Smart watch called the qbox c3. Now this watch only comes for 50 and its got quite a few. Nice features built into it, such as waterproofing, sleep, tracking and heart rate monitoring, so lets take a look and see whether this smartwatch is actually worth buying. Music. Now lets begin with what comes inside the box. So, first of all, the box itself is quite nice and does have a professional look and feel to it and inside the box we have the smartwatch itself, a magnetic charging, cable, a spare, strap and then, of course, the manuals. So, overall, i think it certainly comes with everything you need, and a nice bonus is that spare strap. However, both of the straps you get are exactly the same, which isnt a huge problem, but i would feel i do feel that its nice to have two different traps, and this obviously isnt an issue though, but it would be great uh if that we did. If we did have two different straps, but then again we do get a spare strap, which is something that doesnt really come with smart watches these days. So in terms of the design of the smartwatch, its surprisingly very nice, considering it only costs 50, you wouldnt expect it to have such a refined finish. So the watch body is made from metal and it has got some weight to it, but its not too heavy. In the hand, obviously so in the hand, it does feel like a more premium watch, which is great, then the strap is also quite nice.

It comes with a pretty standard silicon strap, and then you have two color choices which are black or gray. Now, unfortunately, these are the only two straps they have available, but the strap is a standard 22 mil one which means that youre able to use another strap that you may have lying around or other straps that they sell online for other brands as well as long As theyre the same 22 mil ones now, although the build quality is very nice, i do feel as though the weakness to this watch and well most budget watches in general is the software. This is often because budget watches use general smart watch, apps, which havent been designed specifically for that watch, so the smartwatch doesnt come with the greatest software and customizability options in terms of the software. The smartwatch has a few main features, and these include being able to display notifications that you receive to your phone track. The number of steps youve walked, track, your heart rate track your sleep and also a few other things, but then again for fifty dollars. These are all of the basic features you would expect to find and in general navigation around the watch is also very straightforward. You simply swipe in different directions and are able to access certain features. Then you can push the button with the grey accent on it to be taken to a main menu where you can scroll through a few different options to choose something you wish to do so.

Overall, this smartwatch certainly has some great features built into it and considering its only 50 dollars, i would definitely think about buying it compared to other smart watches on the market at this price point its certainly quite a bit better, as it has all the necessary features. Youd want, and on top of these main features, you also have waterproofing, which means that its safe to wear in the shower or even in the swimming pool.