We have minecraft creeper crunch family sized. What is this all about? Cinnamon flavored cereal with marshmallows is what it’s all about so let’s give it a taste here, open it up that looks so good and pour into this very trendy, minecraft bowl. I just found today, it’s got pandas and chests on it. Build explore create time to that perfectly smells okay, so it’s kind of, like kind of large, looks like cheerios but square minecraft. You know square blocks and then we’ve got some creeper crunch marshmallows inside there Music smells cinnamony. I can smell the cinnamon it’s, looking fairly light. So it shouldn’t be too filling. I think it might actually be pretty good, but to rate this we’re going to have to have a scoring system right, so i have wrote up a five squirrels scoring system so to get five squirrels in this cereal. We are going to have, of course, taste is a taste good and then we’ll have crunch. It is creeper crunch. So it’s got a crunch right. If it doesn’t crunch we’ll lose a squirrel, is it marshy, which must mean? Is it marshmallowy? This is a marshmallow style. Cereal, probably one of the more healthy cereals out there because of that sogginess. So will it stay crunchy or will it goes soggy which actually might kind of go with crunch, but that’s? Okay and of course, will it be explosive uh, creeper crunch? We all know what creepers are capable of doing so.

Let’S get some milk here. I’Ve got my one percent milk i’m, not like a whole whole milk kind of person – i’m, not like a skim milk. I kind of like to go right in between so let’s pour this on there, nice, healthy bowl of cereal, and i have not eaten all morning other than a small granola bar, so i’m pretty hungry right now. Oh, this was minecraft silverware too um kind of uh. I don’t think it did very well it’s, just green there’s, nothing that says minecraft on it. This was also in the minecraft section. Today i was shocked so here we go. Let’S let’s give this a taste here. Can i have some, not bad? Oh, i want some. I can taste the cinnamon, oh yeah, and the little squares are pretty pretty Music big. I could eat a lot of this it’s, pretty good, not to talk with my mouth bowl. Music. Sometimes cinnamon cereal can be very overpowering anyhow back to our rating system. I will definitely give it a squirrel for taste. I will give it some crunch factor, definitely crunchy so far. I will give it marshy. The marshmallows were really good and the soggy nest so far, Music now they’re getting a little soggy, but that’s okay, i mean it. Just depends on how fast you eat your cereal, if you’re someone who are going to take like 20 minutes to eat this it’s gon na get soggy. But if you’re like me, who just like, eats something really fast i’ll, give it a squirrel star for sogginess and is it explosive that’s interesting, i i don’t know whoa: where did that come from so it is, it is explosive.

Didn’T did not expect that. So i am going to give it squirrel stampede five squirrels of approval for this minecraft family crunch creeper, crunch cereal, so we don’t always all eat cereal, the same though some of us might be lactose, intolerant and so that’s. Why we have some other ideas for you, Music, so let’s get another bowl, um let’s start by some people, don’t eat the marshmallows right, so we are going to have to try this cereal with the marshmallows separated out so let’s um. Somehow do this um get a bowl here got two bowls here and i will separate these out. It helps um to wash your hands before you do. This use a clean, countertop, nothing the cat walked over, although it does kind of look like cat food smells just this. The flavoring is just tremendously good here. So i’m almost got him separated yeah. We were short on minecraft toys. Lately i have not found the monstrosity yet so, and i know a lot of people have been like. We want minecraft, so that’s. Why we’re doing this cereal? Today too, it just seemed like a perfect, perfect time to review some cereal. Okay, so now we have, if you’re someone who does not like the marshmallows – and you just want to have creeper crunch with the crunch – you’ve got this option it’s going to put half of this back in this bowl here. This will probably be dan’s box.

From now on, no one’s going to want to touch this stuff. So now let’s um drop in some orange juice. Some people are lactose intolerant, so let’s test this out with orange juice and just the crunchers that might be a delicious treat so let’s give that a shot, and then we can rate it as such it’s a little tangy, oh boy, yeah, a little tangy tangy um Yeah i don’t know so in this case, um i’ll just remove taste crunch is still there. Marshy is not there sogginess about the same and explosiveness still pretty explosive. So in this case, just three squirrels now let’s test out just the marshmallows, so some people have an ability to really enjoy marshmallows and we’ll. Go with the milk option this time, because some people need vital marshmallow power or if you’re, mr spock it’s marshmelon. So let’s see here this is just marshmallow from creeper crush wow that’s, really sweet, um, Music, that’s that’s, pretty strong. So in this case i’m gon na go back to taste and i’m gon na give it two check marks. Um crunch is actually there but it’s more squishy, we’ll move crunch to mellow, so in this case, i’ve got as explosive it’s explosive. So in this case one two three four five five stars: five squirrel stars on this one: okay, so what other combinations could there be? Does anyone want to um volunteer an item? Oh tiny, chipmunk with the cool whip? Well guess what tiny chipmunk it is your day because we have cool whip so let’s give that a shot.

