So friends in todays video, i am going to do unboxing review for apples, brand new, smart watch, passport ring road and this years biggest feature That you get password protection in this. Their friends will come with a pin code. They can unlock their voice, which is probably the first time and that in such a low budget and in this video, I will tell you its detail – launch pass, which has been launched. Today. And I have given its best price in the description as well as review. Its details, be it build quality and design watch action, whether you are an interpreter or how is its health sciences accuracy. I will tell you all the details from how to calling to pin code.. You will get it in the video and after this you will not have any doubts. Friends, if you have not subscribed to me yet, then definitely do it and press the bell icon, because I am going to unboxing review of the product in this letter that that video first on YouTube. hand and whatever If the products are about to be launched in The market, then they keep posting on youtube and you guys have amazing surprise. That means its launching in the market of 200mb device, rom and device usage, it will come first on our channel., Of course, by subscribing to the channel press. The bell icon do not miss the amazing videos. Then, before these boxing there are some features in the box.

So, as you can see, you get scooter monitoring, hot monitoring, multiple sports mode, pin lock in btm. On the other side, you will reject this 1.75 inch. Amazing stay display, bluetooth setting. You will get 323 325 previous solution, which I will show you in detail, how its display quality, ip68 water resistant, smart notification and many such amazing features behind. You Will also give one and if bathroom MRP, then, as you can see, its MRP is rs.10000. But friends. I would like to tell you in advance that this watch has sixty five percent reach in all. You will be able to sell it in special branch office in a lot In the option you will get and enter the video. I will tell you how you can click on the best price. They quickly do smart watch in boxing this time. There is a lot of different parking lets, see how you get box content in it.. As you can see, it is found at the top. Then boring road will discuss it in detail further. If it is boxvintage, then first of all you will get man etc in it. From the firewall side, you will have a lot of your subscriptions, which you can see and 1 One year warranty card will go to you from the side of fabric vomit, and this very amazing you whose name is voucher friends. As you know, you have a lot of problem time to do quality of different products of different production in your house.

. You have to call on different toll free numbers. They speed up and you can solve many such problems. I gave your gender in the middle of the description you go to it and you register using the text message code. Then you will get 5 Completed, will get free. It will be compliant to 5 different companies. You can register through the middle app. So, as you can see in the front first, I would stop forward in which I will also show you in detail. Then, through the thread. The charging cable, whose build quality, differed a lot but charging with eyes, And the length will also go in a very good, build quality which will last a long time for you. So friends, as you will see here, I have come here. I have a main product which is a firewall ring road. As you can see, it looks very premium. By hitting s in its right, You will get a metallic body. You will get the come button on the back side. You will get the glass which looks very good here. You will be given branding of all the senses magnetic charging port and ferry ball. Otherwise the feel will go to the inferior speakers, because this opportunity, Calling smartwatch, is like a surface kiss reference quality on point. Very painfully very fond of you and you can replace this method by sliding this app. It will run time of Haram 22mm, which is quite a good thing.

If you talk about it, Amazing Disp, But as you can see, you will get an amazing 1.75 inch in it, which would have come in a little class, which is very good. It is very quick in the back of your senses, so see here, very good, imaging Smartwatch is coming and, of course, the device smartwatch is very premium. If you open it in your hand, then you will definitely provide it to the districts. So, as you can see before booting it, if I talk about its display quality. Thats, a lot of meetings, friends because of the very premium look IS curved glass. The best thing is that the basis is very minimum balance in the smartwatch and one more thing. I would like to tell you 328 different topics resolution at such a low price. It is very good to meet and your tow watch will last very high in your smartwatch, so friends to connect it. Let you download your feet, which I like very much after that you have bluetooth on location, sim, clear div. By on You have to click on the price, and here you will get a smart watch. So, as you can see here in the middle 0029, which is the model of five and improve – and I will click on it and connect to it simply and within seconds, it is done As can be seen. The top Yagya pairing request means that friends, if you should do it with Bluetooth calling, then you can simply click on Continue, which is a very good thing.

