So today im going to be reviewing the kuros pace 2. This is a watch ive had for about two weeks now it was sent to me for the purpose of review um. However, im going to be sending this watch back after a four week period, so im not being paid at all and by kurash to make this video and all my opinions im going to share with you today are very much of my own. So ive done my easy runs. My long runs my track. Workouts, my road intervals, treadmill runs. Ive used this watch for literally everything in terms of running over the last few weeks, so i feel like ive got a good amount. Ive had a good amount of time to test all its features, so first of all lets start with some specifications of this watch. I have got some notes written here, so i may have a little glance over there um written from the kuros website themself. So this little tiny watch is only 29 grams, which is pretty cool, its a very, very lightweight watch. In fact, i believe its the lightest gps running watch that there is on the market at the moment, yeah just 29 grams. With this nylon velcro strap. The watch itself has 30 hours of battery life on gps mode. So that basically means if you go for a run, you can. You could use this watch for up to 30 hours and youd still have enough battery life, which is pretty cool.

But if that isnt long enough, someone say if youre somebody whos doing like a multi day, ultra marathon and you say, need to last for up to 60 hours. You can use the ultra mode on this watch to yeah, make it last up to 60 hours, which is pretty cool on the website. It says you can use this watch for 20 days without charging for daily use, um, which ive found to be pretty accurate from use. I think ive only charged this once in the last two weeks, which would yeah it would live up to that 20 day. Daily. Use this edition of the watch has the nylon band, which offers a 50 weight reduction, and so it makes it even lighter than the usual type of um straps. You get on your watches and its got quite a lot of features in including sort of sleep, tracking activity, tracking and performance analysis, lots and lots of stats and figures that you can get from your runs from this little tiny watch. This watch comes in at 179. Pounds in the uk or 199 us dollars, and so moving on to my first impressions of putting the watch on over the first few days. So the first thing i noticed is this nylon strap its really light and easy to put on you. Just simply put it on your your wrist and you can adjust it pretty easily. You can get a good, lock down um very quickly, probably a lot quicker than you would with say the traditional bands and at first i thought, maybe that nylon, um velcro sort of combination, wasnt going to be too grippy um but yeah.

So far, its been excellent and i probably wouldnt go back to a normal sort of watch strap. Having now used this nylon velcro one, i think its very effective, the other first impressions i had from this watch, where its only got two buttons. So youve got this little dial on the side here. Um ill do a little clip, so you can see it a little bit better but yeah, a dial on the side and a lap button and its only got two buttons um, whereas more traditional watches have maybe four or five, sometimes um so yeah. That was one of the things i noticed a much more simple, um sort of refined design than im used to in a running watch in terms of setting the watch up. You do so via the kuros app, which you can download on. The app store looks like this very, very easy to set up the new watch. I only asked a few questions and its very much customizable from the start, so you can choose your own watch face. You can even you even tell the app what wrist youre going to wear it on so left or right, and you even have the option of having the buttons on the left, hand, side or the right hand. Side, which is a feature i think, is really cool and one ive again not seen before so. The first run i took this watch on was an hour run, an hour easy, probably around 13 14 kilometers, and when i got back to the house having charged the watch fully beforehand, id only lost four percent battery, and so first impressions where the the battery life Is absolutely excellent? Putting the watch on it does feel a little bit cheap um in terms of other watches, ive tried mainly because theres quite a lot of plastic um, and that new sort of watch strap doesnt feel quite as premium as other watches.

But then i feel, like theyve, prioritized the weight reduction with this one, so it does feel slightly plasticky and thats the only sort of downside i felt to this watch, having put it on, but in terms of the design and the interface um and usability. It was excellent from the get go so moving on to my likes and dislikes well start with the likes and theres quite a lot of them. The first thing is a very simple feature that this watch has that when you look at it, it lights up. So, if youre out on a run – and you want to check your splits and its dark outside the watch – automatically lights up – which i think is great – you dont have to press any button to get it to light up so yeah. That was a really good feature. Simple but very effective, so when i first got this watch, one of the modes i was most excited to use was the kuros track mode. Um ive heard a lot of people whove who use this watch, who say yeah. This watch is an absolute game changer when youre doing your interval, workouts um and they werent wrong its um. It has a feature where, basically, you can measure the track, so you do one lap of the track um and it measures it for you perfectly. So it knows that that loop, that youve just run, is exactly 400 meters and then from then on throughout your workout.

