Its been good, it does have smart notifications, you can swim with it. This is me swimming laps, with that garmin watch really comfortable to wear while swimming, especially if its the only one youre wearing and it tracks swimming wonderfully. Oh, is that upside down it is. It is upside down now the downside to this watch is they permanently put the word garmin on the face of the watch were out here in the sun and at that reflection see how faint the text is. It can be very difficult to read and thats why the things i dont like about the watch, however thats, also a good thing about the watch as well, because when youre running, sometimes you just want to run and you dont need to glance down at your stats. If youre outside running – and you got a text message from you know, like your wife or one of your kids or your boss, well youd want to be able to read that and it can be hard to read outside the other thing that i really dont like About it and the main thing that im returning it is the vibration motor is a bit Music. The other main main reason is. I would like to keep this in my collection. However, it doesnt shut down and theyve had that issue with all of the move series. Please add a shutdown feature in the next vivo move. I dont know if youre going to call it the viva move style 2.

0. I dont know thats just gorgeous here. Let me try it on again. I am filming on the tiny little dgi action camera. You can see it right here in my rear view, mirror i like these in the car videos, because when im in the car i normally dont get bothered so thats kind of nice. The word style. I understand why they named it style, because it does look really really good. I mean look at that. That is just thats gorgeous. I love the little second hands on. There looks so good if you really like hybrid watches, i think this might be for you. I recommend it as of late ive, been collecting, watches i like to review them one year later, when i cant shut it down, it makes it very difficult to keep in my collection, because then i have to continually charge it yeah. I love the swipe down feature, though hey you can just swipe down and you get those nice little quick action icons and you can edit that so now ill show you how to reset it and for that were gon na have to switch to different camera. Okay, so to reset your watch. So if we swipe swipe, i do love the animations. The animations are so much fun like just this little one. When you reach your goal of water, see how the little i just love that just theres a lot of little nuances on this watch so now well do a long press! Oh it also doesnt have the breathing workouts so right here: phone bluetooth, thats airplane mode! So now its technically in airplane mode, because ive disconnected it it doesnt have a full on airplane mode.

So to reset it long. Press oh, come on long, no, its coming long press there. We go now well go to swipe swipe swipe settings disturb align, hands. Brightness vibration, heart and stress sign up reset and we want to delete all data and reset this restores default and clears all activities. Yes, and now it resets the battery life is good, though i mean they say five or so days and thats. What i was getting. I think if you really limited the amount of notifications you could get six days with gps assist. Definitely more like four lets see what happens with the watch im gon na miss wearing it, though the low profile is just beautiful and theres that demo mode. I wish i could shut it down for you garmin as i ship this back to you, but there is not that feature. Thank you so much for watching any pithy comments. Type. Those down below and ill have another video in sometime in the next oh 88 hours and yes, let the credits roll for the paramount kid goodbye, Music, wow, Music, okay, Music, Music, Music! Did your face! Well, more than a minute has gone by and were still at zero percent. I dont know whats going on with this thing.