Well, I bought one for about 130 bucks directly from the G Shock website and its bloody goddamn awesome. It encapsulates almost everything that is so great about G Shock. However, it also gives us a glimpse of the future of watches and their role in our lives, but, most importantly, it demonstrates why cassia is perhaps the only brand in the world that could have the potential to take back dominance of the watch industry from the Apple Watch now theres a lot of interesting stuff to unpack and explore so lets get into it. Tracy to kids its here at last, the new Dick Tracy two way wrist radio that keeps you in constant touch with your buddies, powerful, fully transition your eyes once the bus goes 50 miles an hour bomb. His arm. I want my money by 11, am no wires needed dick crazy two way. Wrist radio is a real electronic instrument. If it drops below 50, it blows up Music, yet forces traveled back and forth foreign before we get into this uh. This is the squirely 1521 adzuda and Im actually wearing it on the waffle, strap from rescane watch Club. Typically as youve seen in the past, I wear this strap with my Tudor Submariner. I had the uh The Epiphany the other day. Why dont? I swap them around see what its like and I think it definitely works. So how did Apple take over the watch World in such a remarkably short amount of time, especially with such a pedestrian uninspired, very derivative, Bland kind of boring design, but also uh? What is a smart watch according to Wikipedia they are classified by the following, and I quote, a smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a watch.

End quote: dig a little deeper and the history of this newest genre of watch has actually been with us, albeit in a far more rudimentary form since the late 1970s and early 80s, when Hamilton and Seiko, via their subsidiary Pulsar, both created the first watches with user Programmable memory throughout the 1980s, it was very much the domain of Japanese horological Giants, Casio and Seiko, who both competed to outdo each other by pushing the capabilities of digital watches, with ever more adventurous Tech from calculators to data banks, TVs on the wrist and everything you Can think of in between, but most notably, the RC series, which was the first Seiko watch to interface with the computer and was released in 1984 by the 1990s following the explosion of American Computing Timex got in on the action by introducing their data link watch in 1994, that could wirelessly transfer data to and from a PC in order to sync, with Microsofts schedule, plus a predecessor of Ms Outlook with the subsequent advancements in cell phone technology. Mostly the phone and computer companies then took over dominance by the early 2000s till around 2010.. Were talking about Brands like Sony, Ericsson, Samsung, IBM, Motorola, Blackberry, you remember, blackberries, Microsoft, Epson, Seiko, Citizen and many more. The list goes on for quite a bit, but what is important to note here is that this coincided with the Advent of Bluetooth connectivity, Sony, Ericsson, teamed up with fossil and released the First Watch in the world with Bluetooth technology.

This was the mbw 100 in 2006, but lets skip to a few years earlier, like a Tarantino movie. Swatch is on your daddys wrist, maybe shut down anyway, because back in 1999, Samsung launched the worlds first phone watch, the SPH wp10. Now these forms of tech all merged over the following decades to create what we mostly Define today as smart watches, culminating in the market dominance by Apple in 2019, which continues to grow annually even today in 2022. During the making of this, video apple has a knack for simplifying their designs into something very Sleek. A very efficient intuitive minimalist, almost in a kind of Powerhouse, way, apologies to any max Bill fans, but it is true and my personal loathing of the Apple watch aside. It does have Mass Appeal: God Only Knows Why the Apple watch not only swept most of the previously mentioned Brands aside, but today its success even threatens the traditional mechanical and quartz based watch industry. Outselling. All other forms of watches, combined along with the post covered world of canceled basil worlds, a higher cost of living crisis, natural inflation, journalistically compromised, YouTubers, turning into Watch dealers out of touch watch brands and theyre outsourced or elitist marketing we have discussed before this is forming To be very much like a second quartz crisis, only this time, a smartwatch crisis, if you will, the only difference is this is happening far faster and nobody is doing anything about it.

