So guys. If you follow my channel, then you know that i simply love my apple watch i’ve owned one since the first one back in 2015, and i wear it every day. Now apple watch is at the premium end, so it has a premium price tag attached to it. Now, what if you are shopping on a budget? What does 50 or 40 pounds get you in the smart watch land this one just kidding, but that does cost 50 pounds. But we are not going to talk about a kd watch today, we’re going to look at a proper grown up, smart watch that costs only 50 dollars. So what do you get for that price? And, more importantly, is it worth considering a smart watch at that range? That’S, what we’ll find out in today’s, Music, video, first let’s unbox, this let’s go straight for the watch and yes, the one which i have is black in color. They also do a pink and gray versions as well. It says, function, button long, press to turn on and charge before using it’s got a bit of heft to it, but it is lighter than the apple watch. Let’S look at the straps. You get the black color to go with your black dial and wow. I was not expecting this. The quality of this bands is just perfect. Actually, this brand does bands for apple watch and fitbit, so they do bring over the nice quality here as well, and yes, you get the bigger size as well included next it’s, the magnetic charger.

We have standard usb connection here and the magnetic bit at the other end and wow. That is sticky. It sticks strongly. There is no getting it wrong, it’ll go into the right place, then you get the instructions manual at the bottom. Let’S get the bands on first let’s peel off the sticker. Now the bands have got this clasps mechanism. I like the apple one better, but i think this is all right and definitely so much better than the traditional watch band mechanism. The clasp bit is a bit small, but yeah. It fits nice and secure in place. Let’S get the other one and there you go nice and secure let’s power. This on, as i mentioned, on the sticker, there is no power. So let me charge this thing first and then we have contact. This is the charging animation now, whilst it’s charging let’s download the app. So you can scan the qr code, which is in the manual and then install the verifit app let’s run the app well. That is neat. Actually i am impressed that they put effort into making this app look very professional it’s asking for basic information along with creating an account so that’s all done now, let’s pair the watch it says, hold the device near the watch and wow. It picked up straight away and then that is paired. We have a few options here, but it’s asking me to download a firmware upgrade let’s. Do that now let me try the watch.

For the first time, the clasp has got an extended bit inside which snaps it onto place just makes it slightly tricky to get it on, but once you get the hang of it it’s nice and secure – and this is how it looks – let’s look at the watch In a bit more detail here, it has this nice aluminum body there’s a button here which looks like the digital crown from apple watch, but it actually is a physical button which clicks and it acts like the home button back is where you have sensors and then The magnetic port for charging now here are the specs of this watch. The screen is a 1.55 inch touchscreen with 360 by 320 pixel resolution. It supports bluetooth 5.2 and has a 210 milliamp hour battery charge. Time is 1.5 to 2 hours for 400 and battery life is an insane seven days and the standby time is about 30 days. I can vouch for the battery life as with full usage. It lasted me straight seven days with no issues. It has a bunch of interesting senses as well, which we’ll get to a bit later in this video. So please do stick around guys. Let’S quickly learn about the operating system, so you can tap to wake. The watch swiping from bottom gives you access to the control center, which has options like do not disturb brightness, etc. Swiping from the top brings you your notifications panel, you can long press on the watch face to choose more watch faces by swiping around you.

Can swipe left or right to get access to your shortcuts, which have various options like music control, fitness, apps, etc. You can customize all of these via the verified app on your phone. The touchscreen is very responsive and feels as fluid as the ones which you get on more expensive. Smart watches clicking on the physical button takes you to the apps menu from here. You can access various apps which are pre installed on this watch along with the settings section now, whatever features smart watch makers emphasize on for me, and i guess for most of us, the top four boils down to as follows: number one. The typical watch features number two notifications, number three health and fitness and finally, number four it’s. All the extras let’s see how this watch fares in all of these points, starting right with the watch features. The watch comes preloaded with a few watch faces and there are more which you can download and install via the app. The selection is quite vibrant and fun there’s one to suit your mood and your outfit, and you can customize with colors or you can use your own photo album to make one. The watch has raised to wake options, so the screen will become active. Every time you raise your wrist, it worked without any issues. Every time i tried and you can turn it off if you don’t – need right from the control center or from the settings section now the watch faces do have some pre built complications like date battery life, the number of steps you take etc, but they are predefined Per watch face, you also have the typical stop, watch and alarm clock options as well.

Next point is notifications. This watch allows you to receive notifications from various apps and you can enable them via the verified app. You have basic ones like sms emails from where you can receive notifications, as well as custom third party apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, etc. You also have call reminders, so you can receive notification when someone calls now. One thing this watch doesn’t do is allows you to reply to messages or answer calls you can dismiss calls but that’s how far it goes when it comes to interaction with notifications, messages, emails, etc. Do show you preview and a couple of lines, so you can check what the message is and then use your phone to respond. So the basic thing about notifications is to notify it on your wrist. Without you having to reach out for your phone, and this watch, does that perfectly next: is health and fitness, the other very popular thing that we do on smartwatches. This watch does have a few interesting sensors to help you with the health stuff. It has a heart rate sensor, not sure about the approval from medical association, but every time i tested and compared it to the apple watch, the readings pretty much matched, then it has a blood oxygen monitor as well. It also has a breath, training app and a sensor to measure your stress levels. There is sleep tracking, as well as menstrual cycle tracking option for women there’s, also a parameter which will count the number of steps you take so sensors wise.

This watch does have all the essential ones and all the data which the watch gathers is nicely displayed in the verifit app. The app is really very well laid out. It does take a few little cues from the apple’s health and fitness app, but it still is very easy to use and navigate and all the information is very clearly displayed to you and the thing which i forgot to mention earlier, guys that this watch does work With both apple iphones and android, smartphones as well, next are fitness options and they are quite elaborate as well, and the watch boasts over 14 sports mods, which include outdoor run, indoor run outdoor, walk, indoor, walk, hiking, yoga swimming, amongst other things, and yes, you can go Swimming with this watch, as it is ip68 water resistant now, sports mode also offers gps connectivity via your smartphone. So you can get more precise readings about your run or your hike. The watch also has auto recognition feature, so it will start the workout routine as soon as you start exercising. Finally, let’s look at the extras. You can get weather notifications straight onto your phone. There is an option to connect and control your music application via the watch. You can ping your iphone via the watch as well, and, like i mentioned it, is compatible with both android smartphones and apple iphones, and finally, here is how it looks on female hands. This is how the watch looks in bright, sunlight.

The brightness is set to level three, which is the max, and the watch also has auto brightness feature. So what are my thoughts after using this watch for a couple of weeks? First, for the price you do get a product where the company has put some serious thought and effort into the watch has all essential sensors built in for health and fitness. It is waterproof, so you can go swimming with it’s made of decent quality, has a decent app supporting it does great job with notifications and is very affordable. So i do recommend giving this watch a chance guys, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. You do get a lot of smart watch which is of decent quality for the price, see i love my apple watch and i always will do, but i am glad that i gave this watch a chance and at the end i am pleasantly surprised at how good It is so that’s all for the video guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below all the links to the watch, along with any discount codes will be there in the description box down below. So you can check it out if you like. This video hit that like button and please do subscribe, if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel as it will help a new youtuber like me, so i can continue making these videos and my channel does get a chance to survive in today’s oversaturated youtube world.

So that’s it guys, as always thanks a lot for staying with me until the end. I will see you in my next video bye.