It is tapping into the smartwatch segment with affordability right. The price of this smartwatch is around 80 euros and its launching very soon in the indian and nepali markets as well. I have been using it for about a week or so now. So let me discuss if this is the best budget smartwatch to buy right now, but before that lets unbox it real quick. As you can see, the watch comes in this standard, poco style, packaging, uh first theres the watch itself. Then we have this elaborative paperwork and a two pin magnetic charger and well thats it. Okay in terms of its looks, this watch is nothing extra. I have it in the standard black color variant, which looks very basic, but it is available in two other color options. As well blue and ivory, and if i had to choose, i would certainly go with ivory anyway. This is one comfortable smartwatch to wear. It is compact, it is lightweight, and the silicon straps are soft enough not to cause any discomfort. I do have to tell you that being a budget smartwatch whose build material is entirely made of plastic, this one does not feel that premium, but it does not feel very cheap either. So yeah almost all is well on the design front except. I wish this button on the side was a bit more clicky. Another good thing about the poco watch is that it is 5 atm certified, which means that it can withstand everything from minor splashes to drizzles to even showers and swimming now.

Talking about the display here, you are greeted with a 1.36 inches amoled screen that has really good contrasting colors and, unlike many budget, smart watches out there, i found it screen to be very responsive and its bright too. So i havent faced any visibility issues on this thing under direct sunlight either. You also get an auto brightness feature here, for which the watch takes about a second or two to recognize the ambient lighting condition and adjust the brightness accordingly, so its not that swift exactly, but it gets the job done. My only complaint about its display is that the race to wake feature here does not work instantaneously, as the screen takes about a second to light up, and another thing is that its bezels are not the slimmest, which makes it look somewhat outdated in 2022.. Now onto the usability side of things, this watch pairs with xiaomis me, fitness app, which is available for both ios and android pairing and setting up. The watch is really simple and i like the fact that the app is very comprehensive and the settings are presented in an easy to understand manner so going about the app will not be an issue for anyone all your health related data is there on the home Page itself, um, in my case i have customized all the help, metrics based on my priority, where the first six things include what i like to keep track of on a day to day basis.

I guess the only thing that has bugged me a little about the app is that it takes quite some time to sync the data with the watch and not just that downloading and installing watch faces also takes about a minute or two here. Other than that. I am quite happy with the performance of this watch. It can measure your heart rate and spo2 levels quite accurately and more impressively. It gives very precise readings of your sleep data. It was able to depict the exact time i went to bed and the exact time. I woke up along with some other metrics like rem, sleep, deep sleep, light, sleep and even short naps. Apart from that, the poco watch can record other regular stuff like calories, burnt and steps taken, along with stress, monitoring, breathing training and period tracking for fitness tracking. There are more than 100 options to choose from on the poco watch, including common exercises like walking, running and yoga. Do some training based exercises and dance, whereas you even have combat and water sport choices? Now i am not someone who is into intense workouts or training, and all i do is a bit of running some yoga and i also like to go for walks to get my body moving. So that is fine for me as far as fitness tracking goes, but if you are an athlete or just someone who needs to track their exercise on a more professional basis, you will want to look somewhere else.

Okay, moving on just like the cheaper redmi watch, 2 light, we reviewed a while back. The poco watch also has built in gps, and i found their performance to be pretty similar. The gps lock here is not instantaneous, as it takes about 10 to 15 seconds to catch the signal, although i found the location tracking to be pretty accurate, but do keep in mind that you cannot view your workout trail on the watch itself. That information is only available in the app. The poco watch also has automatic workout detection feature, but it only works with exercises such as running and working. I found it to detect both of them just fine, but it does not pause when you stop and you will have to do it manually, which has been a slight issue for me. You see many times. I have forgotten to pause or end my walking sessions and the watch would just go on recording it, which would drain the battery extensively so yeah. I wish poco would push an update to fix this very soon. Now, being a budget smartwatch, you dont get a microphone for making calls here. However, you can reject them from the watch itself and the notifications here are non actionable too. Okay, so i have been saving the best feature of the poco watch for the last, which has to be its battery life hands down. I got around seven days of endurance when using it with continuous heart rate monitoring turned on along with tracking my sp02 levels.

Every 10 minutes for charging. As i said in the beginning, you get a 2 pin magnetic charger inside the box, which takes just a little more than an hour and a half to get its battery from 0 to 100, all right so after using the poco watch for a good number of Days what i can say is that it is definitely a good option in the budget smartwatch category, it is feature rich everything in it works almost seamlessly, and i dont have many complaints on the usability side as well. However, i cant help but notice how it has the exact same specs as the redmi watch 2 that launched last year, which makes the poco watch yet another xiaomi poco rebranding affair, and if youve been following our channel long enough. You know that i am not a fan of rebrandings; i think it restricts creativity and innovation. So while i wish poco had at least made some changes, maybe on the design front or added some features to differentiate. Sadly, that is not the case other than that, as i already said before, this is a pretty reliable budget smartwatch that you can buy right now, so guys that was all for our unboxing and full review of the recently launched poco watch.