This is our review of the emporio armani connected let’s get started Music emporio armani is the latest fashion powerhouse to jump aboard the android smartwatch bandwagon. The company unveiled its first collection of touchscreen smart watches at fashion week in milan earlier this year. The armani connected is unquestionably attractive, with a name that oozes style and sophistication. Our model is made from black plated stainless steel and the metal strap. Has a mixture of polish and matte links there’s been no skipping on build quality either. The armani connected definitely feels like a more premium smartwatch thanks to the stainless steel band round, watch face design and overall weight. Luckily, it doesn’t feel too bulky or crumblesome when, on the wrist over to the side, we have the crown and some buttons with a closer look at the crown and you’ll spot. The emporio armani logo, which is a nice touch. The crown takes you to the android. Wear interface with smooth scrolling, while holding it down, takes you to google assistant. The top button gives quick access to featured, looks for the watch faces and there are a variety of options to choose from with the bottom button. Taking you to the play store, so you can download additional apps overall, it is a very attractive design that can blend easily into your everyday wardrobe plus formal wear. This is one of the most important aspects of any watch and in that regard, the armani connected nails. It it’s simple, yet stylish, naturally, due to armani being a brand more focused on fashion rather than tech.

You can expect the internal hardware to take a back seat here. The company has even shied away from releasing much of the detailed specs, although we did our best to round up as much as possible. For instance, the qualcomm snapdragon 2100 processor provides a zippy experience around the interface opening apps and menus almost never suffers from lag. The 46 millimeter amoled screen is bright, clear and visible, even in sunlight. The ip67 dust and water resistance will allow up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. However, fitness enthusiasts will not like the lack of heart rate or gps sensors. The armani connected also lacks lte connectivity and even nfc, which means no android pay. This is the biggest omission in our opinion. Nfc is a small feature that could have boosted the smarts of the armani connected. As for software, nearly all android, wear 2.0 watches will feature the same software experience, the user interface isn’t different on each watch, unlike what you tend to see on android phones. Manufacturers, however, create micro apps that personalize the watch closer to the brand. Although the armani connected foregoes, all of that and went for a more, what you see is what you get approach, but good news. The armani connected is on the short list of watches, to receive the android oreo update. Now, as for the battery, the armani connected can last at least a full day with general use, but if you don’t charge the watch overnight, you’re likely to have it power off on you during the second day, the most we have seen it.

Reach was around 36 hours of use and, as always, the battery life all depends on how you’re using the device. So when it comes right down to it, should you buy it? Well, if the omission of heart rate, sensors or nfc are an absolute deal, breaker then look elsewhere. But if you like, the look or partial to the armani brand or even, if you’re, looking for a direct replacement for the moto 360, then yes there’s no reason not to purchase it. We continue to wear the watch, even though the review is complete, which says a lot about it. It does all of the basic smartwatch functions exceptionally well, while being one of the most attractive smart watches on the market right now, plus the reactions you get when someone asks what kind of watch is that have been really really awesome, we’ve all seen a bunch of Right guys, well that about covers it for more smartwatch coverage visit our website at texlanews.