. If you’re familiar at all with the koros brand that’s, what really made it famous amongst runners, because, especially amongst trail runners and ultra runners, because at the time that coros came out with the apex apex pro and vertix garmin really didn’t have an answer to people who Needed the watch to track you with gps for more than 30 to 35 hours, and now that was almost two years ago, when they first came out with these watches and since then garmin has improved significantly on their battery life and in some cases they could argue That maybe they have more battery life than some of these watches, but the vertex probably still takes the cake. In my opinion, as far as battery life, the coreos vertex is still extremely competitive. On the issue of battery life, coreos advertises the vertex as having 45 days of regular use 60 hours in full gps mode and 150 hours in ultra max mode, and that gets back to where, between the ultra max and the regular gps mode. How you’re going to save quite a bit of battery life so practically speaking, does it really track you for 60 hours without charging the battery once well? I would say that’s, partly true and partly not true. So let me tell you my own experience. I ran the cruel jewel 100 ultra marathon about a week ago and i didn’t finish the race i dnf’d, but i did run 31 miles in about 12 hours, give or take a few minutes, and during that time i only used 20 percent of the battery mind.

You i did turn the heart rate sensor off, and that was a big key because, with the heart rate sensor off, i would say definitely you’re going to get 60 hours, because i went 12 hours for one fifth of the battery. So do some math and it’s exactly 60 hours of use in full gps mode. Now, if i would have turned on the heart rate sensor, it would have definitely been less than that. How much less i’m not sure, because i had it off but it’s not going to be 60 hours if you have the heart rate sensor on and it’s, definitely not going to be 60 hours. If you have the navigation settings going at the same time, let’s talk about the heart rate sensor so i’m, not like a super technical guy. I didn’t take a chest, strap and compare it. I’M. Sorry, if i disappointed but the optical heart rate sensor does an okay job. Obviously, if i wanted to do super accurate heart rate tracking, i would use a chest strap or something like that, but it just it does just fine for me and it can give you a good idea relative to your resting heart rate. So it may not be accurate as far as your actual peaks and valleys, but it certainly will show you that your heart rate is increasing. Is that useful? I don’t know it kind of depends on how specific you want to get and how accurate you want to be with your heart rate, training all right now.

Gps accuracy is another hot topic that a lot of reviewers like to cover i’d say that it’s very accurate. In my opinion, it’s certainly done a good job and i think it’s very comparable to the coreos apex, but from what i can tell the koros tracking the coros gps tracking is is very accurate and does a wonderful job. I know this because i’m running pre, measured courses and i’m, seeing the same distance that other people are telling me that they measured out for my purposes. It definitely does a great job. All right, let’s talk about price six hundred dollars seems to be the average price. I can find when i googled chorus vertex, so um. The chorus vertex at six hundred dollars is a pretty good buy uh, i think um. You could certainly find much more expensive, garmin watches out there. So six hundred dollars for a watch that’s going to get the job done, i think, is a good deal um and i have no problems with that price point. Uh it’d be nice if it was a little bit cheaper, but honestly it’s already undercutting the competition. I think in general, so good job koros with the price on this one. So although this is a great watch and i really enjoy it, there are definitely a couple things that i think quaros could do to improve. It number one add music if there’s any way any way possible for korros to add some music functionality, like the garmin watches ad.

That would put this watch on par with pretty much every other. Fitness watch that’s out there, but there is no music capability and that is very disappointing to me. So, as a runner, i love to go out and, during my runs, listen to music from spotify or amazon or apple music, and this watch does not give me the capability to do that and what that basically means is. I have to bring my phone and so that’s a big bummer for me, uh, because i’m trying to reduce weight, trying to reduce bulk uh that i have to take on these runs and that’s pretty disappointing for me that i can’t listen to music from directly from The watch, the second improvement that i would make i don’t think, is very feasible right now for korros, but who knows, maybe they can do it? They really need to add better maps. So right now, as far as navigation it’s, only breadcrumb mapping chorus advertises the vertex as an adventure watch, and i think, having topographical color maps or at least topographical maps would be very useful in helping it to market to the adventure seeker. Alright. So my final thoughts about the koros vertex – i love this watch. I think it is perfect for the ultrarunner. It is at a great price point when you compare it to other watches that are out there and i highly recommend the cordos vertex. Certainly there’s a few things that could be done better, but in the end i am not someone who likes to sit there and look at the watch during my run a whole lot.

I like to have very specific metrics that i can glance down and see in a streamlined format and coreos does a wonderful job of presenting that to the runner and to the user. As you know, i wore the koros apex for six to twelve months before i received this watch to test, and i was a huge fan of the corvus apex. This is definitely a step up from that watch. The biggest part is battery life. The coros vertex takes it to a whole another level and for an ultra runner battery life is so so important, so i highly recommend the koros vertex and had really enjoyed testing it and wearing it. Thank you, koro, so much for giving me that opportunity. As far as other options out there right now, the koros vertex is a great deal. The garmin enduro, which is a kind of a streamlined version of the phoenix watch, is 900 right now and that’s. Probably the only garmin watch that truly can beat the koros vertex from a battery life standpoint um, so it’s 300 more than the vertex. At this point, the coros apex pro is 500 dollars, so it’s about 100, cheaper than the vertex and honestly, if you’re, not an ultra runner or if you run shorter, ultras, like 50 milers, the apex pro is probably just fine for you and it’s a way for You to save a hundred dollars, but i still like the way the coreos vertex looks.

I think it looks better than the apex pro you’ll see a review coming out shortly of the apex pro though so stay tuned for that one from a competition standpoint, though there’s one deal right now that i think would beat the koros vertex, and that is, i Saw at cabela’s that the garmin fenix 6x pro is right now for sale for six hundred dollars, so it’s the same price as the coreos vertex, but you’re going to be getting maps you’re going to be getting music capability and you’re still going to be getting a Very good battery life, and so i think, that’s, probably the only better buy i can find than the coros vertex right now, that’s, probably just a special deal and it’s, not the average price. If you look at google, there may be some catches to that. So definitely do your homework and shop around before you buy a watch all right so that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my review of the coreos vertex.