Its no surprise really, the Apples design is so generic and Bland. It could never insult the delicate sensibilities of the quick to cancel social media raised Generation. Z, having everything streamed instantly has resulted in gen Z, being far more self titled and generally impatient, along with the solipsism and real world social awkwardness that comes with needing to be online constantly in order to feel more validated theres no way. Some of these younger gen Zed people could weather such a storm without quitting, and so theyre really good at presenting a confidence that they dont have they sound like they have all the answers when they dont it raises. The question: is that bad name, three countries? Besides the USA, look at history, it was like my worst subject: can we do like science, Music um in an increasingly digitized world, ruled by fomo, where social media has exacerbated and emboldened every narcissistic tendency where everyone wants to be seen and tracked the addiction or desire To always be connected is indeed a powerful one. So much so, if you are not online, you cant even get a job or go dating even start a business, its damned, if you do damned if you dont, but there is a bat, even though it is amazing the technology that is made in here and that I did really enjoy it Im too paranoid to wear these and I dont like being accessible 24 hours a day whenever somebody wants to contact me.

I hate that I need my downtime and with all of the news that was surrounding covet, I started to get very anxious. I was watching the news 24 hours a day. It was non stop. I was staying up late, getting up early just looking at the news, and I wasnt slowing down now. Im, not generalizing and saying all gen Z is the same of course not everyones different right. These are just trends that I see or Im Im kind of observing in society whens the last time you had a conversation with a complete stranger and they did look at you as if you just asked to put the lotion back in the basket right a month Or so ago my phone died mainly due to my stubbornness for donkeys years of refusing to upgrade so I was without a phone for a few days and quite honestly, it was great. The only Tech on me was my trusty watches and suddenly I felt like I was back in the early 90s as if you wanted to reach me, you had to wait until I got to a computer to reply to an email or if I was around a Device with cute little numbered buttons on it. In fact, it made me appreciate my Watchers more profoundly and for a few days at least, I was in some kind of anxiety, decreased anonymity and zen like state, but the world, as it always annoyingly and inevitably tends to do soon.

Caught up with me by day. Three, it was clear I could not communicate to my business partners and family effectively, as well as my clients for the work I do outside of well this, and so by day, four, it was obvious. I was going to lose some serious money, and so I caved in and got a new phone, so I get it for the most part. We need cell phones. Fine, I hesitantly accept that a watch always connected with alerts, emails, a phone Etc. In my opinion is unnecessary for me, maybe its just my generation well now its both at Blockbuster, where the challenge never ends Im from an age of waiting for dial up to connect, and you got mail making a trip to Blockbuster to see if there was even The possibility of watching that new release when less plastic movie stars got there by something called Talent, not nauseatingly, cringe, Tick, Tock, dancing, videos or cutesy pets with more followers than culturally important icons and books. Remember those anyways, you get the picture so who can really fight back in terms of traditional watch brands? There is only one in my opinion that has the chance of competing, and that is Casio or more specifically G Shock. So this is my G Shock, DW 5600 and its the most faithful, modern descendant of the original G Shock, the dw5000 that changed the horological world back in 1983, its been my go to cardio watch for about half a decade now, but I thought you know what Its time for an upgrade enter the dwb5600g1, obviously its a continuation of the original famed square shape, which actually is octagonal, but regardless the scale lovable, distinctive shapes and retro futurist.

Looking detail, reminiscent of austere brutalist architecture, is largely unchanged. However, this time we have a cloudy smoky gray, translucent resin in a gradient that Fades into jet black towards the ends of the strap further enhancing that look of modernity. Interestingly, this watch was part of a collection of several new G Shock squares inspired by graffiti artwork and the bold colors found in urban city environments. This largely monochrome watch has Vivid cherry red detailing and is actually the most understated of the bunch. Instead of the historic Super mario esque, Brick pattern, we get a recessed red tetris like Motif that evokes the title sequence of Total, Recall and Im talking about the behoven classic, not the rubbish remake. The overall look is masculine aggressive, maybe a little bit dangerous like a black widow spider and works very well with the negative display which, in this newer, 3509 module is far more crisp and legible. In any light, and with the auto El backlight, it will turn the most Ardent hater of negative displays into a fan. But what attracted me to this particular model, aside from the cool look and all the functionality youve come to expect in a G Shock, is two features that I personally have never used in the G Shock and makes just enough use of Smartwatch technology without falling into The Trap of wearing a wrist top computer that further in true Foods on your privacy or makes you dependent on it.

