The biggest feature is that this snake gets more support with fast charging and features You will get to check cricket scores, which is very good thing for indians. So in this video i will show all its features by practically test. It is detail review whether it is its exact design. Watch action, be you review or friends. Its health Tips is agriculture, how to know all the details and there will be no doubt left, and you know that you should vote and support bike. Otherwise, friends, if you have not subscribed to text message, then definitely do all press on bell icon, Because I keep on laughing Rigveda boxing this latest budget product and post all the products on Twitter. First of all, those who launch in the market – and I also made many smartwatch videos on my YouTube channel, But first of all, as well as not two to three smart watch its video. Soon. If we want to subscribe the technology and press the bell icon, then before boxing in box, because as you talk, the best thing you will see is this made in India product, which is a very good thing. 700, more you will get active support, will get 1.7 inch. Hd display will get 30 minute fast charging and on the back side also, you can see some such thing. As you can see notification of live cricket score. You will get the option of Heart and Sleep Monitor CRT, Monitor Wellness that Fitness Bird will support it.

Camera and Music Control Contacts in Social Media Notification, Cloud and Custom Watch Pieces, i.e. will take more than 20 cross pieces, which I will give you in review for Kayastho Fitness Plants Will get the ICC Seven that the voter will go to it, which is according to The budget of Edison Test and back one. If we talk about its MRP, then, as you can see, I have been about it in phase but, as I told now, it is very difficult and on the doorstep launch It happened, John parents of 2098 pieces, and now I have given it in the description you Can call different colors by going there, because different colors have different types of vice president. So, according to that, you will get it in bay spending description then soon From boxing and see what is its box content, as you can see, here comes the vote and support whose absolutely designer Bhim will discuss further in the video. If we talk about option tension, then, as you can see here, we have to see its magnetic charging. The cable is available whose build quality is very much dependent and you will be able to charge it and by supporting the feature of fast charging. It is very good, I will get you some man, etc. I am going to show etcetera and at the same time I will get a quality card to describe it so that you can describe your point. So, as you will see here, I have come to the main floor, which is vote and support, and first look friends.

I would like to tell its steps: are very More meeting build quality. As you can see, i will get you easy to whatever my feeling is. Very much my feeling after testing this and very flexible and smooth, do you have any problem with zombies etc that you can easily replace them with 20mms? If we talk about robby quality, then the top image is 1.5 inch. It has amazing display right side. It gets a tractor tone with black color, in which you will see all the buttons so post time, all its senses that import and vote together. You will get the branding of the key, and if you talk about it, then its completely different, and here you will get the branding of a board on the step in red color. So now the screen has a reaction, which is quite more satisfying and, as you can see, its 1.7 inches Amazing HD display of the show came in front of us, then quickly boot up the match and show you its display in detail as well as very well As you can see, Leftover has accepted to set it up. You have to download Or vote in your phone so that you can clear it Friends. As you see that I have muted this mask now, I should quickly show you the UI of its watch. So, as you do the left side here, you will get the notification C option. After that you will get music play and lip monitoring Temperature Monitoring.

After that, you will get this YouTube Wanted. Heart Rate Monitor This decision was different last Thursday, so it seemed. This is quite a good thing and further you will see your set calculator for that too. Then you will see it below and next going forward and back here Come back. If we talk about swiping down, then here you will see, sounds like brightness dd vibration as well as alarm. You can also press here. You can go to settings as well as diet, and you will get date and time And as you swipe up here, you will be given its live cricket score, which is not a match today. No one is watching here and I can see UP like here of our media, which I set on the list, And here you have the topper activities, which I will tell further in detail. I will tell how you can order the wounds from the watch after that. You also get features like activity record monitoring, spo2 real temperature elapsed, exercise notification, showoff timer alarm inside that, which is very good, also feature of flash light camera control. If music control calculator is also available. Because of this, you can do easy calculations, then it sounds very good after that you would have got the feature of the game. That is friends in this video. You will get that line butt because Jio in the rest of the small process.. You can pass your time and after that you will see the option of phone options and settings in the final.

