com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and because okay we’re going to have a demonstration with your demonstration of the dt 100 smartwatch, okay, so we’re going to have a we’ll. Try to use the bluetooth call function if it’s, working or not we’ll connect our smartwatch to the support app and see if we can initiate calls directly from the smartwatch or we can receive call from the smartwatch we’ll see okay. So to be able to do that, you have to activate the bluetooth call here, so we already added our smartwatch here watch audio 11b. You can find it here in the settings of the smartphone or the smartwatch. Okay, we have here the bluetooth phone okay and we already connected it. Okay, to show you the steps. I’Ll show you here and in your smartwatch. Okay, go to the settings. Okay, you have here, the settings go to the bluetooth, call phone open that one open. So please pairing, watch audio01bb in your support. App go to the device here. Go to the bluetooth, call turn it on and pair the device watch audio. So we are connected, as you can see here. Okay to add contacts, so go to frequent contacts here. Okay, so you have the option to add 20 frequently used. Contacts, so add contacts here tap on the desired contacts. Okay, we have here and you sync to the smartwatch tap on the sync synchronize data successfully. So we already added the contacts here in the smartwatch.

Okay, let’s see Music, so we have here the contact person. Okay, so we have here the contacts. If you want to initiate calls you’ll tap on it and it is dialing the phone here. Okay, as you can see, and with sound, so we’ll, try to answer it. Okay with our phone, hello, hello, hello, hello, okay, so far, it works okay and can receive information. Okay, or can we receive calls from our smartwatch let’s? See: okay, let’s, try to dial the this smartwatch okay or let’s synchronize, first, okay, so we’re done and let’s call the smartwatch okay with our smartphone. Here, okay, let’s, wait and let’s see so i’m calling the phone let’s see if we will receive the call here see. As you can see here, we are receiving the calls and let’s answer: Music, hello, hello, so it’s having feedback you can see, it is working. So the demo for the calls works so far as a speaker. So far the bluetooth call works as you can see on our demo again, if you have any questions regarding the features, the bluetooth call features. Okay, please drop a comment below and we’ll answer your queries again. So the smartwatch okay with the bluetooth call functions. So we have the phone book. We also have the dialer here. Okay, as you can see, so you can dial the number and initiate calls directly from your smartwatch. We tried it and it works another one. We also have the call records here so far.