So we’re going to see if that is actually true in this video but as always make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always post sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified anyways. This is the latest version: hex hx68 smartwatch. It has really nice packaging. I do like this. Color you’ve got a picture of the smartwatch at the front, it’s bezel less, as you can see, we’re going to see. If that is really true in this video. It just says the letter. The word watch on the front uh, so on this side he actually said it’s got a magic crown with a 316l stainless steel body and a sapphire crystal retina display with also a spore band we’re going to find out. If that actually is true. So, at the back, it actually tells you what’s inside the box, it’s a smart watch band charging, cable and user manuals. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smart watches, not medical device, because these chinese fakes they never actually give you an accurate reading of the health apps battery life charge cycle and display life may vary by use and settings. Smart watch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider, and the provider is actually spelled wrong. So you’ve got a few trademarks made in china as everything else and on the other side, you’ve got series 6 space, aluminium case 44 millimeter so purchase this from aliexpress.

You can get it in four different colors with different watch bands. I always opt for the black one, because that is my favorite color it’s, like i’m, going to use it that’s. Why? I truly bet it doesn’t matter: anyways let’s see what we get inside of the box. So we have a piece of paper with the word smartwatch it’s, like tracing purpose. We have some manuals. This is the hx 68 smartwatch um, and that is the charge. You have a two pin magnetic charger which i’ll show you later in the video let’s see what specifications we get with this smart watch. So the basic specs are the model number hx68 smartwatch. The size is the 43.4 times 38 times 11 millimeters. The body material is a zinc, alloy, plus iml injection process. Although i’m sure the box is stainless steel. Well, though, i don’t know anyways uh, the strap material is liquid. Silicon battery capacity is 200 mah screen. Size is a 1.9 a 1.69 inch display with a resolution of 240 over times 280. It does run bluetooth 5.2, so it has the latest bluetooth, but we never know with these fakes and it’s the equipment equipment requirements is android above android, 5.0 or above ios 10.0, so that are some of the features or specifications with this watch. They are the features right there. So if you want to pause it, you can pause it and read it, but we’re going to check that out later in the video.

So it comes in two different languages, but we don’t need to check that anyways. So here is the watch band, so that is a black watch but, like i said you can get different color uh watch a smart watch with different color watch ones. So there we have the small watch. Well, the smartwatch watch ones. Just before we take a look at the smartwatch just at the bottom, you’ve got a two pin magnetic charger right there. So let’s take a look at the smart watch here we have it so we have some plastic packaging around it. We don’t need to take that off, and here is the watch. So let’s take a look around it first, so we have a supposedly a magic crown, as it says right there on the watch. You’Ve got the micro towel and if you think, that’s a button you’re wrong because it’s just a fake one, to look like a button, so everything is controlled by this magic crown. Apparently uh take a look around. These are where the watchman goes. We have the speaker grilles right there. One is fake, one is real. You have the two pin charger right there. It doesn’t have the uh button push out, so you can take out the watch, bands and just slide straight right in, but the sensors are placed accurately accurately as the original um yeah you’ve got full circles around it and it does have flashing christmas lights as well.

You’Ve got a few text around the sensors, as does the original and yeah there. We have the body of this hx68 and i’m really curious about this sapphire crystal retina display. So do they have it let’s push in the crown and it’s booted up straight away. We’Ve got a boot up tone and there we have the screen so looking at it. Well i’m. Looking at it now – and i really don’t think this is a sapphire crystal retinal retina display so they’ve – definitely with the fakes they’ve. All the options they put on the box is definitely not accurate uh. The screen placement 1.69 inch display is placed a little more higher. You have got a big, bigger bezel at the bottom compared to the top, but this does not have a sapphire crystal retina display, so they all line. So if you read the specifications, if you want to buy hx68 don’t believe the retina display it’s definitely a lie. I need to change that uh screen timer, so, as you can see, it’s really well really laggy. Look at that. The touch sensitivity is not bad, but it’s just really slow, as you can see. So that is to switch your bluetooth on and off. That is your brightness turn, always uh on the mode. Yes, we’ll do that, so it does have always on display. You’Ve got your lock screen and, as you can see, long press the lock screen and it will unlock right there uh.

