Over the years, bethesda has been viewed as this evil company, this evil publisher for not giving obsidian a bonus for fault in vegas because they missed the metacritic score by one point and rightfully so that honestly, it doesn’t look good. It really doesn’t and in at the end of the day fallout new vegas is arguably the best modern day fallout game dating back to fallout 3., but chris avalon, who worked on new vegas simon josh sawyer both had things to say about this. Now this reddit post was pretty much a day ago from the point of posting. This video and these two tweets from avalon happened to be from two years ago. So avalon obviously is not responding to the reddit post. Neither a sawyer but let’s go over the tweets about bethesda and obsidian’s working relationship and what chris avalon had to say about it, so here’s the first one they did not treat us badly at all. Even the metacritic thing was something they added not threatened us with and if we’d been better with fixing bugs, we could have hit the score needed to prevent layoffs, but nope fallout new vegas when it was released, had a lot of bugs. So right then, and there avalon is admitting that they did not work out the bugs they needed to in order to reach the metacritic score and that it was not bethesda’s fault. Now. Let’S continue, unfortunately, the other interpretation made for a better story, but even obsidian ceo clarified it that said fallout new vegas needed to be down scoped and production should have ended and testing begun at least two months earlier than it was now let’s check out what josh Sawyer had to say – and this is more in regards to the 18 month development time and why obsidian potentially took on this big project bethesda’s engine was the easiest to create for by far source control was easy.

Iterations were fast. The scripting language was pretty powerful. Just easy to work in not necessarily easy to change, but if you wanted to do what we did on fallout new vegas, which was make a bunch of new content and new features for the fall 3 engine, it was great. Both of these men played obviously prominent roles in the development of fallout, new vegas and both of them had nothing bad to say about bethesda avalon, saying that they did not shoot us bad at all. Then, in fact, all the bugs were their fault and then sawyer saying that bethesda’s engine was the easiest to create content for, and you know what maybe that’s, why they use the same engine over and over again it’s, because it’s easy it’s easy to create that big. Massive open world that great storytelling fall out elder scrolls. I was playing fallout 4 the other day, and i was just going through the terminals. The terminals have a chock full of stuff. Just look at the terminals in vault 111. The storytelling was incredible. It was very interesting. It was very dark and that’s how deep these games go. Terminals notes, not just what you see on the surface. You have to actually dig and dig for the story for side stories for different things in these fallout games and also elder scroll games, the books, the notes you have to dig deep with these bgs games and especially new vegas, which was developed by obsidian great game.

Like i said, maybe that’s why they use the same engine it’s, because the engine is the easiest to create for, but i digress, bethesda’s working relationship with obsidian it’s, not a bad one, it’s, not a toxic one. In fact, to our knowledge, it could be very good. There’S, nothing that points to it being a bad working relationship, there’s, nothing that points to it. That bethesda is the bad guy. Maybe you still think they are? Who knows but that’s your opinion, and you were right to have your opinion, but let me know your opinion down in the comments. I would love to see what you guys have to say now. It will be very interesting to see the future now they’re working together. Essentially, they’re both owned by microsoft, so they could be paired up at some point to work on a fallout game together, it’s just like it’s software helped out with fallout 4 years ago, so it’s it’s really not out of the realm of possibility. So let me know what you guys think down in the comments guys. I would love to see what you guys have to say. Don’T forget to hit that like button, and you know what, if you haven’t subscribed yet and you’ve listened this far into the video. Please consider leaving a subscribe that’ll, be much appreciated, guys more content on the way, i’m really going to start viewing out more content, and i plan on having a ton of fun with you guys.

So i thank you all for watching everyone.