com, and thank you for being here. Some of you guys may be new, and this is especially for you, because we're going to bring you up to speed real fast on something really big. This is the domino where dom aware domino company domi ware dm 100. Yes, it deserves every one of those 100. It is a big watch, but it is not alone in the big watch category i'm going to tell you about that in a minute, but first i'm going to tell you where you can get it. The domey wear dm 100 2.86 inch. 4G smartwatch is available through tomtop yep yep. They don't have their name on it anywhere. I know i know, but it is trust me tomtop. You can click on the link in the show, notes and head over there and one of the main reasons i'm reviewing this. For you, guys is the incredible price. It comes in two flavors, and by that i mean one gigabyte of ram with 16 gigabytes of storage for about a hundred and ten dollars and maybe even less as we go through the holiday season or for about 20 bucks. More you can get the beefier version, which is what i recommend: three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage on it, android 7.1 smartwatch. There you go and all kinds of goodies which we have seen before, but i'll show you again i'm not going to read through the list but i'm going to just show it to you here.

You can always freeze frame to come back here, because we have extensive reviews of this information already up on the web under two different models, which are basically identical, except for some firmware differences, they're called the lympho lemt and the tickris max, and they look like this. Now both of these are in the silver configuration, whereas this one's in the black and they're all available. In that same look, so why in the world, am i showing you a third time? The same watch a couple of reasons: the price it's holiday season, some of you've never even seen these before, and this is a good intro to this large size watch for you, and i want to show you some of the differences in the watch faces and talk. A little bit about the differences in the firmware, but of course i have to put it on and show you what it looks like on. We'Ve had guys ask, are the bands removable and the short answer is yes, the long answer is i've got a video on that where we actually take the bands off. So you can see what it looks like now: they're huge bands and they're, not basically replaceable they're customized bands, but that's. What it looks like on the lower button here turns it on i'm, going to press and hold and give it a chance to start up now. It'S got a little screen protector on the front and we can take that puppy off like this.

It says smart watch while that one comes up. I want to start both of these, for you, pressing and holding and holding see if i can get them to go, that one says lympho that one says tickris and this just said smartwatch now talking about firmware each of the companies when they get a watch from A manufacturer, in this case domino, i have the same domino domey wear the domino domi wear. Is this one, and these are the guys that made this watch. They then have uh lympho selling it and tickrus selling it, and both of these companies have put their own skin, in a sense, their own uh logo. At the beginning and portfolio. Some different watch faces on there as well. So what we're going to do with the video today is just give you a quick look at this one, get a whets your appetite and then send you over to the reviews of this one and this one, which are really long, detailed reviews. Now this one you see is set up for face unlock, i don't know if it'll work, but let me try, i got ta refresh it, let it look at my face and there it just unlocked it from my face. I have a whole video talking about how you set up face unlock on these watches this one, the original um lympho lemt. We not only have a review of this, but we also have a review of how you can put the firmware that's on this one.

On this one, and no doubt you could put the firmware from the max on the dm100 if you'd like as well. Okay, before i send you over there and at the end of this video look for a clickable link here to go to the lemt and one here to go to the max or check the show notes if you want to. But before we do all that let's walk through this one, a little bit unboxing is going to be the same, not going to bother with that. Underneath here is a little users manual and an extra screen protector sitting there in here is the charging dock that you slap onto the back and it connects here plugs in to charge. The watch up. It'S got a humongous battery in it and um it's on the internet. Now so it's attempting to do all kinds of updates just to show you the operation and the watch faces when you're in the home screen the basic watch face screen you swipe down. You get your date and time information. If you have a sim card in if you're bluetooth connected that's all shown there, you have a bunch of icons that represent things like bluetooth connection, wi, fi, gps, cellular data connection, that's your airplane mode. This is twist your wrist to see the time silent mode. You notice, none of them made noise when i turned them on, they normally would. But i have the silent mode on and that's your overall brightness.

Then you got a clean up thing that just sort of cleans up background apps, a music player and one more swipe gets you to the weather when you come down and go over this way, you'll get notifications pushed to you from your phone. You all heard this before standard android 7.1.1, and you get this layout for all of your apps in here, and then you get your fitness kind of stuff over here and the basic apps that come installed are shown here on the lemt app in particular, we go Into each and every one of these, so you can take a look at them. Nothing, special, nothing new! In fact, the firmware on this one is kind of a cross between the other two, and that comes in on the watch faces, which i'm going to show you right now press and hold for a long time. If it doesn't, do it right away, hold it again, bring it all the way back here to the beginning, and you come up with this watch face with this floating thing now, also in the links, i have a video that's going to take you to the exact Moment in one of the videos where we compare the watch faces of the lemt and the mac side by side, you'll see that this is the face from the max. But a lot of the other firmware in here is from the old lemt. So it's kind of bridging a gap.

This allows you to kind of move that image around a little bit once it's stabilized, of course, as soon as you touch it, it wants to scroll over, but you do have an animated touch capable watch face there. This is a fun one. It'S got a wallpaper behind it that produces a fireplace now. I think the white writing against the fire is a little hard to read, but hey winter is coming. This is going to be a nice one to warm up to on your arm if you're cold, sometimes just looking at fire, can make you feel better right. Okay, well, that is on this watch and the max, but it's not on the lympho. Okay, let's. Just take a quick look at the others. These other different watch faces, i believe, are pretty much on both of the other watches, so nothing new there. All of these are the same. This one this last one right. We just showed you it's a bit unique, it's kind of like a speedometer and a tachometer that is showing you the time it's just about 12.55 yeah yeah in that fun, and you got your power level and your step count and date on that one. I like that watch face. I wish we could extract it a couple of more. This shows you a bit about the colors and vividity of the watch, nice uh hues and tones that you can see in it that's on the other watches as well, and then you got this one here and then you get into custom faces if you install them And we do have a nice portfolio of custom faces that you'll see in the other videos and, of course, you've got the server when you hit that plus sign that will link you into a server in china, where you can download all kinds of watch faces.

All of them basically made for round watches, so they don't really work well here, unless you'd like to see a round watch face, it tells you how long it takes to load it and 100 percent. You bail out of that and bring it up and there's. That particular round watch face on this rectangular watch. Ah, i know we cover quite a bit there quickly and that's about all. We want to go into because the rest of this we segue to when we should send you over to the other videos, so check the links here, you're about to see go over there and um. If you're interested in this watch itself, you could pick up the dm 100 from tomtop. Let me show you that one more time here in the two different configurations, one of them is um about one gigabyte and uh 32 16 gigabytes of ram. Now a thing about one gigabyte, it's kind of on the light side and a big watch like this. You might definitely want to spend the extra 20 bucks. If you want to use google assistant, it doesn't work well in one gigabyte, it needs at least two. So if you spend a little bit more and get the three gigabyte configuration you know, you'll have room to use, not just the okay trigger word uh for google, but the underlying assistant that goes along with it that you're used to using on your phone that works On this one just make sure you got enough ram and you can't upgrade these it's just a one time purchase so check it out tom top.

I use the links down in the show notes down below to get over here to pick these up. Also, the uh lem t we have available and the tickris max are available.