We will explore the newly smart variables by bold sports technologies. Private limited name the firebolt top now bolt is a global wearable technology company founded in 2015, with its headquarter in noida. It is known for its advanced, artificial intelligence ecosystem provides connected fitness solution, bundled with the hardware the company over the years have launched speakers headphones, earphones, earbuds and fitness variables. Their latest variables includes the fireball 1.4 inch smartwatch with a 400 nits brightness, the fireball beast, with a 1.69 inch display and the fireball 360 a full touch round display the company will be launching the firewall talk, a bluetooth calling smartwatch, as the name suggests, and the Watch will be available for sale in flipkart on 7th of june 12pm onwards. Let’S explore the product in details. The fireball dock smartwatch with a bluetooth calling facility will be entering the market and will compete directly with cross bit orbit and echo fed w9. Most importantly, they are all prized under the same segment. The fireball cox smartwatch has been listed in flipkart at a price of rupees 4499 relating to display. The watch will come in a 44 mm large screen size with a bevel curved glass. Yet it is not confirmed. The exact display size, but probably the display size, will be around 1.3 inch hd design wise. It is expected to come in a superior, build quality and with a full metallic body. The watch is expected to be roughly around 60 grams, the usp of the watch that it enables bluetooth connectivity calling.

This is one of the most important feature in fireball talk calling smartwatch, which means you can easily call and can even receive the call from this watch itself. Moreover, the smart watch enables a quick access to the dial pad features which enables convenience in making a call. It can even sync speed dial contacts on the watch now when we use a mobile phone, the last call made are saved in the call history. Similarly, this watch also saves the call information, so you can check your call history easily this. In short, we can conclude that we will get the complete calling feature whatever we normally. Normally, we get from a mobile phone now let’s explore the health and fitness feature available in this watch. Now it comes with a 24 hour dynamic heart rate, monitoring, feature blood, oxygen measure, slick monitoring and dedicated blood pressure monitoring feature to assess the quick menu. A multi angle, full touch rotation is also available. The watch also comes with great sports mode like running walking. Cycling, swimming football, etc. Related to the other features. Let’S talk about the battery life, the company claims a 10 day battery life in normal usage and a 5 day using calls receiving smart notification from social media. The watch syncs with multiple number of watch faces. It has an ipx ipx7 certification relating to water resistance, and you can control both music and camera from the smartwatch itself. The smartwatch will have a one year of product warranty from the data purchase.

Lastly, if we check the budget smartwatch category, the only other bluetooth calling branded smartwatch are cross bit orbit and aquifer w9. As i said before, the fireball top smartwatch has been listed in flipkart at a price of rupees 4499 and will compete directly in the budget price segment, which is below 5k. The watch will be available for sale in flipkart on 7th of june 12pm onwards. So this is all about the fireball talk smartwatch. If you have liked the video hit the like button subscribe to the channel and in case of any query, please do comment in the comment section. I will try to revert back. Moreover, videos relating to launch of products review and product comparison – you will get updated videos from this channel, so viewers be associated with this channel till then. Thank you.