A few weeks ago, we have reviewed a smartwatch from this brand. Today we are going to have a look at another model: dt94, Music Applause, a smartwatch with 1.78 inches hd screen, heart rate, ecg bluetooth calls and a lot more for only 25 dollars. Music. Is this watch any good? Does the sensors work lets find out? Welcome to the review of the dt94 smartwatch hello thiago here: welcome. Are you new here? I do a lot of tech reviews and unboxings like this one. If that is something that interests you please consider subscribing in the end of the video, and if you like, the video give it a thumbs up, it will help the channel with this said. Lets start the review of the dt94 smartwatch lets start with the price. The dt94 has a price tag of around 25 on aliexpress and if you are from uk only costs you around 19 pounds still but lets find out. If this watch is any good, the dt94 comes with a black silicon, strap a magnetic charging cable more on the charging cable later and a manual. The dt94 has a 1.78 inch screen with a 320 by 385 resolution is a ips screen, but more on the screen. Later, on the right side, you have the functional button and on the left side, the microphone. The watch has two microphones. The second one is on top. The watch is made of a mix of zinc, alloy, pc, plastic and glass.

On the back, you have the speaker on top the charging on the bottom and the sensors in the middle, with the two metal plates around it. For this easy reading ill be testing the sensors later on. The video going back to the screen is big and the colors are nice and crisp outside is not that bright and because its not amoled, sometimes you wish to add more bright on it. But as you can see, comparing with my thick watch pro 3 on overcast day is not that bad and inside is nearly no difference. Next lets see some specs for the nerds chipset real tech, 8762 ck heart rate sensor, clam micro, 7, r31, bluetooth, 4.0 watch proof level ip67. The screen size is 1.78 inches ltps, the battery is 200 million per hour and it has an app on the battery side. The dt94 will last you around three days in normal use and five days in standby, but this all depends if you use a watch to make phone calls or just as a fitness tracker, the charging mat is magnetic, and this is the first drawback. The magnetic charger is so weak that a minimum touch will stop the charging process. The watch will take you around 2 hours to fully charge. This watch is packed of features and for the price they are really good. So now lets see some of them. You got heart rate tracking, so 24 hours tracking ecg reading.

You got blood pressure, breathing training. You got a sports mode with 7 sports bluetooth, music playback. You got the sleep tracking. You can have notifications on your phone and on your watch at the same time, and you got the bluetooth calling talking about bluetooth, calling every time you need to use it. You will have to connect it manually by turning the option on. This is like that so that the battery lasts longer, the watch will use the second bluetooth model for the phone calls. Only so lets be clear about the process you download the app where pro on your phone. Then you connect your watch with the app a new way to use it. Your watch has a fitness tracker with all notifications and all the tracking features. If you want to make a phone call, you need to connect it with your bluetooth. Your watch once again lets dive in an app where pro is the name on the first tab. You have the summary of your steps: sleep tracking heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. The next one is the sport, where youll be able to find all the information about your workouts after that device, where you can choose more watch faces, and you can change all the settings like the heart rate monitoring, for example, the last one is information about you, But for all of these to work, you will need the sensors to work as well properly. Next, i will test the sensors to see if they are real, so if they are real, they will not matter on a table.

For example, please check the test now: Music, Music, Music, so my final opinion for the price, 25 or 20 pounds. The watch is really good. It looks very nicely made and is premium in your hands with this price. You can go wrong with it. So if you are getting your first, smart watch and dont want to break the bank. This watch is the right one for you and thats it guys. This was my review on the dt94, a very friendly budget, smart watch, thanks for watching im thiago.