Applause have to remix it because someone separated them a little bit and we’ve got some cool. Whipped toppings just happen to have it right here: delicious, nutritious cool, whipped, topping that’s a little bit frozen, still where’s my spoon Music, oh that’s, good, so we’re gon na drop that in and then we’ll mix it up a little bit. So some people enjoy cereal with cool whip um. These are usually the um higher energy people. The people, who kind of like talk really fast, get a lot of chores done, get their homework done in time, get their work done um and they require that extra boost and that’s why they use cool whip so let’s give it a try, mmm good idea. Now this is super crunchy, because the milk absorbs into the crunch, usually and right now: oh yummy, the cool knockout, really good Music. This is awesome if you’re looking for um Music, if you’re looking for um like a treat a friday evening, treat don’t go ice cream. Creeper crunch and cool it. This is amazing. This is actually really good um. I met me so back to the chart in this case we’re going to give it definitely. A taste crunch like crunch is powerful, like let’s give it five crunches marshy is still there sogginess, not even a problem. Explosiveness um, absolutely explosive yeah. This is like a 10 star squirrel meal right here. So i like that, one that one’s pretty good one more bar.

I need a napkin Music by the way i’ve been wearing this pokemon gengar shirt for, like the last week, pokemon international sent over a bunch of shirts and weird things. We’Ll look at in a few videos from now they’re amazing, but this shirt is amazing. Okay, where were we so also? Another good combination that i think people like let’s go back to the first bowl by the way is the first bowl? Is it um mushy? Oh, it holds a crunch it’s amazing, so some people out there they enjoy marshmallows. So much that they add more marshmallows, so let’s see what that tastes like with more marshmallows um. These are rainbow marshmallows, so you could see them a little better. So in this case, creeper crunch marshmallow is incredibly marshy, so i’ll give this one. I know a lot of you are disgusted. I can’t believe he’s eating with his mouth. Full. This one gets a huge marshy boost and taste is huge. Crunch is gone, um sogginess is totally there, so this would be a one two, three four, maybe an eight eight squirrel out of five chart so pretty good on that any any more ideas squirrels would like to see. You know i always kind of liked gloss and pickle spears, okay, okay, so some vegans out there would like this option. So let’s let’s give that a try. I hope, it’s good, but the good news is there’s no way we have that i’ll just play along right.

Now, under the table more cereal in here and what what’s that i told you so, oh no, we actually have clawson’s pickle spears, uh, pickle water, so we’re gon na try it. I know some of the vegans out there are like. I only eat cereal with pickled water, so let’s give it a try. Mmm smells delicious. It actually smells like lunch time now. We’Ll give the pickle water a try and see how that goes. Oh well, like you would expect this is strong. That’S strong um, that’s disgusting tasting disgusting tasting so uh the pickle spears, maybe if you’re vegan and your tastes have appreciated such you’ll be okay and you’ll love it. I can’t give it taste that was horrible crunch. Was there marshy? Was there sogginess? So maybe maybe just three to four squirrels three to four squirrels, so any more options. I think i got one more option for this delicious cereal um, which one was that was that the orange juice one we’ll try one more here. This is a favorite, a family, favorite, and some people feel like these cereals. Don’T have enough syrup, so we like to add mrs butterworth’s into into the cereal. So there you go. Look at that we’ll just pour that on there um. This is where it’s at you know. Milk is too thin, sometimes so that’s. What we do. We just add in some syrup and we’ll test that out: oh yeah, it’s, so sweet and good.

So i can’t recommend enough creeper crunch with with mrs butterworth’s, so that would get that would definitely get taste for sure and crunch march yeah, 10. 10 out of 10 squirrel star. I wonder what it’s like with pickle juice. It might actually be good and then maybe some marshmallows, the cool whip was the best part i mean it really was. I might be in charge of thanksgiving dinner this year by the way so let’s see here um. This is delicious. Looking it’s hard to get on the spoon – oh that’s, just incredibly gross too much don’t – do that that’s too much, so i hope i’ve helped. You really need some orange juice right now, just some babies that were introduced. Oh i’m, eating that later i like this creeper um cup here. This is pretty neat. Oh, i forgot to wash it just got it from the store: Music store dust, lovely, okay, so there it is minecraft creeper crunch. You can find this at walmart. I found this over at walmart and it looks like there’s a creator skin inside this box unlocks a special in game clothing item for your character, um. This says: sapphire adventure cloak down here at the bottom, a sapphire adventure cloak might be it and i think there’s. Several others there’s codes inside did we see the code yet did i eat the code, see the code? Is it like where inside is it? Oh, i think it’s this there’s this.

This number right in here, i’ll i’ll, put it across the screen, if anyone’s interested in it and see if it works for everybody or not um. If it works for one person, then you won today’s minecraft, um, creeper, crunch cereal. So, thank you guys for watching it was fun to try something a little different today, um, not such a bad cereal. After all, just basic with milk, and i think um, the cool up option. Sorry, the pickle spears, the pickle spears are starting to come back up. Anyhow, good stuff um, thank you for watching. If you liked today’s video, please give it a squike. A squirrel live and a squam it, and we can talk all about this delicious cereal and marshmallows and that’s.