So this connects to your phone via Bluetooth, to a free, app, very easy to use where you can specify the world time. The alarms oh and theres, also a phone finder, so you press the button here, hold it down and your phone will make a noise in case you, you know: youve left it under a pillow or in a coat pocket very Nifty, very easy. But my favorite function is actually the synchronization. It will sync up to your phone and auto correct the time, so its always absolutely dead. On and thats it, no intrusive emails, no text. No none of that. This is as smart as I want it to be. The folks at Apple are no fools. They know. Casio is nipping at their heels as take smart watches. Out of the equation. G Shock was, and still is, the highest selling watch of all time. Today they have newer, triple sensor, ABC equipped GPS mapping outdoor watches, along with their higher end G Shocks. That now comes with the kind of fitness and health tracking capability that can compete with any Apple watch, so Apple have pivoted their designs and marketing. In a more active lifestyle Direction, the new Apple watch, Ultra ultras design, pushes the boundaries, so you can do the same, but this is still no match for G Shock. Firstly, the vast majority of G Shocks like this one are actually ISO qualified for diving, with a very capable 200 meters of water resistance.

Even my older dw5600 that can be snagged for under 50, bucks can be used for scuba diving. Secondly, the inherent toughness, the inner layered special cushioning structure, protecting the actual watch module that gives the G Shock its proverbial gravity defying shock resistance can now be made to fit in a watch as small as your average automatic sports watch. This was proven in 2020 with another G Shock I purchased, so this is the gms5600 originally marketed as a womans watch. I bought it for myself for my six and a half inch wrist, its absolutely perfect and it wears amazingly comfortable, but why its so important and its peculiar? It was completely ignored by the so called watch journalist because it is a momentous occasion that it shows just how small you can get a G Shock protected case its exciting, because it shows you whats coming next or the possibilities of whats coming next. Just imagine a Pro Trek, Decked Out G Shock this size. I mean its definitely going to happen. The superior robustness also includes a higher antimatter, a wider range of temperature variations. It can deal with. That would see the wearer perish way before ceasing to function and obviously not needing to update or Dock and charge with a quick change of battery. You can do it yourself, and many today are also available with the grab and go ease of solar power with that inherent toughness and functionality, but being able to be made even smaller means.

They stand a very good chance of fighting back against the Apple upstart, coupled with the fact they are already well known for their more fun designs and daring. You some materials, historic achievements everywhere from space to the battlefield and perhaps most exciting, of all how its permeated into pop culture to Fashion to music to cinema and many cool collaborations, so youve got to ask yourself: would Keanu Reeves in speed, look as cool wearing an Apple Watch and not his G Shock. I know right. Do you know what a bomb is Jack that doesnt explode? It is a cheap gold watch, buddy Dennis Hoppers villain in the movie. He uses mechanical watches as a timing component in the detonation device of his bombs. The hero defeats him, and so the whole film is actually a horological metaphor. The modern 90s G Shock defeating the dated old technology that preceded it, but think about it like this. Would you want to wear a smartwatch that has the possibility of being remotely hacked and tracked, probably most extreme of all in a combat situation or needs to be charged in the middle of a perilous Expedition or worse, a battlefield, every professional Soldier, medic and law enforcement Personnel that I know wears a G Shock. There is, however, one big Achilles heel to both the Smartwatch and the G Shock. They both look absolutely ghastly in more formal wear, especially when suited and booted. It just looks well wrong: theyre classy, even but on average the G Shock costs far less than most smart watches snag a quartz dress.

Watch for 80 bucks, like I did in my recent tank watch, video from the most important and greatest watch brand in the world. Seiko, of course, and bingo the ultimate any situation, two piece watch collection for less than 200 bucks. I see smart watches the same way, its perfectly fine to own one, but it should not be your only watch the same way. A G Shock should be on the watch, the art, refinement, tradition, style and function of wearing a watch should never be lost, it should be encouraged and in some ways at least smart watches have got more people wearing something on their wrist again. We can be thankful for that. So let me know your thoughts down in the comments, especially what you want to see in a smart watch. Maybe you love them thats, absolutely fine, too. What would you like to see in a G Shock and who do you think, has the best chance of taking on the might of Apple? Oh and dont forget to like this video up very important. Indeed, I have to go and return some videotapes, so I will catch you in the next one. Thank you for watching onwards and upwards ciao.