These two watches are just great in every aspect you got offline music built in gps, advanced health and activity tracking. You got notifications like cool design and a lot more and all of that in todays. Video. Hey folks, my name is leonard youre, watching the product, reviewer and thats me. So lets start with some navigation and the design and both have actually pretty similar ways of navigating on the fossil gen 6. You have three physical buttons on the side. The middle one is rotatable, and you can scroll through your abs and tires with this. Of course, you can also just swipe left and right as well, just like with every other smartwatch, the other two physical buttons are fully customizable and they can be connected to any of your apps, like your google maps, your sport modes, your weather, or whatever. Now, by long pressing, the middle button, you get access to google voice assistant, but i mean you can also just swipe to the right or say hi, google, but make sure to turn on the google voice tag on first in the settings. Otherwise it wont work. The apple ward 7 has two physical buttons. The upper and main button is rotatable with which you can zoom in and out of your apps scroll through your messages or, if you rest your finger on the side of it, you do an ecg scan the lower side. Button takes you to your tabs and emergency function and as well that you can, of course, just use your fingers to swipe left and right.

If you want to the apple watch, 7 has a sporty square look with round edges. It either comes in 45 or 41. Millimeters in an aluminum case and iron x, glass or the more expensive version comes in titanium with the sapphire glass, which is very durable. Whereas the fossil gen 6 has a casual round design and comes in a size of 44 millimeters or 42 millimeters with either a silicon, leather or stainless steel strap, this watch has a steel casing and the bezel of it looks very nice. Next up we got a battery life and both watches arent that good in particular. Now the apple watch 7 lasts about a whole day and a whole night off of one charge. I mean i did get quite a few notifications and i did a workout with the gps turned on for about a half an hour, but one day, thats what you get i mean it does have a power saving mode, but its not as good as the one On the faucet gen 6., now the force gen 6 lasts about 20 hours. So if you want to track your sleep, you better charge it before you go to bed now. The good thing about default, gen 6, is that it has four different power saving modes. In total, now you have the time only. You have an external one which turns off basically most of the features you have the daily one and you have a custom one.

This one is my personal favorite. Since you can decide what features should be turned off or on now, speaking of some features, what feeds do we get only with the appleware 7 and which do we only get with the foster gen 6.? On the apple watch series 7. We have an ecg function. All we have to do, for that is rest, our finger on the side of the rotatable button, and after just a few seconds, you will get your results with the apple ward. 7. You will never lose your apple devices anymore once they are hooked up to your account. You will always have a way to retrieve them with the pharma device app that also works the other way around from your iphone. Just in case, you lose your smartwatch, but you also have a few small but still cool features like the noise app that tracks the noise level of your surroundings or the camera controller. With this one, you can control your iphones camera with your smart watch and take pictures now, as for less, we have the watch faces. And yes, i know both watches have customizable watch faces, but the difference is once you have selected a watch face on the app board 7. It will be in your rotation and you only have to swipe left and right to have a new one. Also, some of these watch faces are also animated and are very cool to play around with and to look at.

The photogen 6 has different battery modes, customizable buttons and a google voices system which i have already mentioned. But what do they have in common? On both of these watches? You can receive all kinds of notifications and reply to them in various ways: either take one of your quick answers, type your own message or use the speak to dictate feature which, by the way, works pretty good. In my opinion, you also get the standard heart rate, monitoring a sleep tracker which gives you your sleep, duration at different sleep stages, an spo2 tracker, which is very useful in times of the coronal pandemic. It tracks your blood oxygen saturation during the day and automatically during the night, a low blood oxygen saturation can be indicated for a virus. So what else do we got a weather widget, which shows us a little weather forecast for the next week? We can listen to music offline if you download music to your smartwatch by spotify or other apps, even though you will need a spotify premium account in order to do so, and of course, we have the usual stuff like a calendar, alarm timer and a stopwatch. Okay, with all of that being out of the way lets head to the sport modes and the accuracy of the built in gps and the heart rate. Now, during my workouts, these two watches werent that far off now, the app board 7 gave me all my 30 minute strength, workout at an average heart rate of 94 beats per minute and a total amount of calories of 167, whereas the foster gen 6 gave me An average heart rate of 89 beats per minute and i burned 156 calories in total.

My chessmen gave me an average heart rate of 99 beats, which makes the apple watch the winner in this category, even though it was 100 correct. Now, as for the accuracy of the bitten gps, i couldnt complain that much about these two watches the lines on the fox gen 6 were not as accurate as on the apple watch, but still not shabby at all. The gen 6 only kind of lost connection in between or whatever and had a strong outburst, but that was only one time as for less lets. Take a quick peek at the specs processor wise, the s7 processor of the apple watch 7 is unbeaten, even though the snapdragon 4100 of the fox gen 6 is still pretty good. I mean both watches are not lagging or stuttering at all, but speed on the apple watch is just on another level. Now you also have 32 gigs of internal storage on the apple watch, which is four times the amount that you have on the foster gen 6. Even though i have no clue what the hell you want to download with 32 gigs, i mean, besides music and pictures but thats up to you and folks thats all it for the video.