Given the massive promises for supporting health and wellness im, pretty sure youre gon na ask, is it worth getting one so youre right lets? Inspect Applause – hey really good to meet you im, michael and look at that. I think it looks beautiful its probably the best looking hybrid watch ive seen this year. So far, it comes by garmin, its called the viva move. Sport – and it has been just announced at ces 2022 – looks strikingly familiar to the old viva move hr released a few years ago, and i had the chance to wear it for, like two weeks, im gon na tell you now how it feels uh and in advance. Whatever this watch supports has been pretty accurate so far at this price point, there are a whole lot of smartwatch offerings. In fact, the cheapest smart watches, with wear os by google started about the same price. Fossil have already had an attempt for a hybrid watch. Quite successful indeed so garmin just had to improve the vivomove hrs base and enable some 2022 features. Unboxing experience is, according to garmins, mid range devices. Funny enough, even the box keeps the shape from 4 5 years ago, when the first vivomove hr members have appeared. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I just hope that the innovations inside the watch are going to be a lot more than what we see on the package. Cool design have the mint green, which has been the headliner, definitely a very refreshing color for a smartwatch.

Its not too vivid, which is helpful for matching the color to multiple cloth. Styles heres, the usual four pink garmin charger nice to see consistency here. Lack of changes within the charging cable is rather a good thing unless they switch to entirely wireless. Of course, the watch looks to be nicely built plastic case no buttons, so it is a perfect fit for wearing on either of your wrists, good and visible watch hands. It feels a little too thick, though the extra layer of sensors at the bottom seems to be major reason for that 20 millimeter straps are compatible and these included are quick. Release based the originals have great quality, and i can confirm they are pretty durable. Even after years of usage, they wouldnt catch dirt, spec wise theres, the usual garmins habit to keep us in the dark about the actual chipset and the model of most of the sensors. The small single colored oled display is 0.34 by 0.73 inches in terms of size. Continuous hr tracking is available, sleep tracking blood, oxygen, saturation tracking stress measuring theres, an ambient light sensor, bluetooth and ant plus support and weight of the case of only 19 grams, its close to 34 grams, with the strap on so very lightweight very stylish. I think this color is brilliant, but of course you can choose among many other colors, and it looks like its missing a lot of features. There is no speaker, no microphone, no smart assistant, not even gps.

Well, actually, garmin call it connected gps, which means that you can actually link the watch to the smartphone app to garmin connect, and it can borrow your phones, gps signal. You can go outdoors and you can do some sports good advantage. It supports bluetooth and ant plus, meaning that you can link one of those chest mounts trackers about heart rate. But the thing is that since this one doesnt have gps, you can easily connect the chest tracker to your smartphone and its going to do pretty much. The same job just saying lets see about the menu navigation. When you double tap on the screen, its gon na wake up the display, you can use swipes to go back and forth across the main widgets and you can customize their amount from the smartphone app. There are some configuration options too tap and hold, and you can reach out to them, but most are shown with a nikon. Only so i think using garmin connect from the phone makes the configuration a lot easier. I cant say that its the best kind of user experience so far there are a few watch faces too. Some are cleaner and show you the time only some are providing a bit more information. A sad fact doesnt seem that the display has good autophobic coverage, so it captures a lot of fingerprints a lot more than the usual amount and on such a beautiful looking display, it is visible. Two more display related things to note.

The watch. Hats have no illumination, so if its dark, you wouldnt see them, you can light up the screen to see the time, though. On the contrary, during a bright day outdoors, only the watch hands are visible and the display is not so while the watch cover is showing the time 24 7, it fails to deliver visibility and access to all the features. If it is a bright day, which makes it not really useful outdoors youre going to find it hard to start an activity, especially if you have sunglasses the display maximum brightness is stick somewhere around the capacity of me bound 2 from 2016, which is definitely not a Good feature so the more important and meaningful information stays inside the smartphone app the well known, garmin connect. It is not the perfect wearable app, but i can say it is among the better ones. Good balance between design features in iq, with the design being perhaps the weakest among all of these, and still after that, many years of development and requests, there is no light theme. Yet i bet its not that hard to implement such an awesome hr graph. The heart rate measuring is really good, so, for that feature alone, it is worth it stress. Measuring is also pretty nice. I dont necessarily agree with the level of stress it draws in certain situations, but lets say that it could be me that is wrong about this perception. The app supports a lot of badges.

They can be quite fun and feel sometimes rewarding, especially if that kind of perks motivate you. There are some integrations with third party services like myfitnesspal and strava. There is no direct sync to google fit, but if you download an extra app called fitness syncer, it works. Pretty easily – and there are some other alternatives, too – Music to the drawbacks and its going to be more. Like a summary and just adding to the list, i guess im going to start with the battery life. Garmin promised five days of battery life in regular mode and 6 days in non smart mode. Well, in my case, with everything on not too intensive usage and rarely getting some workouts its been consuming around 30 battery juice per day. So my best achievement was close to 4 days and honestly, i do think the poor battery performance is the major drawback, also lack of inbuilt gps and inbuilt microphone speaker the almost useless display, especially in daytime the lack of serious innovations in the vivo move line and The rather challenging user interface – this is what i didnt quite enjoy with this hybrid smartwatch Music. So, in the end, vivomove sport happens to be a budget friendlier slightly revamped version of the viva move, hr kind of crazy. I think with exactly the same features. Garmin could have easily released the very same thing two or three years ago, because it says absolutely nothing new, but happens to be one of the best looking bridges between traditional wristwatches and modern features like this hard to see in direct sunlight display.

So what is your opinion about? That is its a great looking wearable or you think like me that its hard to justify such a purchase, especially knowing how many more features devices in that budget niche, are providing well, i think, thats a start of a good conversation. We can talk about it in the comment section below the video. Thank you very much for watching this episode on my channel and hopefully, if you enjoyed, you got ta come back sooner or later. My name is michael, been such a pleasure wishes for a fantastic day and hope to see you soon.