In this tiny package with camera and a whole bunch of other things that you can do, including audio player with songs, you can save to a micro, sd card that you put in the back of this watch. You got remote camera capabilities, calendars, calculators, alarms, all kinds of features. Last night's, sleep time, sedentary reminders, the pedometer all of the exercise, stuff file manager for accessing those uh music files or pictures you've got a world clock that once you get it all set up, will tell you a time anywhere in the world and of course you Can link in facebook, twitter a browser whatsapp all of that stuff. Dialing is here with a separate dialer call logs and your phone book either associated with the sim card in it or brought over from your phone from your bluetooth connection, all in all it's a really interesting, totally plastic, usb charged directly from the side. The old technology is certainly not waterproof, it's under 10 bucks and fully capable of using a sim card in the back and micro sd card, all hiding uh behind the battery there you go definitely a little add on thing to your order.