It actually accurately measures the distance um to that first lap calibration, which is absolute game changer. If you have a look at my run here on strava, you can see the line around the track is perfectly um in line with each other, so it just goes to show how accurate it is, and i believe, thats a function that kuros sort of have under Lock, um in terms of other watch companies, cant use that same technology that they have um. So i i havent used track modes on other watches, but from my first impressions with the the kuros track mode, um its going to be hard to beat um immediately. I got accurate readings on the track, so i was doing kilometer, reps and yeah. I could look down at my watch and tell the exact pace i was on for that kilometer, whereas when i usually have used other watches in the past and especially running around in circles, it can be quite inaccurate in terms of gps reading so yeah. That is an absolute game changer for me, um and probably the highlight for this watch is that track mode. The other things ive liked about this watch were the interval settings. You can really easily program intervals either into your watch via this little toggle here or on the kuros pace, app itself, two more likes before i move on to my dislikes one being the treadmill function on this app. So, basically, you select indoor run and then you can tell your watch how fast the treadmill is going um for me, all the treadmills i use at the gym are in miles, so i did have to change the watch from kilometers to miles to be able to Program that in but again super easy on this watch um and yeah.

You can tell the tell the watch how fast the treadmill is going and then you get accurate splits on your watch um, whilst it tracks your heart rate and finally, the app itself. The kuros app is excellent by far the best app ive used in terms of sports and tracking, and the amount of data on here is is incredible, um and its very, very easy to use. So moving on to my dislikes overall ive really really enjoyed this watch, but i have tried to come up with a few dislikes that maybe they could look to improve on in future iterations, one being the heart rate monitor and for me personally, i found it it Hasnt been that accurate um, i usually train with a chest, strap um. I use one from a company called shannon shanron, which i have now connected to the kuros, app again very easy to connect to that via bluetooth, but the actual heart rate function on the watch. So the little um monitor that is on the back of these watches um. Just here i found it hasnt been like super accurate um. In fact, it hasnt been great at all really um id say less than 50 of my runs um. In the first week i had accurate heart rate data um yeah, for example. I did the same workout twice over the last two weeks. So a three times 10 minutes workout at sort of threshold pace. My threshold heart rate is usually around 165 to 170.

The paces that i was running at um. So if i put the two heart rate, datas here, side by side um, you can see this week. This one on the left is without the heartmate monitor connected and the one on the right is, with the heart rate, monitor connected. You can see a lot more accurate when i was wearing this shanrin heart rate, monitor than when i was using the watch um and ive just found on my some easy runs. It said my heart rate has been like 100 beats per minute. Other runs, it will say 100 it peaks at 175, when it definitely wouldnt have done over the course of an easy run. For me, um, so yeah heart rate monitor hasnt been excellent, but then for me that hasnt been a huge issue, because i usually run with a heart rate, monitor and other dislikes about. This watch were initially this little dial button here on the side which you sort of toggle between activities and stats is a little bit fiddly and i just find when youre running along, and you want to change. The watch face to say, check your heart rate um. Sometimes i struggle to get that toggle to to do basically what i want it to do, and i think i personally would prefer just an up and down option um button, but yeah other than that ive been really really enjoying this watch, but i wanted to share With you a few of my likes and dislikes there so moving on to my final verdict, how they got on with this watch over the last two weeks, so yeah thoroughly enjoyed using this watch.

Some of the standout features for me were how easy it was to set up um the battery life and that track and treadmill mode that i mentioned and theyre just features that ive not had on a watch before and for me personally in my training theyre absolute Game changers um yeah to be able to get accurate readings on the both the track and treadmill its not something i usually can get. I would say this watch has been slightly let down by the heart rate, monitor for me personally, if youre gon na, if im gon na, be recommending this watch 21, i would say it works best when paired with a heart rate, monitor um like an external one, But then again, thats probably said for most gps watches and finally, i thought id give this watch a score out of 10 based on performance, design and usability. So in terms of performance, i would give this watch an eight out of ten im simply losing two points. There, because the heart rate monitor function for me, didnt work too well for other people. It might be excellent, but thats just my findings in terms of the design and how easy the watch is to use. I would give it a nine out of ten um yeah. If it wasnt for that little dial that i find a little bit fiddly whilst out on the run, i would probably give it a 10. and in terms of usability and features, i would give this watch a 10.

. So, overall, i would give this watch a 9 out of 10 and yeah. A few features there to to work on, maybe in the future, but other than that, an excellent watch and one i look forward to using um over the next few weeks. I will be sending this one back. Um ive recently um had some emails from both garmin and pola to try out some of their watches. So ive got the garmin 55 45 to be trying out over the next few weeks, as well as the polar vantage v2 and so expect some. Some more watch reviews on the channel in the next few weeks, probably going to be doing those um spaced out over the next two or three weeks, just to make sure i give each watch a fair chance um, but yeah thanks for watching hope, youve enjoyed this Sort of tech review its not something ive done a lot of on this channel, but yeah.