Now, if y’all are wondering why it cut off sorry about that guys. Sorry for the interruption because it got like to the max limit for recording, but now it’s time to get on with the watch. Okay guys, so i am back here right now. Just have to do something real, quick and i’m going to start going into detail about the watch in one second, okay guys now i am ready to do the review now, as i was saying about the cameras. As you all know, from my last video, there are two separate cameras, so let me just go into the watch right now, fingerprint on the um camera and because it’s, like fingerprint, unlock so really smart for his watch. I really give them some credit. Now you see how it’s like facing up towards the wall right now, it’s like at the bottom camera, so notice, how my hand is moving under it right. The a um rubber bands for demonstrations right here and i’m just going to be presenting like the parts of my beyblade on there. You know these y log in this layer in the chip with the weight, the drape this and the spiral dash now you’ll notice that there, when i upper, i touch the screen with the tap. There is going to be this purple button up top and i forgot to tell y’all that there are like different filters too, pretty smart, so notice that, as i like go back to normal, i click this orange button right here and look guys.

It just shows like the phone, so it’s like the front of everything like how i’m recording right now so uh looks like it. Just took a follow myself. So just gon na go back to the home screen and i’m just going to show you all the settings. Real quick, so there’s, like the volume i put it on no volume but i’m gon na put it to high, so y’all can get a sample of the max that’s the max. Then we got the brightness. I like turned up the brightness real high, but i’m gon na keep it low. So y’all can like see it good. So you got that settled. We got the calendar. We got the time Music, the 3d effects the smart wake up, which is when you double tap. The screen we got the wallpapers and the advanced settings now in the advanced settings. I just click it like that, and it shows me how much memory i have. I pretty much have a lot of memory left so go with that. We have the video screen resolution and i prefer to use the higher resolution for better seeing now it has an indoor light frequency parental controls, factory reset. I don’t really want to do because, like that’s going to erase all the data and format built in – and it even has a parental controls – hmm really know what they’re doing so, as i put this back up like just like so sorry guys, it’s upside down, i Don’T know if y’all can see that but it’s telling me to like press it for three whole seconds, and it says the password is tap the green icon three times now.

You cannot do this yourself, you can you can like enter whatever they say.