Most of you have to wake up yourself, but here it is requested by itself.. I have come and we have it for the direct Siri bluetooth calling a function for the foot, so my bluetooth is connected with the smartwatch and I can make calls and play music in it. Then its live demo. I will also give you a quick one about you. I will discuss in the next video now lets see for the wash quickly then quickly see this years. Young man, then the most amazing thing I want to tell you first – is that friends grind it walking around by changing the watch, special etc. Can Zoom In Zoom Out Suicide. This Rotating France And Much More More Aged Toe, Handle Background and Watch Back. If you talk, then I would like to tell you that in this smartwatch you will get a lot of money worse than your friends in terms of forward boys for your and very good work, you will get a lot of duplex and basis in the market.. It is visible at all and again and again, as you like above here, you will go to the notification type this or this below here you will learn some servants, like the feature of phone call, feature pin, which is very much meeting just now. If I show you I can access you again from here, then I am getting very careful in this position. So if we talk about the PIN feature which most smart watches are not available, then from here you can easily reset your password like.

You can see here that if I enter the password four times, then it will set my password if your smart watch has become more secure and if you talk about the powder further, then like you will do the left side here. You will see this That you will also see heart monitoring and all exercise modes. I will also tell this in all the details, and here you can make it direct bluetooth, calling in the dial pot by putting anyone. I will go through the smartphone setting. So I will quickly show you his calling imo. I am yours here. With this. You can increase or decrease the volume. You can mute yourself and take the call to the internet. Simply here you have to press the calling button, then on any to do list. I have shown you the live demo of the speaker of these features. Given and searched for it minutes later. I would like to tell you that by left right, you will get that flat here. You will get special furnaces from weather to small servants, exercise smartphones. All the features will be seen here, so it will make your experience a lot more interest.. So if I am talking as you press the button here, you will take it, you can do it back rotating around. I can do that topic up and down with this voice, changer of my device, you can get all the trans Heres where you went to sports.

Where you put your feet, You can access the dometer, so monitoring heart rate monitor porn, monitor, and here you will be given exercise mode in this. You have up to 225 in sports mode, which is quite recent, and the best thing is that swimming and hanging water are also available in it. Can tolerate the resurgence. Setting of spices can also take it in water. For sometime and further my caste, its dial pad call record where you can check your last code number goes to the conte quarter, where which, in itself Singh is also in contact. He will be called here. You will get the option like you can reset all the features will get weather update, camera will get sweater, will get music player will get a young widow, 204 Jesse James will get it for you timepass, As you can see, and there will be a lot of Relaxation, if you talk about all the modes in your box, then the notice of the rejection ie, the text of the messages and notifications, then here inside the watch, you will get the option to set an alarm stopwatch account download. It then find option. If I do, I notice one thing that I just have a separate option for you here. I will get you the option to do all the features in the same menu, which is a very different thing, and before that I did not see any other thing.. And if you talk about brightness here, then I have very low seating.

Because and according to me, you have a problem in outdoors. You will get four options in the file of very high safific brightness and, as you can see below, by updating the music app As I have listed, then you can use it in gravy. In this you can use it now to top it down. I have given it a lot to the district and more friends watch it. Wake Up, Siva Reddy Center Boxing Ravan. Because of this I get a lot of Sirius because of Smart Watch. I taught you all the features of Bluetooth connectivity from calling you as well as friends, and I liked this role of Smart Watch very much then soon I will see Smartwatch Health Science Compare with KVC Professor Oximeter. If we talk about hut, monitor, then, as you can see in front of heart rate, monitor in front of it and absolutely rich in saline and present as oximeter is less and reading is less in smartwatch as well, and it shows almost same reading on time. Smart watch twice the speedometer so, as you can see, 98 improvement in meter and 98 plus minus in smart phone, which I would say by use friends, will message you anyway to monitor this YouTube, etc. You should use the device. And if you talk about the meter of this channel, then, as I can see it before 15 2010, then it is the decoration of the regulator 1872 and you can go to Ramsevak, etc.

Key, which is typed again, and this is my job on favorite. I have said it many times. I have shown many videos of the match live, as you know, or you are, you will be given six and a half inches of its midding below you will be given the importance of outdoor running The feature is available. Friends. You can erase the powder by using GPS. Here you can cut more as you click on this icon here here you will get the details of the smart watch like battery backup connected and here in the top you will get worse hospital than the friends of its Watch experts If custom can set it back then easily your cotton. After that you will get the feature of joining here. Ie friends, you will get the measurements. You can turn this notifications on and off. After that, there is also an option of alarm and flashing fabric By forwarding the contacts and then calling it frequently. You can buy many such features from here in basic settings like its Do Not Disturb and Race 2. I will give you great options. And on the right side, you will be given a profile where you will get all the details related to your profile type easy spread on Google, which is a very good thing. Then, overall, you like me very much and you can. Yes to login, etc.