It helps develop your sense of rhythm and timing and improve your control and accuracy on a piece or an exercise. Youre working on its something we should all do traditional metronomes look something like this, but often these days a lot of us will use apps on our phone or computer and they often click or beep. But this range of vibrating and wearable metronomes from soundbrenner are a bit different because they literally let you feel the b, which ive been finding fun and handy and theyre really easy to use with just a couple of taps, and i think its something that will really Help solve a problem: beginners have getting used to using a metronome and working on keeping good rhythm. This model is the core, which is also a smart watch, but ill get into some more features later on ive been trying this out and practicing with it. For the last few days now and i think its a really cool convenient device for musicians to have for beginners and more advanced players, if you want to check this out online, there is a link below in the description and in the pin comments. And if you use the code pfs, you can get a 20 discount on anything you order. But if you order before the end of 2021, you can get another 5 off so thats a 25 discount, firstly for beginners, especially if theyre learning online or by themselves. I think a metronome that you can feel vibrating like this is going to be really helpful.

Without a teacher there to guide you, it can be difficult to start using a metronome and start developing your rhythm metronomes help us develop our sense of rhythm, but at first its tricky to stay locked into it to stay in sync with it and to keep our Ears focused on it as well as playing at the same time and being able to hear the notes we play connect with the sound of the click as well as actually listening out for how accurate you are playing, whether youre behind the beat ahead of the beat. Whether youre, speeding up or slowing down, not quite my tempo, a lot of beginners do find it difficult to keep their focus on the metronome. They lose their sense of the beat and they drift off out of time. Now, in an actual lesson, i can do things to make that easier for people i can clap along or tap my foot loudly. They can see my hands too, so they can visualize and hear where the beat lands to match it. The point being that when i make the beat more in their face and obvious it really helps them get used to playing along with it. I can count along and talk them through. It guide them along the way, tell them where theyre going wrong, sometimes ill. Try and get people to move a bit and tap their foot. Things like that, because i think, actually being able to feel that rhythm and embody that rhythm, a little bit makes it much easier to stay locked in with the rhythm and actually feel the pulse.

If you are practicing by yourself or youre self, taught then feeling those vibrations on your wrist or elsewhere, theres a strap too. So you can wear this watch on other parts of your body having a pulse that you can actually feel makes it a lot more present. In your mind, helps you stay focused and stay locked in. I dont want to pretend its a magic. Easy fix. Youll still have to work on your rhythm and practice, starting slow and simple, of course, but i think this is just a helpful tool to get going and make that process a bit easier for players that can already use a metronome. Obviously they dont need the vibration, but i still think its a really cool handy thing to practice with instead of a normal metronome. So let me show you some of the features that i think makes this great for musicians of all levels. First ive just been finding it a bit nicer, not to have to listen to a loud click the whole time and you can play louder without drowning out. The metronome thatll be really helpful if youre a drummer. I will make the point, though, that i still think beginners should also practice with a regular metronome, as well as playing with other people and to backing tracks and things. This will help you get going, but being able to listen to other things. Whilst you play is a skill you do still need to develop, the watch does also have an app, though that functions like a normal metronome and seamlessly syncs with the watch, so you can feel it and hear it at the same time.

So i recommend beginners, sometimes use both to get used to hearing too ive been finding it just more convenient and easy to use easy to stop and start with the double tap its easy to navigate the menu and the settings with a couple of buttons and a Slide wheel, obviously, you can change the tempo, the time signature and you can even set it, so certain beats get a slightly longer or much longer. Vibration, which is normally handy. So you know where beat one is like a regular. Metronome would sometimes have a different pitch on beat one all of that can be adjusted in app or on the watch. You can also tap the watch to find the right tempo by feel or match something that youre listening to the wrist, strap and the other strap are both pretty comfortable to wear and theres plenty of room for adjustment. All of that is available on the pulse, which is the more affordable one. The one ive got here is the core, which is also a smart watch, and you can do a lot more on this one. The core also comes with a tuner. If you play guitar or something else that needs tuning, obviously it tells the time too, and you can also get notifications and answer or reject calls from your phone. It has a decibel meter to check your level. It also comes with ear plugs its splash proof too. Although i havent tested that the battery lasts three or four days, which is pretty good and it comes with a usb charging – cable itll only last three or four hours, if youre constantly using the metronome, but i wouldnt be playing anything with a metronome for that long.

In one go anyway, so thats not much of an issue for me, whats really cool – is that you can sync it with other soundbrenner devices too, and sync it with the tempo in your daw its comfy to wear this one is plastic round this bit and the Strap is made of silicone, but you can also upgrade to the slightly fancier core steel, which has a steel main body of the watch as well as it comes with a leather, strap and a pouch. If i had to pick something its missing, i would say maybe it would be good if it could also make a sound on the watch as well. So you have that option, but basically i think it does everything it sets out to do really. Well, obviously, the main feature is that its specifically designed for musicians and has that vibrating metronome, which is really useful, remember you can click the link below to check out this soundbrenner core and remember to use the code pfs. So you can get a 20 discount or thatll be a 25 discount until the end of 2021..