Today we are gon na unbox, the firebolt beast uh smartwatch. It has a 43 millimeter or 1.69 inch display and it is a hd color. Full touch screen display and it has a rotating button here and there’s. The model name uh the bsw002, and there are four colors you can buy. The strap colors uh. There is a black, pink blue and a cream cream white yeah, and it has many features like 500 nits peak brightness measure, spo to track blood pressure, dynamic, heart rate, multiple watch faces and multi sports modes yeah – and this is the back sides, and this these all Are the technical specifications so let’s open the box? This is how the box looks uh when you open it, and then here comes the smartwatch. Okay, let’s take this out. Oh yes, let it be here and you’ve got the smartwatch when you buy a brand new one. There’S a sticker on the screen: okay, let’s, keep that aside – and here there is a magnetic cable yeah here – yeah and here’s, the back here’s the dock, and we can connect it like this yeah and there are the sensors and then there are four uh jits and Yeah there’s, a smartwatch user manual, it’s very big, then there’s, a firebolt, beast, smartwatch warranty. You can register it and there’s a free three months: music uh a ghana subscription and you will get a bold play, app membership. You can scan here and download it and there’s a free z5 premium subscription for one month, so let’s take off the sticker, and this is the brand new watch when you get it.

So if you want to uh power on it, you have to long press the v and yeah it’s on the firebolt logo comes out, and that is there’s a screen like this and if you swipe it right, there’s a sports mode, it shows how many steps you Have done and then the sleep uh monitoring feature yeah and there is a measure heart rate and there is a exercise tab and there is a weather tab. There’S a shutter, tap too uh. What does the shutter tab? Do you can ask yeah i’ll show that later um and there’s a player option that’s all there’s, nothing else, and if you okay, if you striped a swipe right, then there are many features here. Many applications here, so you can do anything here’s the weather flashlight, like that. If you press the wheel, then it comes like this uh. If you swipe upwards, then it comes like this there’s, a brightness that is 500 on its peak brightness, and there are many more like weather, tab, settings, theater mode and the flashlight mode and something else yeah. And if you swipe down okay, wait! If you swipe down, there are many tabs like messages sports, sleep exercise, measure measure, hr measure, bp, spo2 weather, shutter player, breathe flashlight. Setting now this breathe is for meditative meditation. So if you are meditating – and this will help you yeah and if you rotate the button, if 5 watch faces, are there in default, so you can have as many as watch faces.

If you want and there’s a app called the fit here, you can install it in the play store. There are many tabs here like the steps sleep after running and there are yeah, you can add a device, notifications, alarms, other and upgrade and uh. This is your profile yeah and yeah that’s. All so, if you click add a device then yeah connecting and the watch has connected it to the phone. It shows the battery, it has 89 battery and then there are many watch faces. As i told you uh, there are three watch faces, i mean uh, five watch faces in default and oh yeah, and there are many watch faces like this and if you click this then uh it tells you to download. If you click uh download, then it will download on the uh phone and the it will get transferred into the watch. Now, let’s talk about the display and there’s a 1.69 inch display and there’s a rotating button. If you rotate it like this, it happens like this. If you uh hold it, then you have. The watch faces yeah and there’s a finer knits, big brightness. As i told you, and there are many features in the draft fit app. There is a find device uh. If you have lost your smart watch somewhere in your house, then, if you click the find device, then uh it will find the device. But what this was a little weird for me because uh this watch doesn’t have any speakers.

It is, it has uh yeah, no speakers, but it vibrates if we put the um fine device. If we click the find device, see it vibrates, and there are many things. If we want the continuous heart rate detection, then it does it, but the battery consumption will be more so i’m. Taking off on that and the best feature i knew was the drink water reminder, because if we uh on this mode, then we can set the time and drinking times it will remind us, so it vibrates and reminds us to drink water, yeah and the weather tab And yeah that’s, all you have here in the others and yeah let’s talk about the features. Then it has a messages. Tab yeah, as i told you there’s a sleep monitoring. It says uh how much when you were sleeping in light and when you were sleeping in the restful mode, yeah and then let’s go back there’s the exercise mode and if you open, um more workout modes, there are eight workout modes, um yeah let’s go back and There is a measure, hr, uh feature, there’s a messer bp feature and there’s a spo2 feature. Now i have a oxymeter so uh we can test uh the watch uh and the oxymeter is we can test the watch that is it accurate or not, and let’s check. Uh my oxygen level with oxymeter yeah. It is showing 97 i’ll wait up for a minute and i’ll see.

Okay, it was saying like 97 or 1998, so i’ll put the watch so let’s check the results in the watch. It is showing showing 97 so it means it is accurate, because the oximeter was also showing 97.98, like that there’s a weather mode. You can see and then there’s a player mode now uh. What the player mode does is like. If we put this – and if we do like this, nothing will happen, we have to take your phone and play some video. So if you play some video, then this was the initial impressions of the watch. Please like share and subscribe and don’t forget to comment.