We are back today to talk more about dmc 5se, to be specific, we’re talking about virgil and his strange transformation into v that we saw in the reveal trailer. What exactly this could be, as always make sure you subscribe to stay up to date with anything and everything devil may cry and hit that notification bell. So you don’t miss out when new content drops, but straight on to the topic of today’s video. If you saw the reveal trailer i’d, imagine you several others lost their minds when they saw the small clip of virgil impaling himself with the yamato, as he did at the start of dmc 5 and transforming into v essentially separating the man from the devil. So to speak as they put it in game and you know immediately people lost their minds like, oh my god, is this going to be a transformation? Can we seamlessly switch between virgil v like what? What is this? What is happening right now and i actually thought along these lines until i looked closer at the reveal, trailer and thought back to something that i had seen several months before this trailer dropped over on twitter, believe it or not, and that was an unused move for V found in the game files of dmc 5 on pc now, as you can see in this footage, v floats up in mid air and seems to be in some sort of transient dance where he’s orchestrating uh the melodic death of several demons.

So to speak in his mind if there were music and if there were actual effects, but as i’ve said this video has been floating around for a substantial amount of time. I saw this a couple of months ago. I believe it originated on billy billy, which i’m probably going to get slated for the pronunciation of that the name of that site, but long story short. It is a video streaming site, a massive video streaming site over in china uh. You know chinese dmc communities pretty big. This was posted over there, which is again where i saw it over on twitter people, reposting uh, but no doubt many of you have seen this over on youtube. I believe somebody re uploaded it i’m, not sure if it’s the same author, if the person who uploaded it over there initially re uploaded it here, it doesn’t matter same to say: i’m, not the only person who’s put two and two together for this move, and so I honestly think that this isn’t going to be virgil um, you know changing into v, mid game play and having as a character, swap essentially mid game play. I think it’s going to be similar to dante’s judgment. Move in sin devil trigger where it’s essentially going to be the room clearer, it’s going to have a lot of you know: startup frames going to have a lot of recovery frames, but it’s going to do a substantial amount of damage again, taking a look at the Short clip and then taking a look at the clip from the uh.

You know the game files, the unused move, they’re pretty much almost identical, so i’m, not sure what happened with this. Perhaps it was planned to be a move and maybe they’ve repurposed it for dmc 5se. Maybe they started, you know development for 5se soon after you know, dmc 5 won gold. Who knows all we know is that this was a thing before 5sc was announced and we get to see the full thing when 5se drops. Let me know down in the comments below. Do you think that this is going to be a room? Clearing move just like judgment for dante, or do you think this is actually going to be? You know a character swap, and you know if it is going to be a character swap then why can’t we have, you know dante, swap internet or nero swap into virgil. You know i mean obviously thematically it makes sense virgil turning into v and my whole story of dmc 5 was essentially you know: virgil, rolling up to virgil’s, brother and son to get virgil back to being virgil so that virgil could be whole again. Yeah that’s pretty much going to bring us to the end of the video. Of course, if you enjoyed today’s video do be sure to leave a like there’ll, be some links in the description as well down to the channel socials things like discord. Twitch, if you want to catch me, live on twitch, especially when 5sc drops follow me over on there.

I think we’re just about to pass a thousand followers with all that said and done, it has been me devil. Never cry would like to thank all of you for watching and as always i’ll see you all.