Then, by going to the setting, you will get the option of watch price in the option after that in the advanced stage set the time and The option is available and the option to set ‘ times is available that money can be set by the watch. There are many hospital options and you can do whatever is quite a good thing. The whole thing will be done set the vibration here. Can be strong clearly, so I put on fennel. Why is it that you can turn on a lot of different MLA dd mode? You can go to the system setting friends, you will get the resort power of kidney option, download no devices option and you will get that much interest in the second batch. You will not see it easily., You can access tow all the features of the smartwatch and if the most important thing behind your friends is its sports mode for more than a few years, then it is within the activities of friends. So, as you can see inside the watch, you have a limited number of organized ways.. After going to the activities which you can customize as yourself – and I will reveal this to you, as you can see here – you can easily customize the most important sports mode urine as yourself so quickly. Smart watch, Her senses, agri. Let me show you how it is by comparing with profession, oximeter first thing: hey hut motor, so hussain is showing readings like change in oximeter, and it works like this.

A few inches and this, which is pretty good, Talk and Exact Same Reading Showing and if we talk about speedometer, then that too, exactly SIM reading here of option meter of marks, then very amazing senses are smart watch. You can see it here for temperature monitor 99.38. This is the exam temperature of human body And there is a very good team showing that friend. If we talk about pedometer, ie Saif clear, then I wore a smart watch before 110. Then, from this puberty date, which was quite depression and – and I like smart watch a lot for health sciences – friends – if Talk about this after that, then I have been using this mask for a long time. The best thing I can get from the rest of the smart watch is that friends, its fast charging, Peter you simply put it on charging for half an hour. You can fast charging it., You can use it so that you told 217 when they will give it, but for practical use, etc. Well for five to six days on the user. Now the flour will provide you with the atmosphere and if you talk about the earth, as you can see it will let you download it., Make sure that I show you the setting up.. If we talk about its interface, then as updated on that, saf regulation will be given Heart Rate, Monitor Temperature Montesquito Tomato. All. The details will be given to you on the home page from here on the home page.

You can access the wounds by simply going to the activities. I will show you the details. Let me tell you how to access. So, as you can see here, you will get different categories from biking to dancing home, repairing going from all categories. You simply have someone who is on the next with tips. This will give you all the support related and From that flat you have to select any one sports mode go to Next and you have to replace it with any one of the sports mode. You have set in the watch and press on confirm., As you can see now. This smart watch actress has come in sports mode and badminton sports mode and in its place, the water sports and I had set it so in this way you can buy more support with hands in your smart watch In fitness lines. Also, you can make your fitness plan with big etc. If you talk here. First of all, we will get back here after that you will get steps hearted many such monitors, its detail address that how many readings you have after this, If you had explained, then you would have got this big option, which is a very good thing. If you come back there, then here you used to get the option to turn on the cricket mode. Also. It was also shown here that Kinnu Railvechya today, so today there is no match from. There is an option here.

Secondly, you will get the trophy here. You will get the side, etc. Votes come from your side, but where our profile will be shown, action support features will be available from here. You can update back, etc. A lot of live watch prices. With this. You have the option. You can also customize the simple voice messages by taking out the photo camera, and if we talk about center reminder, then here you will get water proof tent reminder. You will get the option of alarms the notification light is in so that you can turn on the notifications Have called today and after that, The you have the option of final watch. You will get the option to connect with google and what is the option from your setting here? You have the option to have sex my gurjar boy. You can adjust the second time for me to disseminate, etc. Time has kept it on, and here you will get Android Device Help and Feedback option More about an option and friends vote way. You provide full features. You do nt miss any decision Cricket provided for indians, Vasudha sports mode. The voice off interview is also very user friendly.. Finally, if we talk about confusion, then vote and support is a very great smartwatch. If your question is that you should like this mask on its loan door, then my answer will be this: this you can go to ezili. If you were watching the function for sports center kia saif fitness, then it is going to be very much meeting for you, because todays only and only will provide more support, poetry than breath overall quality back microscopy is tremendous rescue.

One op, If you have turned it upside down it shuts down, which is a very good thing. You would have got many such small features. Long way, cricket died very good thing and very amazing thing for indians. All your apps are enough. There is more criticism. Light is knife: if you like this mask, then I have given its vaginal in the description and from there you can like any one of your three colors and if you like, the video, then definitely Like this video share with your friends.