Today, we’ve got a very interesting review comparison and test and we’re going to be testing the chorus pace 2, which is a 200 watch versus the amasfit gts2 mini, which is an 80 dollar watch. So this is the most basic smartwatch in the amasfit range, while this is the most basic sport watch in the chorus range, but nonetheless two and a half times more expensive. So what i’ve done today is actually go on a bicycle track, so i was driving for about 40 minutes. I’Ve covered a bit of distance and i’ve had my polar hand, chest strap on still on actually so i’ve had that on and, of course, we’re going to be testing and comparing the accuracy of the gps, the inbuilt gps, as well as the calculated and the measured Heart rate, so without further ado, let’s get into the comparison. So the track that i was on was quite varied. There was a bit of roads, there was some parkland, there was some fields and there was some forests as well. So what we’re going to be testing today is the gps accuracy on these two smartwatches, as well as the accuracy of the optical heart rate sensors, which are on the back of these two watches and the benchmark for this heart rate. Accuracy test is the polar h10 ecg chest strap, which i’m actually wearing just now so which one do you think has actually performed better anyway. Let’S get into the details.

Let me show you some plots. Let me show you some metrics and let’s get into the details. So before we get into the details, let’s talk about these two watches. What are we actually comparing? So the chorus is known to be a full on sport. Watch it’s got able gps it’s got sport modes. It’S got training plans, it’s got it all for a basic sport watch. So this is the chorus pace. 2.. The gts2 mini has a 1.55 inch amoled display it’s bright 450 knits bright. Actually, it weighs almost nothing at just under 20 grams, with the straps on dimensions. Are almost square with 40.5 by 35.8 millimeters and it’s, very slender, at just 8.95 millimeters or let’s, just call it nine millimeters thick. The resolution on the amoled display is 354 by 306 pixels, and that gives you a 301 ppi density. Now this is actually the lowest pixel density that you will see on the amasfit smartwatch range. Nonetheless, the gts2 mini actually will set you back just 80 pounds or 80 bucks. So this is as budget as you can go for a smart watch with involved. Gps 70 gold based sport modes it’s got some really cool apps on it. There’S, a bluetooth camera there’s, a pomodoro clock to improve your time, management, there’s, also a world clock and many more of the usual and the core functionalities that we’re just not going to be discussing because that’s just too simple. So, first of all, let’s talk about the distance, so the distance was actually measured by my iphone 12 and the polar beat app on it and that has actually shown 6.

4 kilometers. The chorus base 2 came up with 6.97 kilometers, so that’s off by just over 500 meters, while their mass for gts2 mini has shown us a distance of 7.07 kilometers so that’s. Another 100 meters out not much of a difference from coral space 2, but nonetheless, both out by about seven and a half to eight percent. Now considering the very track that we’ve actually been covering. So there was a lot of roads. There was a lot of parkland and there was a bit of, and there was a bit of forest land as well, so seven to eight percent difference, that’s, not major, so let’s get into the heart rate accuracy, because that was actually a very interesting test. Let’S look at the results. If we start off with the benchmark and that’s the polar h10 ecg chest strap, it has actually shown us an average heart rate of 137 beats per minute, while the max heart rate was 158 beats per minute. So let’s put over the chorus pace: 2 plot over the h10 plot and let’s see what the difference is. We can see that the chorus pace 2 came up with an average heart rate of 140 beats per minute, while the max was at 165 beats per minute. The crow space 2 is off, not majorly, but nonetheless we can see that the average is off by 3 beats per minute, while the max is off by 7 beats per minute, and in both cases the numbers are actually overstated.

So the average is actually overstated by 2.1 percent, while the max is overstated by 4.4 percent that’s, not major. If we look at the tracing, we see that the tracing is generally okay. Some of the peaks were yes overstated and hence the average is higher as well. So the results are still very good within five percent that’s excellent, now let’s take a look at the polar h10 plot with the amasfit gts2 mini heart rate plot, on top of it, so the plot i’m showing you now. This is just insane the amasfit gts2 mini the cheapest smartwatch in the amasfit range has basically traced the polar h10 heart rate to the dot, so we get 137 beats per minute as the average, while the max is 161 beats per minute, which is just three beats Per minute, higher than the max registered by the ecg chest, wrap and that’s a difference of 1.9. So again the difference is tight. So, with the pace 2 we have an overstatement of 2.2 on the average and the max is overstated by 4.4 percent. While on the amazon, gts2 mini the cheapest smartwatch in the amazon range, as i’ve said a number of times, because this is completely and utterly unbelievable – has basically matched the heart rate average, as measured by the ecg chest. Rep has actually matched the average heart rate as measured by the ecg chest trap and has overstated the max the peak by just three beats per minute, which is less than two percent.

This is just wow. We could see that the gps distance was actually off by these two watches by about the same distance, we’re talking about seven and a half to eight percent, so the gts2 mini was off by more by 100 meters, more or 20 percent more than the core space. 2, but the accuracy of the heart rate sensor is just wow. That is absolutely spectacular, so the amazon gts2 mini is a great, is a super great smart watch actually, and we can see that it’s, cheap and it’s just so accurate, so it’s, waterproof up to 50 meters it’s got in bull gps.