I’M gon na cure him that’s; fine! No! No! Oh thank goodness Music what’s ps4. All the way – Music, oh yeah, 14 on the controller, is the best. It honestly is the premier way that it’s, like at the end of the day like i wish other uh mmos, would be like oh that’s, how you do it and then you just kind of go from there right. Yeah it’s, like oh god, oh they’re, gon na cure that’s. What i was expecting. Oh come on. Oh dear lord they’re, not oh man, there’s good, lord Music. You think you need to stop entertaining twitter trolls. The thing about twitter is it’s, it’s fake, like it is, it is fake you’ll. If you go on twitter and you’re like man, the world’s burning down, then you’re like walking around it’s, like only people. I think people are just mad online Music, but i also wonder just how many people just kind of take on a view for the like for the attention, because it’s a game of attention and the twitter’s an attention machine, it’s, weird so weird i love it. You know we were like in that this whole psychological, like study like anytime there’s, like a study about the impact of like social media i’m. Always just like. Ah tell me more twitter is most uh eisley. Actually, i have no idea what that is, and the kira yamato thanks for the follow 48 of the on the bird let’s go uh boja leveling is pretty impressive.

I am uh 70. I i started at 71 or like 71 as a brand new baby fresh baby, and i don’t know why. I said that that’s so stupid i apologize um. Can i get? Can i get a heal? Can i get a heal f? Maybe some f’s in chat like i should have waited to accept that return, um all right good to know the uh, but yeah i’m, almost 75, so i’ve, probably i mean like. Is it more like if i was weaving in like the leveling roulette um? Would i be further, probably, but just using this and i’m also using pixies just fyi, because pixies are a daily like free, like massive amount of experience, uh so i’m? Definitely not gon na ignore the pixies, but the uh long story, short it’s it’s, exactly what i? What i hope that it would be, i need a cure Music, oh god. Damn you oh come on i’m out of that, oh my goodness, metal drain. Right now, man, Music, i uh. I have played as my healer as a test, so it’s like i can do healing. I can like, as long as i’m doing something and having done the quest make sure if you go in, you have your the step of the uh, the quest for relic on so that way. Uh these memories are dropping that’s, what’s important Music holy boly go my favorite sports team go 31, oh boy, yeah that’s, where it’s like i would in this case like uh.

Maybe the fair, like uh scholar would be really preferred, because then you have the fairy. At least casting heels, thank you let’s. If we’re gon na start doing, meteor drops yeah. Let me wait until after this phase. I wish you would put us an alliance Music just gon na. Let him die Music. Oh yeah, Music, uh, Music, oh good! Lord! You just get hit by everything, so let’s go around in a circle: Music, yeah that’s, where i’m struggling. I can miss the first couple: Music, 24 percent, but it’s kind of funny get the healer out let’s get the dps going, get the beeps up, get them living. I wonder if the reward is going to make up for the death or, if it’s, just like all right. This is the one that you want. I wonder like we’ll have to see what the reward is. If we get if we get a 22 percent, oh res mage is up perfect Music if everyone dies like the fate ends and everybody’s like mass res on choke red chocobo, just keep everybody alive. Don’T worry about reza’s right now. This is where you want. Oh no heal it: Music, Music down 16, yes, Music, hey tlg! Good morning, Music, let’s, see. If i get a hit heel, no there we go amber alert, which way is it going yeah? I call that one right and then run in center back out. Oh good. Lord, come on baby, come on baby, come on baby, come on baby, come on baby, come on baby, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go you stupid, red bird cop, oh, come on, come on, come on jump it up! Let’S go come on, come on, come on, come on let’s.

Do it come on let’s? Do it let’s, do it? Yes, oh we did it baby. We did it holy smokes baby. Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness. Oh, you all are the most most amazing humans or ai on the planet. Oh good, lord. That was incredible. Oh my gosh, i can’t tell you how satisfying that is, and also to hit a level up while doing it and also to make up for all the depth that i suffered. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, i’m oh cloud9, baby, cloud9 that’s.