You can switch it off from that button right there. You can go into settings and you can use the torch if you’re ever going to use that no idea why they put that there. That is the settings. So you’ve got your dimming. You can dim it and brighten it up to you bright, screen, duration, let’s change that to the highest screen of time. Seven seconds, we’ll change that to 15 phone settings. You’Ve got to connect it to your phone, raise your wrist to wake up. The first smartwatch do not disturb mode. Do not disable smart. Do not disturb no idea what the smart version is just go every time you swipe back, it just goes to the top of the screen, sound and vibration. You can choose the sound volume on your vibration. Um vigorously or really slow, swiping back goes back to the top language settings and you’ve got quite a few languages you can choose from wow you’ve got quite a few, much less better than the previous ones. Okay, connect mobile phone – that is the qr code, which you need to connect. We’Ll show you later in the video. Does the crown actually work? Yes, it does we didn’t. I forgot to check that uh. You can actually put a password on once it’s actually locked, so that is really cool uh about, as you can see, it’s a version 1.06 and it does say the name hx68 and going all the way down to the bottom.

You can actually restore factory settings or shut down or reboot, so what else do we have swiping it up gives you notification, you can just see how slow it is. Swiping it to the right. You have a split screen, which is so. It does have a lot of features and swiping it to the left. You can actually use your heart rate, which you can see the flashing christmas lights at the back uh. Does it work while it’s off an object? This lights are going daft at the back, so let’s see if he actually gives us the reading. Yes it does. It gives you reading without being on objects, that’s, how you know that they have fake readings where, with all of the health apps on this hx68, so there’s no point checking them all. I’Ll show you how it is anyway, so when you can actually use the uh crown to go down swiping it to the left again give you your data and swap it again gives you weather and you can actually choose your opponent choose what you want on it With these five well yeah five apps, so there we have it now to go into the menu you’ve got to click. The crown in and you’ve got three choices of menu. All you got to do to change. It is double tap. It double tap the crown in and it goes to the smart view and it can actually zoom out and zoom in double tapping.

Again, you’ve got your list view, which is my favorite, and also this is my list. This is a list view but it’s a nine app list view which is really cool. I actually like this as well, so let’s uh change it to this one. So we’re at the top you’ve got your heart rate. We checked that out the spo2 blood oxygen that’s, probably the same blood pressure same it doesn’t, give you accurate reading outdoor sports. These are some of the outdoor sports. You can actually do on foot mountaineering of the sports and it’s up to you how much calories you want to burn and stuff like that. If it actually gives you a proper reading indoor activities, so you have outdoor and indoor activities, which is cool push ups yeah. So that’s going to stop that um. So the one thing about it just goes back to the top. So phone will have to actually connect that to the um phone to do that. Data we’ve seen the data sleep, you got your sleep mode, your weather that’s. After you have to connect that to your phone to access the weather breathe, you can just play it and it just concentrates on just playing some letters. Your met, that’s, the information on the calories event or the exercise you’ve done every day, so that just records the data right there stopwatch, i think about it, just keeps going to the top, which is no good and it’s really slow.

So you can actually check to take pictures. You got your music which have to connect to your phone let’s, swipe it back and go all the way down to the bottom again. Countdown you’ve got your countdown settings, uh pressure, no idea what that is. Yeah, your blood pressure. You can get all your uh results going to there if you actually, your fake results, your messages, that’s your message, notifications and setup we’ve gone into settings as you can see, so you got demand screen of time. Phone uh we’ve actually checked all that anyway, so the last one i think there was, is your calculator right there, so that is the full menu on your hx68 uh. I forgot to show you the watch faces so let’s hold it in and you can change from uh. Well, it actually tells you how much watch faces actually got so let’s go all the way to the top, so it has 14 watch faces. I’Ll go through with you: it’s got that one as you can see, it’s cartoon characters, something like that. We’Ve got a reindeer, which is a nice animation. Do they change? No, it doesn’t. Some. Some of these smartwatches have dynamic displays trying to hold it in now. It’S not actually doing it yeah. Now it is so you have this water well circle, one there’s, quite a few good ones. I always like this one and you can tap it and choose your uh watch face.

