This is the series where we will talk about the newer smartwatch releases, new smartwatches coming near future or just smartwatch news in general. Now today we will talk about huawei watch 3, as well as the harmony system that we will get with this. We will talk about the samsung galaxy watch for as well as the samsung watch active four. We will take a look at the garmin venue, 2 and the merging of various and tizen. Now before we start with the video don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing if you want to see new, smartwatch videos or smartwatch news in general. Now without further ado, let’s start so point number. One on the list is the huawei watch 3, as well as the harmony os system. Now the chinese watch manufacturer is presenting on june 2nd the new smartwatch generation as well as that they are switching from the old light os platform to the new harmony os system. Now we do not know so much about the watch, but one thing we do know is that this watch is going to get an ecg function, so we can actually measure our blood pressure anytime. We want to and we get an spo2 tracker for our blood oxygen measurements. Now we also get an esim function, so we can actually take calls from our wrist. Now, if you know me i’m, not a huge fan, i mean it’s okay to take cards on your wrist and then be on the phone, but you still look pretty goofy when you talk to your wrist now.

The second point on my list are the samsung guides. You watch for as well as the samsung guys you watch active for so both the galaxy watch 3 and the active watch too are getting major upgrades, not only design wise but they’re. Also getting the new operating system wear, which we will talk about later on. In the video now, the new watches may feature a new 5 nanometer system on the chip for running the new develop system, where this will make the watches more powerful and, most importantly, it will increase the battery efficiency. So you have a longer battery life, which was always one of the biggest downsides to the samsung galaxy watches. Now, during the samsung smartphone event in july, we will probably not only get to see the new samsung galaxy watch for, but also the new samsung galaxy watch. Active for normally samsung released a new smart watches with some time in between, but it seems like they want to launch both devices at the same time overall we’re going to get a much cleaner interface. The navigation on the watch should be a little bit more comfortable and we get something like a walkie talkie mode. Now we get those features normally with apple watches, and what it does is that you can connect to other galaxy watch users via a specific app. Now, of course, you have to be connected to your wi fi or to the internet. To do so.

So another big reveal is that we’re going to get three different smart watches, one with the code name wise, which is supposed to be more of a classy. Looking smartwatch with the looks of an analog watch and a movable bezel, just like we did with the galaxy watch three and we get two more sporty looking ones with the code names lucky and fresh, which are probably the descendants of the galaxy watch active 2.. Now folks, that’s all about all the information that we have right now about samsung’s new wearables, so let’s head to the next topic, the merging of tizen and wear os. So, like i already mentioned, the new name of this platform will be where and not only samsung and google are participating in it. Also fitbit is going to be part of it, so they’re taking all the good parts from samsung from google and they’re taking the fitness knowledge of fitbit. So this is probably the biggest move on the smartwatch market there ever was, and just with this new versus system is supposed to give the watch more power and more battery life, which was always one of the biggest downsides to the galaxy watches. Also with just this new processor, the apps will start 30 faster than before. Next is that these watches are capable of at least lasting a whole day for your heart rate, monitoring and a sleep analysis during the night of one charge. Also, google pay, google assistant and google maps are going to get reworked and you will be able to download youtube music, including offline storage, to your smartphone, which is by the way amazing.

Now. I know a lot of you guys asked me on what smartwatch you can download youtube music and there you have it, but number. Four on the list is the garmin venue 2.. Now this watch is available in two sizes: 45 millimeters and 40 millimeters 40. Millimeters is the garmin venue 2s. This watch is available in six different colors. It has a super bright amoled touch display, it is water resistant up to 5 atm and the battery life lasts up to 10 full days now, there’s one downside to this watch, which is that you do not have inbuilt speakers or a microphone, so no always calls For you, this gummy venue 2 is certainly a high quality watch with a stunning price of 400 euros, which might be a deal breaker. Since this is quite a lot of money, it is also very easy to add music, podcasts or audiobooks, and even on a mac with android fire transfer. Now, if you want an everyday watch which crosses in the realm of sport, this watch might be for you. It is much more user friendly than the pro athlete phoenix watch and it’s the perfect hybrid watch between sport watch and a smartwatch i mean smartwatches are still trying to find a purpose in this world and one definite purpose is the fitness tracking. So you have the heart rate: the gps, the music, while you’re running and the contactless payment and the c payment for the get rate after you run.

This is probably also one of the main features that users are looking for in a watch now. Folks, that’s already it for the video, if you like it, don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing. If you want to be part of the community, it only takes two clicks it’s for free and it will help me out a lot with.