com you're. Looking at an android smartwatch, an amazing watch in here this is called the dm28 and you think you may have seen it before. You have definitely it's also known as the lympho lem 13.. As the dm 28 4g sports smart watch. You can pick it up at a really good price from tomtop, which is why we're showing it to you today, a big shout out to tomtom for sending this one out. Um you're gon na learn about it today and i think you're probably going to want to pick one up because there's been some uh enhancements from what we saw in the original lem13 what's it got inside of it. Let'S take a look at the spec sheet. I know you guys love my paper 1.6 inch, touchscreen, uh, it's, um, a large memory. They say camera independent phone, calling with the uh gsm sim that you put into it it'll support 4g and fall down to 3 or 2g you've got gps. All of the other factors in it it's tethers to the y watch too, just like all android, smart watches and, like all android smart watches, it supports sim based calling and texting, not bluetooth, tethering to a phone. You can't get that anymore in the android watches 7 and higher here's. All the network levels that are supported it's still using the mt 67 quad core a processor, with three gigabytes of ram on board 32 gigabytes of storage, the largest they come at so far.

A bump up is coming later in the year, but for right now, that's. What we're, looking at in these watches 400 by 400 pixel nice and sharp multi touch screen it's got a 8 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front one for doing video conferencing and such you've got wi fi support, gps. All the other features here and some specifics on its size and weight and whatnot and let's get into it when you pop it out of its furry little container here, you've got a basic uh band on a really nice watch. It'S removable bands on this one heart rate sensor right there and otherwise smooth back without even a charging area on it. In fact, to get to the charging area, you got to be a bit creative and open it, which opens mr ticks. You have it upside down, which opens like that. Yeah, you want to make sure you got it the right way. Charging area you take two screws out. You can put a nano sim card in here. There is a camera that faces forward when you're. Looking at the watch, you'll see all that and then the forward facing camera that looks at you know when you're looking at it, and that, of course, will work on your arm when it's down like that, too got the speaker on the side microphone over here. Two buttons really solid, build to the thing very nice watch. In addition, you've got a little box here inside the box is the charging head, which is on a t, a little t connector with the of course usb um for charging and again you have to open it up from the side with the camera, and then you Attach it over here and it's even got a guide pin if you can see that on there that goes into the hole.

If you can see that there and you just plug it in and charge it it's, not really strong, it's not going to hold the watch. Oh, it is wow stronger than i thought barely, but it will land in here it tends to lean over. So when you charge it make sure you've got it straight and, and it doesn't do this when you go to plug it in okay and that way, you'll make sure you get a good overnight charge on it. If you do it overnight, you've got a little uh. Screwdriver that you can use to take the sim cover, screws off and it's a really good seal, so i won't call it waterproof don't dunk it in water but um. It definitely with this extra thing that closes the back of it's, sealed really nicely you're not going to see any sweat coming into the watch. You know using it for for working out and before we leave the box. We'Ve got the user's manual inside of here and it's generic it's, not saying what brand it is. So, oh look at that. We got it's stuck with the screen protector too. If you want to add that so it's a probably the same manual that we used in the review of the lm13, you can go back and check that, if not, then maybe it'll have a little bit more stuff and talk about downloading the apk and tethering. This to uh your phone it's, an english manual, it looks like well yeah, but i don't think it's chinese too yeah.

It is on the other side. Okay, okay, well, not a whole lot to it. Um freeze frame any of the pages. If you need to read up on it and otherwise well let's see what it does. One of these is the dm 28 and the other is the lem13 and you you have to tell the difference. Maybe if we turn them on it'll be easier press. The red button once hold it down, give it a moment and hmm okay. It starts speeding up. Oh this one flashed that's the only difference so far, quick little flash before booting. You see any color difference hue difference in the screens, anything in the viewing angle. No, they look pretty much the same. How about the sound when it Music? Oh, they both make the same sound. This one is a tiny fraction of a second faster, but the boot up logo is the same wow. They, for all practical purposes, appear to be the same. Watch different ones are different, closer different moments. Okay, the one on the left came up just a little bit faster than the one on the right, but i mean just a tiny, tiny bit different they're. The same watch folks, they're exactly the same design, same components, they're just manufactured and marketed under different labels, that's all, and so what i'm gon na do today is show you some of the features of the uh lympho. No, no of the of the dm i don't know i don't know.

One thing i know is i put a different watch face on here. This is one of alright's faces and this is his newest creation and that lives right now on the dm 28 he's got an exercise watch face for you with the invisible walking shoes. This one doesn't have that so that's, the lem 13.. So let's focus on this one, since this is the one we're um we're featuring today, and why would you want this one, comparing the two price yeah price. Remember: it's, really a good price at a hundred and under 130 dollars uh in flash sale. I believe right now, but check we have a coupon if, if it isn't to bring it down even lower, i hope really really good price on the dm28 identical. Otherwise. Now, when you open it up, wow look at that. It went off well, the lem13 there we go, i must have pushed a button. At the same time, the lem13 does does that it makes a sound, but it switched over to the camera what's going on. This is okay, now it's switching over to the camera. Why is it acting so weird, no sound, then sound and just the steps and then and then the camera? What do you think it'll do if i do it? The fourth time, okay, it's settled down that's my thumb by the way to doing the camera and one of the things that's going on, has to do with something new that you're going to find in settings.

