But i am also into health and fitness, and i have a particular interest in reviewing smart watches and what caught my eye about this one is its a gps watch, its five atmospheres, waterproof its got 120 plus sports modes in here, including kayaking, which you dont find That often it does your heart rate, automatically blood oxygen, saturation, vo2 max itll track your sleep all in a round form factor with a 1.32 inch round full color screen. So lets open this bad boy up. Take a look at it see what comes in the box. Then ill go charge it up and come back with my full review after wearing it for several days now. I bought this with my own money off of amazon.com, so this is a totally fair, unbiased and honest review um. This is what the watch looks like out of the box. Hey. I like this now nice little round charging cradle thats, uh thats a little different that reminds me of my uh amaze, fit stratos kind of the same type of feel. I like that a lot. This is the watch, it is, i would say, very beautiful now. This is in black all right and uh its kind of big ish on the wrist, but you know im going to be out kayaking with this thing and using the gps. So i kind of want it to be big, so its easy to read outdoors theres a bar code, a qr code, to scan to install the app, i believe, thats going to be something called xeron or health.

Let me press the button and see if there is any juice out of the box, and it looks like possibly: oh it just vibrated. It is coming to life, so yeah its got some juice out of the box, hello theres. The screen now, like i said, im gon na, go, install the app uh pair. This thing get it all set up, charge it and wear it. For several days before i come back with my full, fair and honest review, this is the instruction manual. It looks uh, you know i like how these instruction manuals come its an important factor, i should say, is how comprehensive and easy to read they are. This one looks pretty good its got a lot of pictures, a lot of text, so it looks like its going to run through all the features and thats it. You get the watch, the instruction manual and the cradle for the watch to uh. Oh, this is nice. It doesnt even have to clip or anything its just magnetic, so you just sit that guy on there and you attach the other end to your usb charging. Brick all right ill go put it through its paces and come back with my review so heres the watch. It has a nice big display, nice full color um, i scroll through the screens. You get all your sports modes here and the one of course im excited about is kayaking. Ive, never seen that feature in a smart watch before you have indoor fitness.

You can do what strength training so a whole lot of sports uh vo2 max, which is really cool. You have your heart rate. You have a stress level now. This is actually hrv its heart rate variability, but they report this as an inverse function of that. So, typically, when youre doing heart rate variability the higher that number the better, because, as you are under less and less stress, the more variable, your heart rate is the more stress youre under it forces your heart to beat very you know repeatedly as rapidly. So you actually want hrv to be a high number, so this does the inverse of that its reading im letting this go in real time here. This is a really cool function. This watch has both the green and the red diodes and you only usually find that in kind of the higher end, smart watches at the low end of the scale, if that makes any sense whatsoever. So it is reading this its just about wrapping up and hopefully im not under a ton of stress right now, even though the camera light is on me, but there you go um stress level 19. It says uh im very relaxed, so dude yo whats, going on um. So from here we can go into um lets get into this mode. You can get into your spo2 thats blood oxygen saturation. Again you have to do this manually. If you press measure, it will take that measurement.

This uses the red diode and its really cool. It seems to be very accurate. Based on what i know, and then you get into your settings screen with settings, you can adjust things like um. You know the this is the compass lets see lets go back um, you can do like breathing relaxation exercise heart health. So if you turn on heart health, this gives you a reading and well go into the app in a minute of what your heart rate is doing, and your spo2 heart rate variability to give you indications of whats going on lets, go into the app the app Is called z roner and i, like it its fairly intuitive. You get your a very uh display of your various progress throughout the day, your steps, your calorie burn. It gives you your sleep value. It gives you a analysis of your total sleep, your deep sleep, your light sleep, your rem, sleep and you can put in you know how you were feeling and how what mood you were in or if you had alcohol or coffee before you went to bed to Keep track of that it gives you an analysis of your sleep. You get your continuous heart rate. You can turn this on or off blood oxygen saturation again you have to do that manually from the watch heart health, normal now. The cool thing here is, it gives you this scatter plot. This is a lorenz scatter diagram, and this is not going to give you any sort of warning or caution or anything like that, because it would be a diagnostic device at that point and it would require fda approval.

However, this does give you the data and it is a reference piece of technology so based on what your scatter diagram looks like it gives you, indications of you, know whether youre normal, if youve got some sort of ventricular premature, beat afib and it lets you choose For yourself or decide for yourself whether theres something going on with your health, so this is incredibly valuable for anybody. Can you know concerned about their their heart health um again its not going to give you any sort of warning or anything like that? But all of the information is here for you to kind of self diagnose what you think might be going on and if you think, theres some sort of cardio event going on get yourself to a doctor. But this thing is kind of the canary in the coal mine. It can be a very good uh indication of whats happening um. I dont know what what else to say here its a its a its an intuitive app. I went kayaking today. Unfortunately, this does not um do gps tracks when youre kayaking, which is unfortunate. That was really you know what i was hoping for, but i went on the hype the other day and i you know that tracks gps um when youre doing that. So this is really cool gps tracks when youre, hiking or cycling. Unfortunately, it does not do gps tracks when kayaking, which is what i was hoping for, that would have been the holy grail of smart watches, so smartwatch companies, if youre watching this, give me a darn device that does hrv gps and will give me kayaking, strokes and Analysis with the gps function turned on im waiting for you, um looking for this device.

I thought this was it but hey. All of that said. This is an incredible gps watch for its selling on amazon. Right now for about seventy dollars, i took advantage of a twenty percent off coupon code. It gets messages um its beautiful its comfortable. This is one of my favorites. I would highly recommend this. It is the dr viva cr, cr130 smartwatch, so this channel is really all about health and fitness. I own a kayak high end performance racing kayak company. So if you want to go to my profile, check me out maybe make a donation to support this startup business. Id greatly appreciate it, but um im also into health and fitness, and these companies have largely been very nice to me, reaching out letting me test their new smart watches. Anything i can bring to you this one. I happen to seek out and find and bought as a result of people clicking through and buying things through amazon. My affiliates account that builds up a little bit of money and then, when i have a little cash, i actually reinvest back into this channel by buying smartwatch technology to bring it to you so uh. If you would be so kind just like this video share, it leave a comment if you want to subscribe to this channel, that would be great but know that is mostly a channel about kayaking, but i love fitness technology. I love bringing this stuff to you.

I, like letting you know, whats good, whats, bad whats ugly, so um hey, thank you for watching this. I appreciate it subscribe thumbs up, leave a comment and if you want to leave a donation, go to the my main profile, page click through to davethekayaker.com and help support a a small startup, kayak building high end performance, kayak business. I greatly appreciate it. I appreciate you, thank you, love.