Yes, we got this in our sweet, sweet, swag box, yes from the toy insider. Yes, so big thanks to toy insider. So this is a super cool. Smart watch for kids yeah, it seems like it can do a lot. I’Ve been seeing commercials for it and stuff yeah. It looks pretty impressive, so we’re excited to check this out so on the back. It shows you some of the things you can do. It says it is a robot with moving arms and legs 100 plus expressions and tons of interactivity. It can take selfies, you can add, take photos and add silly stickers comes to life before your eyes, let’s play it says in the front, and you can take videos uh. You can film pov videos and take selfies with dual cameras. Uh you can track your fitness with steps uh and pedometer cool uh. You it’s a smart watch. Of course, you can choose from a bunch of different watch faces and there’s mini games like learning ar emotion, games, so here’s, the back of the box, where it tells you all the different things you can do so. Yeah, really cool yeah super cool, all right. So we’re going to open up toby and check out some of these things that toby can do let’s see we are back and our toby robot smart watch is out of the box and it fits nicely on your wrist. Yes – and you also get a little clip with it, so you can put it on your belt or your waistband yeah and that’s really cool, because, if you’re using it for like a pedometer, which i definitely want to like, try that yeah you can definitely do that.

So that’s kind of cool um, but right now, it’s on the wrist, so we’re going to try out some of the functions yeah so to turn it on you press it on the home button and hold it down for five seconds: yeah he’s, really cute he’s, really Cute there he is Music, so he laughs and he moves his arms and legs. And if you slide down you can see how much battery you have the time and then, if you, you can tickle him Music. He will react to you. Yes, and you can shake him, he gets dizzy when you shake him, you can hold on his mouth and you can feed him Music and then so, if you press the home button again, you can switch from the face mode to all of your different functions that You can do so, you could there are games, you can send messages to people, other people who have tobii smart watches. You can track your steps and you can just switch to let’s see what time it is see. What time it is and i’m going to show some of the other apps too. Some of these have to do with your settings. There’S a camera right. You take pictures and you can take videos also yep, so it’s, really cool, it’s, really cool. To do a lot calendar times so it’s got a lot of functions you want to like show one of the games. Yeah um play tic tac toe with with um toby yeah.

All right, you want to do all right, hard left hard. One do a hard one! All right all right, so he lets me, go first, all right all right, all right, it’s, packing all right, Music, another cat game, all right, all right! So now i’m gon na try taking a selfie with the camera camera mode, all right so i’m, going to put it in camera i’m, going to flip it around all right. So i can take a selfie and so that photo when you plug uh toby into your computer uh. You can like access those photos and download them yeah it’s cool and does it with video too. Yes, so that is super cool um. You can do fitness yeah. I’M going to show like the fitness there’s like there’s, some fitness games, you can play and then you can also just track your steps and look. I i’ve only had it for like hadifer, we just been sitting here so it’s got like zero steps on it. Zero Laughter, so we’re sitting here figuring it out, but once you start moving around, you can track steps on it. That’S really a super cool feature. Yeah i’m really excited to do that. So it’s got a lot of cool functions, um yeah. What else i haven’t checked out this part yet? Is this changing your oh you’ve got like a toby room, oh yeah. This is where you can add stuff. When you earn the stars um, you can collect things for your room and i’ve earned some stuff.

A few stars i don’t know if you’ve got any furniture or anything. Yet i do you do you got some furniture i’ve got a bed wow, so you’re gon na start decorating your room. Look at that! Look at the bed. I’M gon na put it right. There see what else i have here: um the umbrella doesn’t really fit, maybe the couch, oh, my goodness, they’re too big uh, oh okay. Okay, so you can it’s, really cool. You can arrange your room and the more games you play the more you can earn for that stars. You can earn for your room. So, thank you so much for watching and thanks again to the toy insider for sending us home with the toby smartwatch to try out super fun we’re enjoying this yeah. So this will be a great christmas gift and thanks again for watching guys, we’ll see you next time.