When you go into settings and you go into display. If you remember before, when we reviewed the lem13, please go and watch that review, it's, really it's going to cover everything. We had these three things, but that was it now. I'Ve got something called flip over camera and flip tip. What the heck are? Those good question, flip open camera should be that when you pull it up, it will flip to the camera when you flip it over flip tip. I have not figured that one out yet, but they were both on so i'm turning them off right now and i'm. Going to show you that now from this page, if i open it, no sound no camera, try it again: huh no sound, no camera, whoa! Okay, wait a minute! What happens if we turn that flip tip thing back on just that one, but not the other. One. Come out of here back to a watch face you ready. What do you think i do too, but we'll see there's the sound they have put an on off on the sound and an on off on whether or not you want the camera to automatically go on and it's built into the settings with a firmware update. So there's a good reason for the uh, the dt28. If you really don't like that annoying sound on, but you do want to be able to flip it into the camera and quietly take pictures and there you go now it's working but wait! Mr ticks.

You say they're identical right, well, they're, sometimes firmware differences. Prove it to me all right. I will we're going to come over here to the lem13 i'm going to come down here to settings and i'm going to show. You now look at the lem13 review and remember when i hit display there were only three item. What what they are in here there's been a firmware update to the lam 13 and we got the same thing. So i can finally turn off the annoying sound it's supposed to go into the camera there and remember on this one. I had a couple of different cameras and i didn't select it permanently, so i could choose camcorder or hd camera. The big discussion on that. Please watch the review of the lem 13.. All that's covered uh, but we have it now. We'Ve got the sound. Yes, it is the lem13 i'm going to go in here to settings i'm going to come all the way down to about the watch and i'm going to show you model lem13 and i'm, going to come over here, i'm going to go to settings i'm going to Go all the way down i'm going to show you about the watch and i'm going to prove it to you that it's, the dm 28 and just in case you're, curious there's, the build number and here's the build number on this one. So the good news is no matter which one of these you have bought will buy or are are thinking of buying.

You now have the ability to specify uh what's going to happen when you lift it, whether it's going to stay the way it is or go into a camera, and you have that ability to silence that obnoxious sound. That was no way that we could turn it off from before. So all of a sudden, both watches have gone way up in esteem as far as i'm concerned. Now, why would you want to turn the camera on automatically when you lift it? Let me show you something i've added to this one since i've been playing with it, and it would work perfectly on this one as well. I'Ve got a camera app set up so that the moment i left it well, if i, if i complete it using the hd camera – and if i said always, it would do this always so just know that, but i keep going back and forth so i'm going To hit just once so it's going to go into it right now, but watch what it does. It turned it sideways, it put it in video and it's live, recording right now and whatever i do, whatever i say is going to be recording just by lifting it and if it's, the only camera specified it'll go right into it and when i'm done, i just Close it and it saved that video file, then i could go back go into my gallery and lo and behold it should be right.

Video here it's live, recording right now and whatever i do, whatever i say is going to be recording just by lifting it and if it's, the only camera specified it'll go right into it and when i'm done hear me go and close it now. I know the volume's different it's on the side and i'm, a boisterous voice and i'm right on top of the camera, so don't. Let the indication of the sound difference make you think it's like really really soft it's, pretty darn loud it's, just uh yeah you're dealing with two different sound sources here, but i hope you were able to hear it and see the video that just simply lifting it And setting it for hd camera to be always on it just each time, it's a mat automatically going to go into record so that's, one of the benefits of downloading that particular app. If you want to and you're walking down the street – and you see something happen and you want to catch it and you don't want to fiddle with it trying to figure out how to get to it. You can install that in either of these and be on your way with a little recording right on your wrist. The course can be transferred many different ways to your computer, with the charging wire with something like airdroid over wi fi uh, whatever you like, and then you can upload it to wherever you want from there.

So really really neat addition uh in the camera support on both of these watches and how it's handling the lifting with the screen and, of course, putting in the third camera app. So you can automatically go into video recording that's about all. I want to say about this because everything else is in the video on the lam. 13 we've really really done a a thorough and deep job of just about everything. The fitness apps are the same they're not integrated with gps we're hoping to see that in a future update. We talk about that in this review somewhat and everything else battery size, all of it's the same so for a little bit of money, and i mean a little bit we're, looking at a really seriously nice android watch with the lifting and rotating um head on it. For under 130 dollars from tomtom, these guys are about the only ones i've seen carrying the dm 28, so um, a good buying source for you and uh good customer for us and good supporter of our channel. So we highly encourage you to use the link below if you'd like to pick it up. Any questions put them in the show, notes, we'll see if we can get to them and other people feel free to jump in and answer anything. You know the answer to because we had a lot going on here at the channel, doing new reviews and keeping up with the already published ones.