So these actually work. Yes, they do so the apps on the well, the top one doesn’t that was on the watch, face actually work, just the heart rate and the um data on your smart watch, and that actually shows you the battery percentage, and it also shows you the percentage when You scroll down for the notification and choke us up as well, so they’re always on display let’s, just see if it’s actually on to always on display on so let’s see. If that actually works i’m. Just gon na show you in real time. If it does uh, it would about 15 seconds for the screen dim out when we changed it so hopefully when it goes after and when it goes up to 5 seconds right now it if it works, it’ll still stay on if it doesn’t work, they’ll just dim Out i’m, pretty sure it actually works, because it’s not dimmed out yet so they’re always on display actually works. Shame about the fake information about the sapphire retina crystal display the sapphire crystal render display so yeah. The screen is still on, so, yes, it does have always on display there’s one good feature with the uh it’s it’s got quite a good features. To be honest, it’s got always on display, split screen, lock, screen uh and a few other good features so uh. Shame about the health apps anyways let’s see what we have to connect it to and see what other features we can change on the smartwatch.

The app you need to download is warefit pro uh here we have it right here, so we’re going to equipment, add device make sure the bluetooth is on on the smartwatch. It does take a little bit of time to boot up if it does oh hx68. We have it right there complete pair um. Yes, allow notifications uh what you’re not going to use the latest version, less less understood. So, yes, we have an update version. So let me just update it. We have it. It has connected, as you can see right there. So, with these fake, smart watches make sure they are connected twice so you’ve got to go back into bluetooth. Setting, as you can see, hs68 is connected, but that’s with the app you should have another one, and that is for the calls and notifications that you get from the phone to the smartwatch. So yeah as you can see what your call is connected, usually it’s. The same name, but it doesn’t matter. I think we once it’s updated. It’S switched off the always on display, so let’s put that back on and uh yeah it’s still slow a little bit anyways so let’s see what faces. Can you put customized watch faces on well. That’S uh, you actually can pay for these as well. So here we have all of the watch faces. So what you have to pay for and some are free customize and yes, you can let’s install my old honda record thai paw just took under a minute and we have our custom watch face.

You can actually style and position where the text go, which is really cool, so you can actually change and customize your watch faces. The weather repository spell wrong notifications. You can toggle the notifications on and off so let’s juggle whatsapp on messages sms it on. You can toggle from all of these um apps. If you want notifications to your smartwatch, so we have a few on which we’ll check later alarm health reminder taking pictures find device understood. So this is just vibrating it just vibrates. All the settings raised to wake 20 uh 12 hour clock hourly point measurement, uh firm up, update, which we’ve done use guide let’s tell you how to use it. Troubleshooting don’t need to use our favorite contacts. You can choose which favorite contacts you want health remind, and that gives you an interval on some of the things you need to do. You can do it change it to factory settings, delete current device or firmware update, so it has got quite a few features on the subway pro when it comes to the hx68 smartwatch really cool to be honest uh, but what we need to do now is i’ll. Make a phone call and a text message from my other phone to this phone to see if the name comes up or the mobile number i’ve just realized with the battery uh, always on display being on. It actually kills off the uh the battery on this because it just went from 24 all the way down to zero and we’ve got it up to 18.

So let’s make a phone call from my other phone and see what notification we actually get if it’s the um name or number. Hopefully you won’t switch off. So, as you can see, it’s the number and it’s got a different feature. You have to slide to answer which is really cool uh, but yeah it’s not got the name. It’S just got the features so let’s send us a text message and see. If what notification we get on, there i’m just sending a text message to my phone right now and it’s vibrated on the smart watch, but nothing has actually come up and you have to just put it on to come up. So also so, i said subscribe to all sorts. You do get a vibration, but um you have to if it’s, if your smart watch is not on, if the always display is not on, then you have to um just put it on from there, and you will see your notification so let’s go into what’s up. I’Ve just sent a message from what’s up, another vibration has come and, as you can see, you’ve got the picture of the whatsapp and it just says message: you can’t actually view it from there. You have to go to your phone, so you can’t read the whatsapp messages, but you can’t view the normal messages you can’t reply back as well, so that is the hx68 series. Six clone smartwatch, a really cool smartwatch with custom watch, faces split screen lock.

As you can see, you can also do a passcode with that lock, always on display as well and it’s got three different watch menus, so it has got quite a lot of features with this as well, which is really really cool.